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Bathmate Review 2018 – Hydro Pumps for Men

By on April 6, 2018 in Male Enhancement with 233 Comments

BathMate Hydromax

HydroMax Pump
Products: Bathmate HydroPumps – Hydro7, Goliath, HydroMax Series and HydroMax Xtreme Series
Manufacturer: DX Products Ltd.
Websites: and

Getting Yourself Pumped For a Bigger Penis

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably felt less than adequate at some point with your penis size.

I remember just a few short years ago feeling so insecure about it that I was literally ruining opportunities to be intimate with women. At the time I wasn’t even really small, more in the average range like most guys, but psychologically I couldn’t get past it.

At that point that I made up my mind to get a bigger penis and I was determined to find the best and most effective ways to do it.

The first thing I did was to start taking different penis pills and male enhancement supplements, some of which work great and I highly recommend. Besides the rock-hard erections and staying power you get, they give your unit a pumped up look and it stays a lot fuller down there. That definitely helped give my confidence a boost.

Bath MateHowever, the size increase I got was minimal, and to get more noticeable gains I soon realized I needed something more. I did a lot of homework and knew that using a good quality extender or pump would be the best option, but unfortunately decided to go the cheap route and bought an inexpensive air pump.

Big mistake.

That thing was the most uncomfortable contraption I’ve ever used. My dick ended up so sore, swollen and bruised it looked like it got run over by a pair of roller blades.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with using air penis pumps, they do work when used properly. The main lesson to take away here is the importance of the quality of a product.

However, at the time the thought of using another air pump (even a high-quality one) scared the hell out of me. I ended up getting a good penis extender with great results (you can read that review here).

Some time later is when I first became aware of the Bathmate hydro penis pump. It used water instead of air for a more even distribution of pressure and added comfort.

It was 250% more efficient than air pumps. You could use it while you showered. It got rave reviews, guys said it really worked.

So even though I was a lot happier now with the size of my penis (thanks to the extender), I still couldn’t resist giving the Bathmate pump a try.

The first question I had, though, was: “which one to get”?

Hydro7, HydroMax, or Hydromax Xtreme – Which One is Right For You?

In the beginning there were the Bathmate Hercules and the Goliath: the flagship Bathmate models. The Hercules was re-branded as the Hydro7 and is a standard-sized unit that is still being produced, while the larger-sized Bathmate Goliath has now been discontinued, being replaced by the HydroMax Xtreme X50 (see below).

The HydroMax line of Bathmate pumps are new and improved versions delivering 30% more power, which can really help speed up your results.

All the models share common characteristics. For one, they’re all self contained with no extra parts (except for the Bathmate HydroMax Xtremes, which include hand pumps).

They all have visible measurement scales and release valves at the end. They also all have ergonomically designed gaiters that create a seal against the pubic bone, preventing the loss of suction while maintaining maximum comfort.

So now let’s review the different models and take a look at what makes each version unique.

The Hydro7 – For Men Between 5 – 7 Inches

The Bathmate Hydro7 (formerly the Hercules) is the original standard-sized Bathmate and it’s suitable for guys with an erect penis length of up to 7 inches/17.5cm. It has a maximum length capacity of 8.5 inches/21.5cm and a maximum girth of 6.7 inches/17cm, so if you’re already around that length or larger you’ll need something bigger.

This pump’s size (as well as the X30’s) will be the best choice for most men. The Hydro7 is also the least expensive of the bunch, but don’t let that fool you.

Some guys say it’s still the best and it’s the one I used myself.

HydroMax X20 – For Men Up to 5 Inches

The perfect introductory model for most guys with a below-average to average-size penis (up to 5 inches/14cm). The Bathmate X20 allows for a maximum increase in length of up to 7.5″/19cm and a girth of 5.5 inches/14cm.

HydroMax X30 – For Men Between 5 – 7 Inches

The HydroMax line was designed to get the maximum results in the shortest time. By re-designing the way the valve system and bellows work, the HydroMax increases suction by 30% over the previous editions.

The Bathmate X30 is approximately the same size as the Hydro7, so it will also be the best fit for the majority of average-sized guys out there with plenty of room for gains (between 5 – 7 inches). The maximum amount of growth available when using this model is 8.5 inches/21.5cm length and 6.7 inches/17cm girth.

