About Me

About Me
Supplement Info Overload!

Hi! I’m Mark McIntyre and thanks for checking out my website, MaleHealthReview.com.

As a personal fitness trainer and all-around health enthusiast, I know how frustrating it can be to wade through all of the misinformation out there when it comes to men’s supplements.

The reason I started this site was to give other guys clear, straight-forward, no-bull recommendations for the absolute best products I’ve found from my own personal experience and research – and hopefully making things a little easier for you in the process.

Whether you’re looking for the best bodybuilding supplements, male enhancement or hair restoration, I’m highlighting only the highest-quality products that have proven to produce good results. As a matter of fact, most of the supplements you’ll find featured here are not even available in retail stores, and are far superior to the ones that are sold there.

So, once again, thanks for stopping by and I truly hope that you find this site helpful with making an informed buying decision.


p.s. – If you have any questions or comments about the site, feel free to contact me any time.

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