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Working out isn’t always as fun as it sounds. As men, it’s assumed we like to spend quality time in the gym, but let’s face it: eating chips on the couch can be way more gratifying, especially when your progress is stalled and gym days feel like little more than going through the motions. When the gains aren’t there, the motivation isn’t there either.

A friend of mine reminded me that sometimes, switching up your exercise routine is all it takes to see results, so I decided to put his advice to the test with Boss Workouts: an aggressive 12-week course that maximizes results with step-by-step instructions. This program combines an expert-designed fitness regimen with a beneficial diet plan to help participants approach muscle-building and strength training in a healthy, targeted manner.

I’ve never really been one for structured approaches to exercise – I’m not much of a class or a coach guy – but I decided to give Boss Workouts a shot to see if switching up my approach could really make a difference at the squat rack.

What Is Boss Workouts?

Boss Workouts ( is a premium video program intended for individuals with previous exercise experience who are struggling to see desired results. Brought to you by the makers of great supplements like Instant Knockout, Prime Male, and 4 Gauge, you know right off the bat that this isn’t going to be some second-rate product.

Unlike other video workouts that require minimal equipment and are meant to be performed in front of the TV, Boss Workouts pretty much requires access to a well-stocked home gym or a gym membership. The videos are viewed while lifting weights or performing exercises, creating the feel of a personalized coaching session.

These courses aren’t just a re-hash other content already available; the Boss Workouts video program uses industry experts to develop accelerated, specialized programming to trigger optimal outcomes.

Boss Workouts Options

Boss Workouts programs are available in two options: Boss Workouts Lean Mass and Boss Workouts Shred.

The Boss Workouts Lean Mass course is aimed at those who want to build muscle, develop a bodybuilder-inspired physique, and lift more weight. Alternately, the Boss Workouts Shred program is best for those who want to shed fat and replace it with lean, toned arms, abs, back, and legs.

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Boss Lean Mass Program Overview

Both plans come with customized diets built around plan objectives to be used in conjunction with your workouts. Since I’m in (reasonably) decent shape and wanted to target my muscles, I chose the Boss Workouts Lean Mass program.

Each course sells for $90 and comes with 12 to 15 videos and a detailed ebook that explains instructions and best practices. This is significantly less than the cost of a personal trainer, which can run from $50 to $100 for one single session.

The price point makes Boss Workouts alluring, especially for those already paying for a gym membership without a huge budget for additional training.

How Does It Work?

The Boss Workouts program uses specially-curated exercise routines to stimulate the best possible results. Unlike more casual workout programs that allow users to work at their desired pace, Boss Workouts courses are intended to be followed on a strict 12-week schedule.

The Lean Mass Program

The Lean Mass program utilizes two distinct phases that alternate every two weeks throughout the program:

  • Phase One: a strength-centered focus through the use of explosive repetition and controlled negatives. This phase targets core strength training with a cutting edge approach that helps you see major gains without risk of injury. An initial strength level is required to push past barriers in phase two.
  • Phase Two: volume and muscle gains based on increased reps and back-to-back sets. This phase complements phase one by using lighter high volume exercise and hypertrophy work to quickly but safely stimulate muscle development. The series of exercises employed targets muscles in as many different angles as possible to trigger the growth of new muscle fibers throughout the body.

Some exercise plans tell you which weights to use, which can be limiting for those with a history of weightlifting or for those who are unable to start with the suggested amount. This program encourages users to find their own starting place, using one rule of thumb: struggle on the last two reps each set.

Weights that are too light won’t provide adequate benefits, while weights that are too heavy can put users at risk of injury. Weights should be light enough to manage, but heavy enough to require concerted effort. Personally, I found this guidance extremely helpful; I learned that I’d been using weights that are too light for me for the last few months.

The Shred Program

I didn’t try the shred program at the time, but it’s similar in form and function to the Lean Mass course. This program is all about weight loss, helping everyday individuals to learn the tips and tricks that help celebrities stay lean and toned.