HydroMax X30 Wide Boy

For those who are already doing well in the width department, or who otherwise might be improving faster with girth over length, the standard Bathmate X30 may become too snug, to the point where the penis is touching the sides of the pump. In this case you could move up to the X40 for additional width of the chamber, but the extra length would cause the pressure to be unnecessarily low.

The solution? The Bathmate X30 Wide Boy – it’s got the extra room you need on the sides without any excess room you don’t currently need in length.

HydroMax X40 – For Men Between 7 – 9 Inches

The Bathmate HydroMax X40 has the same features as the X30; however, it’s larger than that model but also smaller than the Goliath. It’s best for men with an erect penis size of between 7 – 9 inches/17.5-23cm with a maximum length capacity of 10 inches/25.5 and girth capacity of 7.9 inches/20cm.

HydroMax Xtreme Series

The very latest Bathmate models are upgrades of the X30 and X40, the HydroMax Xtreme-Series: the Xtreme X20, Xtreme X30, Xtreme X40, and even the extra-large Xtreme X50 for guys already very well endowed – between 9 – 11 inches/23-28cm! These pumps are pretty much identical their counterparts, however they’re equipped with a hand ball pump and hose, plus a bunch of extras, so be sure to check out these new additions.

How to Use the Bathmate Pump

One of the great things about using a Bathmate pump is how easily you can incorporate it into your daily routine. Here’s the basic steps for using one of these pumps:

  • Fill the tube with warm water from your bath or shower
  • Place the cylinder over your flaccid or semi-erect penis (eventually you can use while fully erect)
  • Pull the pump toward your body once and slowly release to create an initial seal.
  • Water gets ejected from the pump through the release valve at the end of the cylinder.
  • Now you can start pumping. Pull the cylinder against you and slowly release, and as you pump, your penis will become erect and increase in size.
  • Keep pumping and releasing (slowly, remember?) and when no more water is ejected from the valve you’ll know that you’ve reached the maximum pressure level (although that’s not initially what you’re aiming for). Start out with going 1-2 cm past your normal erection length and gradually work your way up.

This shouldn’t ever be painful, but you will definitely feel the pulling pressure. If there’s any significant discomfort it’s important to use the release valve to let off a little of that pressure to avoid injury.

Once you’re at your ideal pressure, leave the pump on for five or six minutes, then hold down the release valve and remove your penis. You should aim to do this same procedure two more times, a total of three times per 15-20 minute session. This will get you the maximum benefit and you’ll see results much faster.

This video depicts the Bathmate in use with instructions so you can get a better idea of how it works:

And here’s a video demonstrating how the HydroMax Xtreme works:

One thing I found to make a huge impact on comfort is to make sure you’ve warmed up down there first – it can mean the difference between a nice workout and a painful experience. You really need to be in a loose, flaccid state, and that includes the scrotum.

If your scrotal sack is too tight it can actually cause a testicle to become sucked up into the pump – definitely not cool!

I also strongly suggest that you review and incorporate penis exercise techniques before and after your sessions to maximize your results while minimizing any unpleasant side effects. Also, whenever possible, using the Bathmate in a bathtub filled with warm/hot water is ideal, although the shower works just fine as long as you keep in mind to always warm up first.

Bathmate Before and After Results

I found the following images from around the internet, and while I can’t personally vouch for their authenticity since I didn’t take them myself (and I’m much too modest to show you my own), I do know for a fact that these are typical of the results you can achieve from using a Bathmate pump:

Bathmate Before and After

Bathmate Results

Bathmate Before and After Pictures

Bathmate Before AfterBathmate Before and AfterWhere to Buy

So where can you find Bathmate products for purchase? Because of the crappy fakes and knock-offs floating around out there, I always recommend only buying from an official Bathmate vendor.

You’ll find that many local adult shops are authorized dealers of these products, but if you’re ordering online you should definitely go through one of the official websites. You can use either one, but in general, go with the official Bathmate store if you live outside of North America (Europe, Australia, India, etc.), or if you’re in the US, Canada or Mexico, use the official HydroMax store.

