Instant Knockout Fat Burner Review

Last Updated: January 6, 2024

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Instant Knockout Review Highlights


Instant Knockout fat burner bottle and box


  • I saw big increases in energy.
  • Experienced noticeable fat loss.
  • A definite boost in metabolic rate.
  • Reduced hunger and cravings.
  • Price was higher compared to typical fatburners.

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OK, let me be blunt. Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to sample, review, try-out, experiment-with, and put to the test many different types of supplements – and quite frankly, when it comes to weight loss products, the majority are – cover your ears, kids – complete bullshit.

This is the main reason I don’t recommend a lot of fat burners in general: so many brands I’ve had experience with over-promise and under-deliver – if they even deliver at all.

Instant Knockout ( is a relatively new fat burner to the market, and as usual, when I first heard about it my spider-sense started jumping like a yo-yo. “Here we go again,” I said (although I had to admit that the bottle looked pretty cool).

If not for the fact that it’s made by Roar Ambition, Ltd. (makers of TestoFuel and Prime Male), I wouldn’t have given it a second thought. But considering the great track record that the other two products have, I must confess that I was at least somewhat curious about trying it out.

So without delay, here’s my Instant Knockout review.

Note: This review is meant for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, and is not a substitute for medical advice from a qualified health professional.

So, What is Instant Knockout?

According to the manufacturer, Instant Knockout was originally developed for pro boxers and MMA fighters. In case you’re not familiar, after a fight is scheduled it’s extremely important that the fighters lose enough excess weight – without compromising muscle and strength gains – to qualify at the official weigh-in. These guys need a fast and effective way to drop the pounds, and using everyday methods just won’t cut it.

Instant Knockout is a supplement that attempts to achieve this type of rapid weight loss with a three-pronged approach: boosting the metabolism, improving endurance, and eliminating fat. By combining a unique formula with carefully timed dosages throughout the day, your body should remain in a constant fat-burning state, while at the same time maintaining muscle and definition.

What’s in it?

The makers of Instant Knockout have put in extensive research into the understanding of the human body and its workings to arrive at a cutting-edge formula. They chose natural ingredients sourced from nature to counter and prevent fat storage. Each ingredient is selected in the optimum amounts to deliver that ‘knockout punch’ to burn fat. Read on as I discuss in detail the constituent ingredients and how they benefit users.

Update: Instant Knockout Cut Now Available

Apparently, the team at Instant Knockout have been busy behind the scenes to update Instant Knockout to create a new and improved 2.0 formula.

The Instant Knockout company has been making some recent changes (like changing to a vegan-friendly capsule) and now one of the most popular fat burners on the market has been re-formulated to Instant Knockout Cut!

So what’s Changed?

First of all, three previously-used ingredients have been removed:

  • Zinc
  • GTF Chromium
  • Green Coffee Bean

And the following ingredients have been added:

  • L-Theanine
  • Vitamin D

With Instant Knockout Cut’s fairly high caffeine dosage, L-Theanine was added to allow users to burn fat and build muscles without the jitters.

There are 9 active natural ingredients in Instant Knockout Cut, both thermogenic and non-thermogenic fat burners, that are specifically combined to produce a synergistic effect together to turn off the body’s fat-storing switch and turn on fat oxidation. Ingredients like green tea extract, vitamin b12, cayenne pepper, black pepper extract, glucomannan, all combining to deliver weight loss benefits with little-to-no side effects.

Instant Knockout Ingredients & Supplement Facts
Instant Knockout Cut Supplement Facts


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Here’s a look at each one and how they interact with one another:

Green Tea Extract

I’ve been a big fan of green tea’s benefits for a while now. Don’t be fooled, though – this natural ingredient may sound tame, but it contains the compound polyphenols which help pack a major punch when it comes to fat oxidation and weight loss.

The green tea extract polyphenols in Instant Knockout elevate norepinephrine levels to boost metabolism, cause the muscles and liver to increase fatty acid consumption, and reduces triglyceride levels which increase fat oxidation and overall weight loss in the body.

Cayenne Pepper

As it turns out, cayenne pepper isn’t just something to spice up your meals any more, it contains a component called capsaicin which increases calorie burn, reduces fat stores, and has been shown to reduce the hunger hormone ghrelin.