Boss Shred also uses a two-phase program, with each phase taking a week to complete. Each phase uses two high-intensity resistance training, or HIRT, workout days and two focus days that hone in on specific muscle groups and functions.

For those who want to see accelerated loss, additional extras are available that can be incorporated into activity days. This includes high-intensity interval training, or HIIT, workouts that require short repetitive bursts of effort, and low-intensity steady-state cardio, or LISSC, days. These are combined with rest days to help the body to recover and muscles to heal.

The Shred program is effective for its combination of exercises that work to:

  • Increase resting metabolic rate
  • Increase insulin sensitivity
  • Boost excess post-exercise oxygen consumption

These functions increase the overall effectiveness of exercise, helping you to see faster results over a shorter period of time.

Product Videos

Where to Purchase

The programs are purchased directly through the official website where they accept credit cards, PayPal and Amazon payments. Once you sign up, you’ll have access to your account area where you can start reviewing the course materials right away.

It should be noted, however, that the videos themselves are not downloadable – they can only be viewed while signed into your account. For most of you this may not be a problem, especially when using phones or tablets, but there are some who may not always have internet access for whatever reason, which could pose a problem.

My Experience with Boss Workouts Lean Mass

I just finished the entire 12 weeks of Boss Workouts Lean Mass and I have to say, I’m impressed. From expertly-made videos to thoughtful and effective workout routines, Boss Workouts puts together a professional and effective presentation.

Honestly, it felt a little weird at first taking my iPad to the gym and attempting to prop it up around weight equipment, but that got easier in time. I’d never noticed before, but plenty of other people at the gym are watching workout videos, too, so I seemed to fit right in.

I started out taking a fairly casual approach to the workout process – like I said, I’m not big on following courses – but the workouts became addictive and I soon found myself more enthusiastic about making the most of the program. I also did my best to stick to the diet, which was a little hard because I’m not always good about watching what I eat, but it really made the program better.

Boss Workouts provides a lot of support throughout training, which I really enjoyed. The guides and documentation were thorough, and the logging features made it really easy to track my progress in real time. Even when I didn’t physically see evidence of results yet, I felt accomplished just by having a record of what I did.

At the end of 12 weeks, I truly did see a difference. I’m fitter, leaner, and hey, I look awesome – even my wife noticed. I’m more motivated than ever to not let my habits go back to the way they were, because the end result is really amazing.

The Bottom Line

If you want to build muscle and are willing to commit to 12 weeks of diet and exercise, Boss Workouts programs have plenty of potential. The courses are challenging and extremely well-done, the nutrition plan is a nice addition, and anyone dedicated will see astonishing results.

While the classes may be a little hard to follow for true beginners, almost anyone can benefit from what Boss Workouts has to offer.

For pricing and additional info, check out the Boss Workouts website.

Overall Rating

Boss Workouts 7

Visit Boss Workouts Website

Have you tried one of the Boss Workouts? I’d love to hear about your own personal experiences. Feel free to email me or leave a comment or review below.

1 thought on “Boss Workouts”

  1. I bought the course and have completed one week. The good part is the exercises, but even those have some issues for me. The first problem is that some of the circuits are impossible to do in a busy gym because they require you go between different pieces of popular equipment. The other problem is that there is not enough discussion about easier alternatives (like if you cannot do ten pullups or ten full dips).

    The bad is the course material. The Android app for Phase 1 has one of the four videos missing and one in the wrong slot. On my phone, the videos (unlike YouTube) just stop every couple of minutes or maybe 90 seconds. The tracking sheets are not labeled as to which course they go to. The tracking sheets column headings and contents do not match. There are typos (“bring the bar down” when it should be “bring the bar up”). And as you noted, your device must have internet access as you are watching the video. My gym does not offer wifi, so you cannot do them off of a wifi only tablet with no cell service.

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