By ordering from an official supplier you’ll ensure that you not only get excellent customer service, but also qualify for the 60-day money-back guarantee. Regardless of which site you order from, the products are shipped discreetly to pretty much anywhere in the world.

Conclusion – Does Bathmate Work?

There is no doubt about it, the Bathmate hydro pumps absolutely work, and with repeated and consistent use you are guaranteed to see a permanent increase in penis size. Plus, you have two months to prove it to yourself or they refund all of your money.

I used it with awesome results (gaining almost an entire inch in only four months) and thousands of other men have too.

If you really do want to add some substantial size to your penis, you’ll no doubt be satisfied with your purchase. You won’t believe the results you’ll see after only the first use (though only temporary) and by repeating the process over and over the gains become more and more permanent.

I don’t advocate using products that I don’t believe in, and after having reviewed the Bathmate line, I can’t recommend these enough.

To learn more about price and other info, check out the Bathmate website. For additional information on using hydro pumps, have a look at the Hydro Pump FAQ page.

Overall Rating

Bathmate Rating

Visit Bathmate Website

Have you tried out any of the Bathmate products? I’d love to hear about your own personal experiences. Submit your own Bathmate review or comment below.

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  1. morningstar says:

    Heey ich würde gerne mehr dicke gainen.
    Hab einen 15cm langen und 11cm dicken Penis.
    Welche Bathmate sollte ich mir da holen?

    Und wie lange dauert es um die ersten erfolge in der dicke zu sehen?
    Bzw wie lange halten die temporären erfolge an ?

    • Sotir says:

      Bathmate Hydromax X30 würde die beste für dich sein. Ich bin mit den selben Größen. Nach den ersten drei Monaten wirst du Progress sehen. Ein halb Centimeter ist etwas Plausibles. Es verlangt viel Zeit. Die temporäre Erfolge wirst du nach der ersten Nutzung merken. Sie bleiben von 3 bis 12 Stunden bei mir. Manhmal mehr. Es hängt von dem jeweiligen Training.

  2. Dale81 says:

    Hey Mark, I’m on the fence about getting a Phallosan or a Hydromax. Which is better in your opinion?

    • It would really depend upon your personal preference/lifestyle, as well as your specific goals. The Phallosan can be worn for extended periods of time, even while sleeping, and is generally comfortable to use, and mainly targets length over girth.

      A Bathmate only requires about 15 minutes once or twice a day, improving both length and girth, but giving greater results for girth.

  3. Heath says:

    As a disclaimer: if you wish to return your HydroMax to the company. First they will try to give you a 30% refund because of hygiene issues so they do not have to throw away the product. Which was a good option the company offered because the HydroMax 30 did not work for me. BUT the company did work with me to discount a HydroMax 20 with pump bulb at a discount. Now I am very happy with the unit and results!

  4. TV says:

    Thanks Mark. I am 54, uncircumcised and my erect length is 4.5 inches and girth 4.1 inches. Will X20 be effective? How much increase I can expect in say 4 months if I follow the instructions.

  5. TV says:

    Hi. I would like to know whether x20 can be used safely by uncircumcised males. Will there be any side effects. TV

  6. Ryan says:

    Hey Mark, what would you recommend I get? I’m 9.4″ length, 6″ girth. Thanks!

  7. Ricardo says:

    What do you recommend for someone in the range of 6.5-7 length and 5.5 girth? Some sites say x30 others say x40. I need to know the proper pump to use so I won’t be spending so much money. Also, I don’t want to have my testicles sucked up in a pump that is too large. My ultimate goal is 10×7. There are many different measurements around the web about the pumps. Can a 10 inch erect fit in a x30? I don’t want to use the x40 because 8 inch girth is way too much

    • Sotir says:

      Hey! X40 is for you.. And don’t worry 8 is the maximum girth, don’t be a dreamer and think your member’s from 5.5 will become over 8′.. 7, maybe, with a long time dedication..

    • Sotir says:

      Another thing, BM primary increases the girth, I’ve personally increased the length with not more than 0,5 for 11 months.. And you’re concerned about your 10inch dick in the X30 from now. You’re talking about an increase of 3-3,5 inches. Sorry bro, that ain’t happen..