Glucomannan is a naturally occurring yet powerful dietary fiber swells up in the stomach, making you feel fuller faster and preventing eating too frequently or too much. Based on the information I’ve read the effects of glucomannan are legit, and with the combined appetite-suppressing abilities of the cayenne already found in Instant Knockout, it’s made even more effective.

Caffeine Anhydrous

Who doesn’t know about caffeine – I mean, really? The thing about caffeine that makes it so popular in diet and workout supplements is that it’s been proven to boost metabolism and to quickly use up fat stores for energy expenditure – burning up to 30% more fat if consumed before exercise.

It also stabilizes blood sugar levels for longer, which is another great way to control appetite and food cravings. And since Instant Knockout utilizes caffeine in it’ anhydrous form, you’re getting this ingredient in it’s most potent state.

Not having any impurities attached eliminates many of the unpleasant side effects associated with other forms of caffeine consumption, like drinking too much coffee, for example. There is also a synergistic action between the caffeine anhydrous and the catechins from the green tea extract in Instant Knockout, which can boost the body’s use of calories as energy to burn fat.


Although the benefits to caffeine are well known, it’s also known to lead to a late drop in energy – that’s where L-Theanine makes a difference. When added with caffeine, it keeps the jitters away and prevents crashing.

It’s been shown to promote calm and relaxation, which helps balance out any negative stimulant side effects. On top of that, it helps improve the quality of your sleep, which means you’ll be well rested and ready to go full steam ahead the following day with no excuses.


The capsaicin found in cayenne pepper seeds isn’t the only fat-burning compound found in peppers. This interesting ingredient (a black pepper extract) has been shown to actually block the formation of new fat cells as well as improve the absorption of many nutrients, which technically makes the ingredients in Instant Knockout that much more potent.

Vitamin B6 and B12

While the benefits of taking vitamin b6 and vitamin b12 are great for the health in too many ways to mention, I’m not sure that including them in the Instant Knockout formula does much good here. If you’re already taking a quality multi-vitamin (and I know you are, right?), then the extra amounts you’ll be getting here aren’t going to help much for weight loss or energy levels – although it certainly can’t hurt.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D (which is technically not a vitamin, but a steroidal hormone) assists the body with many important functions, such as boosting the immune system, elevating mood, reducing inflammation, and aiding with calcium absorption. It’s also been shown to help reduce blood pressure, and it’s thought that not having enough vitamin D can result in high blood pressure and cardiovascular conditions.

What’s more, vitamin D has been shown to help support healthy testosterone levels. It’s also linked to your BMI (Body Mass Index) and may help with lowering your body fat, which is another reason why it’s in IKO Cut.

The new Instant Knockout Cut formula is also made with vegetarian and vegan-friendly capsules, making this industry-leading fat burner suitable for just about anyone. And to ensure that the supplement remains vegan friendly, vegan Vitamin D3 is used.

Side Effects

First of all, the ingredients used in Instant Knockout (as with all Roar Ambition products) are top-notch, being made and regulated in both US and UK facilities. This product is definitely safe to take on a regular basis – however, even though it primarily functions by targeting appetite suppression and fat storage, it does contain natural stimulants.

Keeping this in mind, when taking Instant Knockout you should definitely time it so that your last dose for the day is 4-5 hours before bed time. As a matter of fact, even though IKO contains less stimulants than a lot of other products, taking four capsules a day may prove to be a bit much for some individuals, possibly producing side effects for those who aren’t coffee drinkers or are otherwise sensitive to caffeine.

If that’s the case for you, you could try starting with just three a day initially. This will not only prevent any kind of jittery side-effects, but it’ll also save money by stretching out the number of doses for each bottle.

After you’ve accustomed yourself to that dosage, try going to the recommended four a day. And while we’re on the subject, other than using common sense when taking Instant Knockout with other weight loss products that contains stimulants, I see no reason why there should be any issues with using other supplements.

And if you’re concerned about taking a drug test while using this fat burning supplement, don’t be – it doesn’t contain any banned or synthetic substances, and won’t trigger any false positives.

Manufacturer Video


Click Here to Buy 3 Bottles Instant Knockout and Get 1 FREE


How do you take Instant Knockout?

