Basic Penis Exercises for Enhancement and Sexual Health

Last Updated: May 20, 2021

Basic Penis Exercises

Here are some great basic introductory exercises for for penis enlargement (increasing overall length and girth), and for promoting better sexual performance.

They can also be used as a warm up or warm down when using an extender, pump or other enhancement product.

To keep things simple, I’ve included the following three basic techniques:

  1. Kegels
  2. Penis Stretching
  3. Jelquing


Kegel exercises (named for Dr. Arnold Kegel, who first described them) are an excellent way to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor, improve erection and ejaculatory quality and strength, and even help with urinary control problems.

They can be easily done anywhere at any time and are an important fundamental technique to complement any penis enlargement program, male enhancement supplementation, and/or general prostate health.

Basic Kegel Exercises

First, locate your pelvic floor pubococcygeus (PC) muscles – they’re the ones that you squeeze to stop the flow of urine mid-stream.

Concentrate on contracting these muscles as hard as possible and try to hold it for 5 seconds.

Congratulations – you just did a kegel.

Now release for 5 seconds and repeat. Count how many you can do before the muscles get tired, trying to initially aim for at least five in a row.

Do this three or four times daily, adding more kegels to your set every day or two until you can do 50 at a time.

After that you can start increasing the time for each kegel, working your way up to 10 seconds each.

By the time you reach this level (which really shouldn’t take that long) you will be a kegeling beast.

You’ll enjoy better ejaculation control, more intense orgasms, and longer, stronger erections.

Basic Penis-Stretching Routine

Penis stretching exercises are a great way to warm up for other techniques and can help add gains to your overall size over time.

The basic technique is very easy to learn and do, and like the other exercises involves no special equipment.

Here’s the steps:

  • Using your thumb and forefinger to make the OK sign, firmly grab the end of the penis shaft just below the head (glans) with the edge of your palm facing away from you. You shouldn’t squeeze so tight that it causes any discomfort or loss of circulation, just firmly.
  • Stretch the penis and pull it out directly in front of you. You should be stretching enough that you can feel the pull from inside the pelvic area, but there should NOT be any pain.
  • Hold the penis in that position for 30 seconds, then release.
  • After stretching straight out, repeat the same technique in every other direction: up, down, left and right.
  • Repeat the entire routine 1-3 times.

Ideally, these stretches should be performed three times daily.


Jelqing (pronounced “jelk-ing”) is a penis enlargement method that originally developed in the Middle East.

By manually forcing blood volume into the penis, it’s size and circumference increases over time.

These exercises can be done anywhere in private and involve no special equipment other than your hand and lubricant.

There are a few different variations you can try.

Basic Jelqing

Jelqing Technique
Jelqing is OK!

First, warm up with a hot washcloth, shower, or bath for 5-10 minutes and then apply some baby oil or other lubricant to your penis.

After reaching a semi-erect state, firmly grab the base of the penis with your thumb and index finger (making an OK sign) with your palm facing downward.

While gently squeezing the penis, slide your hand (still making the OK sign) up the shaft of the penis until you reach the head.

As you reach the head with one hand, repeat the same technique with the other hand.

Keep doing this same motion, alternating hands, until you’ve reached 200 strokes.

Add 100 strokes to your routine every week until you reach 500 or 600.

The Stretched Jelq

Stretched jelquing involves holding the penis outstretched with one hand while jelqing with the other.

Using the jelqing OK hand position, grab the end of the penis shaft just under the head and stretch it outward.

With the other hand, perform the basic jelqing technique, starting with 200 strokes and gradually working your way up to 500 or 600 per week.

Quick Tip:

To get the most out of stretching and jelqing exercises you can perform kegels while doing them. This way you get to maximize their effectiveness and save time all at once.

Testicle Massage

Massaging the testicles is a great way to improve overall sexual function.

Doing so will enhance blood flow, boost testosterone production, cause better erections, and increase both semen volume and sperm count.

Over time the massaging can even cause the testicles to grow larger, creating a heavier, fuller, and lower hanging scrotum.

Before starting, be sure your scrotum is loosened up and warmed sufficiently, either by taking a hot shower, or by applying a warm cloth for around 5 minutes.

Then use some baby oil or other lubricant before beginning the techniques.

Start by massaging all areas of the scrotum (not the testicles themselves yet), gently squeezing with the thumb and fingers.

This should be done for about 3 minutes.

Next, gently grip the top of the scrotum above the testicles with the thumb and forefinger, just like in the jelquing technique, and squeeze the testicles through until they’re tight together against the thumb and forefinger.

Using the palm of the other hand, gently massage them in a circular motion for about 3 minutes.

Finally, move on to the testicles themselves, rolling them around with your fingers using light pressure, thoroughly massaging both.

This should be done for about 3 minutes also.

Afterwards,  you should immediately notice that your testicles appear larger and hanging lower than before.

By doing these exercises on a daily basis you’ll start noticing the positive benefits in no time.

Beyond the Basics

Besides these basic techniques, there’s many more manual exercises that you can do.

You’ll find lots of resources available on the internet after just doing a quick search.

If you’re interested in exploring kegel exercises in a more in-depth way, there’s a program called Erection Fitness that takes these techniques to an entirely new level.

Some of the benefits of these courses include stronger erections, more staying power, and intensified orgasms.

The program consists of expert instructional videos and even special penis weights to give your PC muscles a real workout.

If you’re seriously considering using manual methods to increase penis size, I recommend that you check out

It’s a membership site with a 4-month penis exercise program complete with clear instructions and demonstration videos, showing techniques that will definitely give you results.

They even throw in a free month’s supply of VigRX Plus and VigRX Oil, which is worth the price of the membership alone.

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  1. Avatar for Pablo

    Hello Mr. Mark ….I’ve been have some thoughts …. lately I’ve had an issue with the wife about my penis not being big enough and about me not lasting … I’ve haven’t had issues up until I meet her… My penis is 5 inches erect … I bought some pills called rexadrene… do u happen to have any idea if they work … also I ordered that pro solution gel …. looking into buying an extender … and some pills to possibly increase my size asap …. any recommendations…. on what I can do …. I Glagly appreciate ur time thanks

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      Rexadrene and ProSolution Gel will help you with your performance, but they will not increase your size. I highly recommend buying an extender (like the ProExtender or JES Extender). These devices absolutely do work when used according to directions. Also, you can try a desensitizer (such as VigRX Delay Spray) to help you last longer.

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      No, I don’t think so. That would be like going from a skinny weakling to Mr. Universe in a year. The body’s tissues simply can’t change that drastically in such a relatively short period of time. I would say 1-2″ is a more realistic goal, and then only with consistent effort.

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