      • Ricardo says:

        I see. Are you sure that I should use the x40 xtreme? I’m starting out pumping flaccid. Thank you for your feedback. This is just a goal I plan on getting to in 3 maybe 4 years time, not in a few months lol. I actually plan on using penimaster pro and proenhance patch along with the bathmate. I’m not new to pe, I already own a jes extender but I lost my gains. In the end if it’s not possible it’s fine. I’ll be happy with whatever I gain

        • Sotir says:

          The minimum erect size for entering the X40 is 7 inches. If you are sure that this is your actual penis size and not overreacting, buy X40.. With BM X30 I’ve gained girth and my member is much veinier.. But I’m not ready for the X40. Yeah, there were times that I’ve measured it around 7, but that was the day after “jelquing and stretching” session. These 7 inches are not constant. I don’t have much time for that kind of workout. So I feel comfortable with the X30.

  8. BBB says:

    Hello Mark.
    Years ago I used to pump (air pump) but over did it with long sessions. The results I got were good but I gave it away. Too much time in the pump. Issues with air leaks too. That’s what I like about BM. Water should be better for preventing leaks plus less time in the pump (don’t have any spare time these days). I want to give the BM a try as I feel very inadequate these days. I also don’t want the Mrs knowing I’m doing it (at least initially) ado shorter sessions sound good to me. I have some questions I hope you might kindly answer.

    Do I have to be shaved around the pelvic area for a proper seal? I had a inguinal (lower abs/groin) hernia repair (mesh insertion) a number of years ago. Will pumping cause this repair any issues? For obvious reasons I have to be a bit careful. Can you use BM standing up in the shower?

    Thank you for your time.

    • I actually had a double hernia operation as a kid, with two incisions just above the bladder area. While I’m not a physician, and everyone’s case is different, I haven’t had any issues whatsoever. You’ll mainly notice any internal pulling coming from beneath the scrotum, in the perineum, which is in the opposite direction of your problem area. Obviously, if there’s any discomfort there you should stop immediately, but I really don’t see you having any problems.

      • BBB says:

        Hello Mark. Thanks for the reply. That’s very good news as I’m keen to give BM a try. I’m 45 years old. Over the past few years I seem to have lost that external veiny look that I remember having. Although I don’t have any EQ issues and still wake up most days with a woody, I think the overall blood flow to this area could be better. I’m hoping some short but regular sessions with BM will fix that and increase my girth (and hopefully help add some length).

        I’m in Australia. Do you recommend any suppliers here so I can ensure I get the genuine article? I also want to keep the delivery very discrete so is there a supplier you know of that exercises extreme discretion? Thanks again. I found your web site and the comments section extremely helpful.

        • Your best bet is to order from the site, it’s the most reliable way to get the real article. As far as shipping goes, it’s very discreet, shipped in a plain shipping box with DX Products Ltd. as the sender. It’s also fast, I live in the states and my order arrived from the UK in two days.

          Otherwise, you can write to their customer support and ask about local authorized vendors in your area, they should have a list. Hope this helps, and good luck!

  9. Ed says:

    Hello, I am using the bathmate x30 for about two weeks and i see improvement. My penis looks a lot thicker but the main goal i use it to get rid of the curvature. My penis is curved to the left and i see a little change there using the bathmate. Any guys who ‘cured’ their curve with the bathmate, love that’s easy to use, comfortable and takes not to much time i watch tv during my session.

    Regards Ed.

  10. RC says:

    I purchased the X30 2 weeks ago and have been using it daily since that time. I am 6.25″ length and 5″ girth and looking to reach 7″ length and 5.75″ girth. The results look promising so far but the question I have is related to the comfort level during pumping. I use the X30 in the bath after warming up but I have discomfort in the pelvic seat where the comfort pad rests when pumping. Is there a trick to getting the pump positioned correctly that I am missing in the instructions or videos? Should I be using the X30 without the comfort pad or adjust the position of the device? I have the chamfer in the down position when using in the tub

    • Just to be clear, is the discomfort where the pad presses against the pubic bone, or is it from the sides of the rubber gaitor?