Each bottle of Instant Knockout contains 120 capsules at 500 mg each, designed to be taken four times daily – one capsule in the morning, one capsule between breakfast and lunch, one capsule an hour after lunch, and one more an hour before dinner. The purpose here is to keep the body in a constant and steady state of boosted metabolic rate to burn calories.

Once again, if you’re sensitive to caffeine, try skipping the last dose initially and just try taking only the morning, noon and afternoon capsules.

Where to Buy

Currently, you can buy Instant Knockout directly through the official website. The price is definitely a little on the expensive side for a one month supply, but the more you buy the more reasonable the price gets.

Besides, it’s better than wasting half that amount for something that doesn’t even work.

I do know that they have distribution centers located in the US and UK, but they’ll also ship to anywhere in the world, so international shipping is not a problem (they also ship to APO addresses for those in the military). The orders get filled fast, too – barring weekends, they ship out either the same day you order or the next, with tracking.

Conclusion – Does Instant Knockout Really Work?

So is Instant Knockout legit? I’m not sure if it’s due to the quality, purity or combination of natural ingredients in Instant Knockout (or all three) – but I love how well this weight loss product works.

For me it produced noticeable results by boosting the metabolic rate, reducing hunger cravings and fueling energy levels in a way that’s hard to describe but easy to feel. It’s also a very “clean” fat-burner compared to others – kind of like the difference between having natural energy versus too much coffee.

One thing I’m getting asked about all the time is “how long until I see results?” It’s really impossible to give a broad-brushed answer to that because everyone’s body is different and there are so many variables involved.

One thing I can tell you is that if you think you’ll be able to sit on the couch watching TV while losing weight, you’re probably going to be disappointed. But if you take IKO with even a moderate increase in physical activity while observing a sensible form of healthy diet and exercise you should see results within 2 or 3 weeks, in my experience.

And even though it was specifically designed to be used by bodybuilders and athletes (like MMA fighters Diego Sanchez, John Dodson and coach Greg Jackson), I would say that those of you who want to lose weight and burn body fat would definitely benefit from this supplement. That being said, I would encourage you to put the extra energy you’ll get to good use with some form of exercise!

I guarantee that you’ll see for yourself what a quality weight loss supplement Instant Knockout actually is once you try it . You can find price and more info at the Instant Knockout official website.

Have you tried Instant Knockout? I’d love to hear about your own personal experiences. Feel free to leave your own Instant Knockout review or comment below.

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Overall Rating

Instant Knockout


Energy/Metabolic Increase


Fatburning Effectiveness


Muscle/Strength Retention


Appetite Reduction


Overall Effectiveness



  • High-grade, top-quality ingredients give clean & effective results.
  • Delivers sustained energy levels throughout the day.
  • Unique combination of ingredients work extremely well together.
  • Produces rapid fat loss without compromising muscle mass or strength gains.


  • Only available from the Instant Knockout website.
  • On the expensive side.

309 thoughts on “Instant Knockout Fat Burner Review”

  1. Avatar for Sooraj Menon

    Hey Mark. I am 105 kgs, 6″1 and have started going to the gym regularly. Been a week with Instant knockout. My appetite has been in control for sure and can feel energy throughout workouts. Need to lose fat and gain muscle. Can i stack Optimum Nutrition 100 Whey Protein along with IK? My main goal is to shed fat and get good muscle gains. Will whey protein make me gain more or is it ok to stack with IK? Waiting for your feedback. Thanks mate. :)

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      Yes. In fact, taking protein is necessary just to maintain muscle mass when you’re trying to lose fat, and even more so if you’re planning on adding muscle. Generally though, most people focus on building muscle first, during the “bulking” phase, and after that focus on the “cutting” (or fat-burning) phase.

      Either way, supplementing with protein is important, and as long as you’re watching your caloric intake it won’t affect your fat loss.

      1. Avatar for Michael

        Hi im going to buy to product but first i got a couple of questions.
        1. I heard the pills are big and i already have a hard time swallowing capsules can i just open it then take it, and if i do open it what do i take it with?
        2. Does weed have any affect on it?
        3. Is there a certain amount of time i should wait before taking each capsule or it doesnt matter just as long as its throughout the day?

