Hair Loss

Hair loss information for men – News, tips, & advice about male pattern baldness and hair regrowth.

Man examining hair loss after taking creatine

Creatine And Hair Loss: Myth Or Fact?

Is it true that creatine causes hair loss? Find out the truth, including the latest studies researching the potential link between baldness and creatine…

Man with thick hair and beard

6 Foods to Prevent Hair Loss and Grow Thicker, Fuller Hair

Noticing more than the usual amount of strands in your bath drain? If so, you’re not the only one. Add these hair-growing and nutrient-rich foods into your daily diet to prevent hair loss and grow thicker, fuller hair in just a matter of weeks…

Asian man holding comb with clumps of hair

The Causes of Hair Loss in Men

What causes hair loss in men? Learn the main reasons why men lose their hair, and the steps you can take to do something about it.

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