      • RC says:

        It was actually where it rest on the pubic bone and where it rest at the testicles. It has been better since I posted the question. I have started using it without the comfort pad and that seemed to help

  11. BG says:

    Hi Mark , my size is L- 6.1 And G- 5 want to increase length and girth .
    My goal to reach L- 8.5 and G- 7
    Which size of pump you will recommend as I am looking for long term . If I go with x30 I have to upgrade it after reaching 7 again I have to spend same amount to buy x40
    Or should I go with x40 will it be work properly
    Please advice me .

  12. JC says:

    I’ve been speculating purchasing an x-series for over a year. Can you give me a recommendation between the x30 or x40 based on my size?

    I am on the thinner side bit have length. I was thinking the x30. I’m 7 inches spot on in length. But only 4.75 in girth circumference. I am mainly searching to boost girth gains. I’d like to crack 5 inches.


    • You could go either way, but I think the X40 would be the safe bet, it’ll leave some room to grow and you won’t have to worry about upgrading at some point down the road. And breaking the 5-inch mark should be fairly easy, btw.

  13. Stephen says:

    Looking at the x40? I am currently 8.75 inches erect so think the max of 10 here is more than enough room for growth?

  14. Bob says:

    I am 6 inches in both length and girth. Interested in both lengthening a well as increasing girth. Would you recommend the x30?

    • Bob says:

      After not getting a reply I just went with the hydromax 30. Definitely the right size for my length but girth wise I probably will have to upgrade to the 40 soon. When maximally applied sides of my penis rub against the sides of the pump wall. Had to remove the comfort ring to make it tolerable.

      • Sotir says:

        The minimal erect length with which you should enter the x40 is 7 inches. If the rubbing is not painful, I suggest, practice 6 months with the x30. When you are in the Bathmate which mark you reach, and how much air is on the top?

        • Bob says:

          Thanks for the suggestions. The rubbing is more than uncomfortable but I wouldn’t say painful. Main thing is that the friction/resistance it creates is limiting the amount of suction that I can apply, or limiting the amount distance the penis can make. At most while my penis is inside the bathmate I can almost get to the 6.75 mark. I can only get to that mark during the first set (doing 3 sets of 5 minutes). I can’t on the subsequent sets because sides are tender from rubbing against the bathmate. I will continue to use it but hoping it will get more comfortable soon. Right now, with the friction, I can’t imagine making it to the 7 inch mark unless I lost some girth. But if the bathmate works, then wouldn’t it get worse as girth increases?

          • Bob says:

            Oh, forgot your last question “how much air is on the top”. Not much air at all. I try to make sure the device is completely filled with water.

          • Sotir says:

            I think in all the cases you’re easier making increase in the girth.. So don’t think of it like loosing it. Only like that you just have to wait with the use of X40 till the proper length. By me is the other way around – I’m not ready for X40 because my penis is not rubbing at all the sides as by you, but the length in the bathmate is above 7.5 and I’m feeling the stretching. When I see that my girth is satisfing than I would buy the X40.

        • Bob says:

          Ok. Thanks for the advice. Now I am able to hit the 7 mark on the bathmate consistently. At what point do I consider upgrading to the x40? The rubbing is fairly uncomfortable and is making using the x30 less enjoyable. If I should upgrade, what’s the real difference between the x40 and the XX40 (xtreme series). Is it just the detachable bulb pump? Does that really make much of a difference?

  15. Joongo says:

    My dick is 5.5 inch in length and 4.5 inch in girth. Which one I should use for perfect result?

  16. Paulao says:

    If I should use x20 but I use x30 instead, will it affect my results?

  17. david says:

    Hey hopefully this topic is still active, but I was on bathemate website and they say the x30 max erect length is 7″ now you say it can get you to 8.5.” Are they saying that’s the recommended max length for using it to see more results or does that mean I can’t get bigger the 7 using the x30. Because I’m already 7 and just need to know if I’ll get results or if I should go with the x40 because honestly I’m not looking to be bigger then 8.5.

    • It just means that 7″ is the maximum suggested starting length for using the X30, and the minimum for the X40, so if you’re already at 7″ you could go with either one. Personally, I would go with the X40, though – it’s better to have a little extra room than not.