        1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

          I wouldn’t say they’re that big, but if you have difficulty swallowing them I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t open them up to take them since they’re not time released. That said, it probably won’t taste that great. And one of the ingredients is cayenne powder, so it might light your mouth up. Some people mix the contents in something like applesauce or similar, where you can get it down quickly in a couple of spoonfuls.

          I’m not really aware of any of the ingredients having interactions with weed. As for how to use Instant Knockout, you’ll generally get best results if you take one capsule before each meal on an empty stomach, plus another one sometime in the afternoon.

          Hope this helps.

  2. Avatar for Ana

    Comment: I saw your post of Instant Knockout fat burner. I´m female, 24 years old, 5´3″ 119Lb and 18.5% body fat. I have never take any fat burners, and I want to by one bottle of instant knockout but i dont know if I´ll see results in only one month. And for me is quite expensive, I hope you can help me. Thank you

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      Hi, I can certainly appreciate your concern. On one hand, one month may not be enough to experience the full benefit of a supplement, but on the other hand, a month should be plenty of time to see at least some results. The problem is, everyone’s physiology is different, so it might quickly work like a charm for you, or it may take longer.

      I think you’ll do just fine with IKO, but given that you’re not experienced with taking fat burners, and expense might be an issue, you could also consider starting with a different product (such as Sheer Thermo or Skinny Gal, or similar). They’re less expensive but still have an effective ingredient profile, and they’ll offer you more flexibility with experimentation.

  3. Avatar for dan

    I have ordered IKO. Can you confirm if it’s ok to stack with creatine, bcaa caps and N.O explode? I was also thinking of ordering some grenade at4 caps. Please advise

  4. Avatar for Chris

    Hey there
    Can i take IKO and gynectrol? there is caffeine in both products, and i dont know if that would be to much caffeine? Or can gynectrol be substituted for testo fuel?

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      Both IKO and Gynectrol have moderate amounts of caffeine (last I checked, IKO is 300 mg and Gynectrol is 200mg). Taking both would still be below what’s considered unsafe levels – however, it would also be about the equivalent of five cups of coffee per day. For some people that’s not a big deal, while it might make others want to climb the walls. Bottom line, it would come down to your individual tolerance.

      And Testo fuel is a good supplement, but it’s not really a substitute for Gynectrol since it’s not aimed specifically at gynecomatia.

      Hope this helps.

      1. Avatar for Chris

        Thanks for your reply, really apprecieate it!
        Do you have any comments to gynectrol? i have only found very few reviews on it, and they have not been very consistent.

        Best Regards

        1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

          It’s a good product, with solid ingredients, and I know of guys who’ve gotten great results… but I also know of some who didn’t see much change. Unfortunately, it goes with the territory since there are a lot of factors that come into play when targeting man boobs. But if your chest is a problem area I’d say definitely give it a try, you will probably see at least some improvement.

          Btw, I just noticed that Gynectrol has upped their caffeine content to 400 mg, so keep that in mind.

  5. Avatar for Aaron

    Hi Mark,
    I am now on week 3 and don’t see a change on the scale. I workout 3 days a week with heavy lifting followed by cardio and do Crossfit 2-3 days a week as well on my non-gym days. I have read a few people saying combing the pills either all at once or two twice a day works but then doesn’t that counter the effect? I also eat very clean, count my macros and such so am baffled why I am not seeing results. I emailed customer service to find out an average of when people see results – based on comments here it looks like as early as 1 week. Any idea on how long someone should start seeing results? Thanks!

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      Spreading out the doses evenly (for whatever reason) may not be as effective for some people, so feel free to mix it up. For example, you can try doubling up twice a day, say before and/or after your workout. Sooner or later you’ll find your sweet spot.

  6. Avatar for Jon

    Do I have to exercise every day while taking this? Or is three times a week ok? If so, do I only take it three times a week?

  7. Avatar for brett

    hi nearly finished my four months supply of instant knockout and very happy with results, wondering if anyone has had problems keeping off weight when finished course?

    cheers brett

  8. Avatar for Vicky

    After reading your review i decided to give it a try and will be taking it with Muscle tech protein, and scoop of creatine. I do not have weight issues but have stub born fat especially in waist area which i couldnt get rid of with 4-5 day gym routiene. Can you recommend anything else for flat belly/abs.