      • david says:

        Hey so I’m finally ready to order just one last question. What exactly is the benefit of the xtreme over the normal x30?? I know it had that handball thing but what advantage does that give over its predecessor??

        • The Xtreme models really allow you to amp up the pressure, plus it’s a little easier to use with the hand pump. I generally recommend the Xtreme versions for more experienced users though, because it’s easier for beginners to get carried away with the pressure. Even so, as long as you take things slowly and gradually the Xtreme will still be OK to use if that’s what you decide to go with.

      • Robert McNeely says:

        Mark Robert here I am average size which bathmate should I start with

  18. Blue says:

    My girth is already 6 inches and my length is also 6 inches. I am only really interested to added length. I don’t want my penis to be any thicker. Is Bathmate the product for me? If so ,which one would you recommend

  19. Fero says:

    One more thing, can I gain an inch after 3 months? Permanently? Or make it last for at least 10 hours just to finish my date?

    • It’s possible to gain an inch in three months, but not typically. It would probably take six months to a year of consistent use for most men.

      The best thing you can do before a date is to delay using the pump until just beforehand, that will help keep your temporary gains for as long as possible.

  20. Fero says:

    Hey! I’m a bit curious, my penis is 4″ and grith 4.25, and I wanna increase both? What do recommend me? In case of bathmate, how long does it last after every use?

  21. Sef Tagle says:

    Hello there man!
    I recently purchased the Hercules model because some reviews suggest that it’s better for beginners. My size is 5-5.5″ erect. Do you think the Hercules is just right for me or should I have opted for the X20?
    Btw, after 3 days of pumping once a day for 15mins (soaking my penis in warm water while warming it up with a massage and filling the tube with warm water) I have noticeable result in both flaccid and erect.
    I feel fuller in flaccid since day 1 and some gain while erect. What im really happy about is it hasn’t affected my level of hardness despite the fact that it got a bit longer due to being stretched by pumping. I was worried using pumps at first because my main asset is the rock hard level of hardness i have and I thought pumping would affect it. I see some men have longer penis but still looks soft even when erect. In my opinion, most women would prefer an average length penis with rock hard erection than longer ones but with flaccid like hardness even when erected.
    Looking forward for your response… Cheers!

    • I think the Hercules should be fine, and since you’re size is borderline you’re probably better off with it. Apparently you’re getting good results, so that’s the most important thing at the end of the day.

  22. Jimmy says:

    Hi Mark great discussion. I have been using bathmate x30 for around two months. I believe my original erect size before starting the use was around 6.8inch. Now I’m hitting the 7-7.1. The question is, should I consider buying the bigger bathmate or use the X30 until I go over the “Press to release” sign?

    • Sotir says:

      Are you using it with the comfort ring or not?

      • Jimmy says:

        Not using it with that. I probably should?

        • Sotir says:

          Let me ask you something, mate.. This measured size that you have hit 7-7,1, is based on the hydromax-x30 scale or not? I’m using the same pump and I push my member to the above 18cm. on the “press to release”-sign. The seal is max to my body, the pressure – high. So when i look at it in the bathmate x30 my penis is with length 19cm.(7,5 inches). One I know – my penis is not that long, the tube is like magic, so my penis is not even 18cm. I know it. So what I suggest you to do is, do your routine one month more, and if you see the same results that you have mentioned, use the comfort ring, and try to hit the same mark, and to stay on it for the session. Because when you’re not using it, You can’t tell that, this is your exact length. Try to stress your penis with the comfort ring. When I use it (I use it once a month) I fell the pressure in the head of my penis, and I challenge myself to hit the same measurement, that I hit without the ring. It could be painful. That’s to maximise the pressure, not to think that next time, when you use it without the comfort ring you’ll be over the press to release challenge. I’m just being honest.

  23. Thomas says:

    Hey Mark I’m looking to get a bath mate. I’m 4.75″ and 3.5″ girth. I know the x20 is probably the better size for now but I’m wondering if a I could get away with the x30 so I don’t have to buy another for awhile, or will results fall off significantly if I do this?

  24. Alex says:

    Hi im from the philippines and I’ve always wanted to buy a hydromax x30 but the problem is the official website doesnt have shipping options to my country. I dont know anywhere else to buy a legit one. Through google though i found out that theres a site called the only problem is i dont know whether its a legit site or if they sell legit products. Can you please help me out? Thank you in advance 🙂 (trying to send this comment again cause i dont know if the first one did)

    • I can’t vouch for that website’s authenticity, but there is an option for shipment to the Pillipines on the order form at the official site If you’re still having issues I would definitely contact their customer service.

      • Alex says:

        Hi I’ve been trying to open the website quite a few times now. But it seems that I cant I dont even know why. It says that the webpage isnt available. Im sure its not my connection cause I can perfectly open other websites.

        • In that case, it could be that your country has blocked access to the site. I recommend you call their customer service directly at +44 (0) 800 808 5594. They should be able to help you get your order placed.

  25. Terrell says:

    I’m 6.5in in length and 4.2 in girth I had the x30 befor before but I didn’t like the suction I was getting. I saw small gains but the opening just seemed too big for me. Should I try the x20?

    • You might try using an X20 for a while, although I can’t say for sure how that would work in your case. If you don’t feel like you’re getting strong enough suction I’d suggest an X30 Xtreme instead, I think that should give you the added pressure you’re looking for without sacrificing room for growth.

  26. Jonathan says:

    Hi Mark,

    I have the X40 model, currently starting off at 6.5″ erect and 4.75″ girth. I was wondering, how reliable is the measuring Guage on the tube? When I am pumping, it seems to stop at my erect measurement, but I ready in your article to go about 3/4″ above your erect length. How do I know when to stop according to the measuring grange on the pump?

    • One way to check the gauge’s accuracy is to use a ruler while wearing the device, after it’s fully pumped. Measure from the pubic bone where the pump’s gaiter is pressing, both the gauge and ruler measurements should line up pretty much the same.

      If you’re not getting past your normal erection length, ensure that you’re warming up properly beforehand. This is a common cause. Also, try using the pump while semi- or fully-erect, if possible. That should definitely make a difference. Jelqing before, during, and after is also important for progress.

  27. Jay says:

    Hi mark was wondering I’m 4.5 length and 5.0 girth what should I use

  28. Daniel says:

    Hi Mark,
    Is it better to do a jelquing session before a bathmate session or after, or mabye both? Also I wonder how long have you been using the bathmate and what gains did you have? When im puping with my X30 im starting to pass the 17 cm line, it it time to upgrade for a bigger model? If so is it better to buy the Hydromax Xtreme 40 or will Hydromax X40 do the same job? My goal is to some day reach 19 cm and also get more girth. I have been using Bathmate for 4 months. Thanks in advance for answers.

    • Once you start approaching the 18 cm mark, it’s definitely time to start thinking about upgrading. Since you already have experience using the X30, I think moving to an Xtreme XX40 would be a great choice.

      It’s definitely a good idea to jelq before, during, and after every session. This will prevent swelling and discoloration, as well as speed up your results and make them more permanent. I was fortunate enough myself to be a fast-gainer, and added about 1.8″ in a six month period, although I’ve discovered that not everyone progresses at the same rate.

  29. Robin says:

    Hi Mark,
    My penis length when its erected is 3.5″ due to genetics, which will be the most same and faster method to increase it to 5.5″. Are any such equipments available in India.

    • You should be able to order from their website (try, unless your country has some restrictions to certain websites. You might also look into getting an extender, which might better help with targeting length if that’s a priority.

      • Robin says:

        Thanks Mark. Will you suggest using both extender and Bathmate or only extender. If extender then which type.

        • In your case, I highly advise you to get an extender, if nothing else. I recommend something like a Jes Extender, ProExtender, or Quick Extender (they’re all fairly comparable). You could also use a Hydromax X20 to help boost your results, but if you use only one thing to increase your length, make it an extender.

          Follow the directions, gradually increasing the amount of time you wear it and the amount of tension you use. If you stick with it and are committed, you will see results.

  30. Theo says:

    Is there a special technique to use with this if you’re going more for girth than for length?

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