  9. Avatar for Cat

    Hi, I’m a 34 yrs female, 153 cm and 47.5 kg. Did a body scan at the gym last week and my fat is 25%. I am trying to build lean mass and bring my fat down to below 20% in order for my abs to show. I am aiming for 500 calories deficit of 1260 calories per day, with 40% of carbs, 40% protein and 20% of fat. I workout every day with a mixture of strength training, cardio and yoga. Have been on Knockout for a week and it doesn’t seem to help to suppress my hunger or gives me extra energy from what i read in most reviews. Hope it works for me as I bought the 4 months supply.

  10. Avatar for vishal verma

    hi mate I m 73 kgs and having around 14% fat on my body i achieved that feat in 4 months as i was before 90kgs brfore but i want to get the six pack will that product help me as I already order this product and hit the gym 6 days a week and also tell me something about diet i only take one time that is only lunch dinner lite milk with banana or kellogs..I have a very hectic schedule.

  11. Avatar for dev

    Hey, m dev (22) M, my weight is 112kg.. m trying to loose my weight thatswhy i workout daily but i want to losse my weight faster.. i m thinking to consume IKO pills bt afraid about the side effects…
    What would happen if i stop taking pills aftr loosing weight..??
    N what will b the side effects ??:

  12. Avatar for Rishab Agarwal

    My height-178 cm
    weight=112 kgs
    For how many days/months should i consume it(IKO) to reach 80 kgs??
    And what should i eat throughout the day??

    How long should i workout?
    please help me out. I seriously want to loose my fat quickly.

    1. Avatar for Nitin

      Hi Rishabh, I would not advise you to take fat burner in first place, as you are too overweight, first you take calorie deficit diet, and workout at least an hour in gym, go for Cardio, and weight lifting plan, and increase your protein in diet, once you loose at least 10 kg in initially, in first 4-5 months later you can decide whether to take fat burner. i was 105 kg and without any supplement i came up to 90 now, following simple diet and workout plan, in my opinion fat burner is for the fat where you are in shape and want to avoid that extra fat on your body. cheers!

  13. Avatar for Kevin

    Hi, I’m 21 and I’ve been on-and-off with my fitness for a few years now (been hovering around the same weight of 145-150). I’m looking to build muscle but only have access to a gym while I’m at school (college life and college budget).

    Long story short, say I stop taking this because I see results. Will there be a backfire or rebound? Because I’m scared that any fat I burn if I choose to buy this will immediately come back once I stop. I don’t have too much fat on my body as is, just looking to tone up a bit. Do you think just buying a single 1-month supply will give me the results I want without forcing me to keep buying?

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      It’s possible, but odds are likely that you’ll have to continue doing something to keep the extra weight off, whether that’s continuing with IKO or something similar, cutting back calories, or working out. In most cases, your body will sooner or later return to baseline and you’ll end up right back where you started.

      1. Avatar for Kate

        Can these interfere with birth control pills? I am currently taking Microgestin Fe 1/20 and i wanted to know if it could interfere with the hormones.

  14. Avatar for Jyana

    I just bought two bottles of this products. I also just gave birth 3 months ago. How many pills should I be taking and how soon will I start seeing results?

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      If you’re nursing, I’d be cautious about using certain supplements, including IKO. Otherwise, you should be OK with just following the directions as given. You’ll probably notice results before you finish your first bottle.

  15. Avatar for Deep

    Hi My Name is Deep,my age 23, my weight is 90 kg, height 5’11”, I am want to lose 16 kg weight and fatt, tell me the perfect diet and cardio time and (IKO)pills taking time

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      Sure, but it depends on what your goals are. If you’re aiming to just lose weight, then just taking something like IKO by itself should be fine. But if you’re also wanting to build muscle or do some type of strength training at the same time, then you should probably consider taking additional supplements (like protein powder, creatine, BCAA’s, etc.).

      1. Avatar for Matthew

        Hello name is Matthew …. I have a sensitive stomach does this product make you feel ,bloated or does it bloat you ??

  16. Avatar for Rachel

    Hi. Loved your article and review on the Instant Knockout pills but i have a question. I am a 49 year old female in good health and lost around 5 stone going back 5 or 6 years ago but I am just starting to head into the menopause and have found that I am gaining weight around my tummy, hips and butt even though i eat mostly healthy and hit the gym on average 4 times a week. Would these be good to try and shift this stubborn fat and help me get back to my target weight? Thanks

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      It’s certainly OK for women to use this product, and many do with good results, so you probably should give it a try. I also recommend reducing caloric intake at the same time to really boost your results.

  17. Avatar for Rohit Mishra

    Hi MARC,
    Can I take IKO capsules by removing the capsules and mixing the powder in water or RAW ???
    I am not comfortable having a capsule 3 times a day

  18. Avatar for wes younts

    I do crossfit 5 to 6 days a week and then lift at lunch for an hr or so 3 days a week. I had been losing weight but after losing about 25 pounds I have plateaued on my weight loss for the last month. I currently weigh 232 and about 22% body fat and consume about 2200-2400 cal a day. I want to get down to 200. I take protein, Alpha Amino performance aminos. I just started lifting during lunch everyday so want to start taking creatine to help with recovery. I just bought my first bottle of Knockout ,and was wondering if taking Aminos and creatine will be ok with knockout?- thanks

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      Taking aminos and creatine with IKO is perfectly OK, in fact I recommend it. That’s a heckuva workout schedule, by the way. Congrats on your weight loss so far and keep up the good work!

  19. Avatar for Rich

    I do a lot of weight lifting, usually about 5-6 days a week bike or walk to the gym (4.5 Niles to and 4.5 miles home) I use god of rage and war demonz would this be safe to take with it? Also what kind of results can I expect with this given the information I’ve given?

  20. Avatar for Stelios

    For how long i have to take IKO fat burner to get results?im going to the gym 6 times a week.. Also can i use it at the same time with Testofuel?

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      Yes, you can use it with Testofuel and most other testosterone boosters. Results vary, naturally, but if you’re going to be hitting the gym six times a week, I’d imagine it won’t take long.

  21. Avatar for Jim

    Hello, question regarding the guarantee. Says 90 days, each bottle is 30 day supply so I have to purchase 3 bottles?
    Will I then be refunded for 3 bottles?
    Thanks in advance.

  22. Avatar for Trung Dinh

    Hi, nice article. You should probably add as a possible side effect is that glucomannan can actually cause an underactive thyroid, also called hypothyroidism which is kind of counter-intuitive
    to weight loss. Scientific evidence has shown that glucomannan can help calm a hyperactive thyroid so someone with normal or close to underactive thyroid using glucomannan may result to hypothyroidism. Do you know if there’s a similar product but doesn’t include glucomannan?

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      I know that there are studies showing glucomannan may help with treating an overactive thyroid, but I’m not aware of any adverse effects occurring in those who already have healthy thyroid function.

      A somewhat similar supplement that you might look at instead would be Clenbutrol. It has some similar ingredients, but contains no glucomannan.

  23. Avatar for Willie Lo

    I’m just finishing my first “handful” of Instant Knockout. My goal has been to lose more than 25 lbs. I’m 1/2 way there after 6 weeks! I have been a terrible food binger after 9pm, i attack the kitchen, sadly, but these pills have def helped curb that desire. Other “burner” pills i have tried, I wont name them, have actually given me a very upset belly, plus i feel “on fire” internally later in the day. NOT GOOD! but these pills, man, nothing like that! i fully recommend them and am going to their site now for my next batch

  24. Avatar for Apps

    Hello, Am an athlete(long distance runner) from India.I have a stubborn fat in my abdomen and hip. I would like to know whether it helps? Also the dosage for women? Is it available in India ?Please help.

  25. Avatar for Joey

    I’m an athlete currently training in the offseason trying to put on muscle while also reducing body fat. I lift 4 days a week an cardio twice a week at this point. Will taking this pill reduce the amount of muscle growth? I don’t want to hinder my muscle development.

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      No, IKO doesn’t adversely affect gains in muscle mass. It’s designed to boost the metabolism and help the body burn more calories on it’s own, but not in any way that would be detrimental to muscle growth.

  26. Avatar for Vanne Young

    Just a word of caution: I have used instant knockout for a few months now. A recent routine blood test revealed a new thyroid condition. I have had perfect thyroid function always until this recent test, which showed underactive thyroid. My Doctor researched the ingredients in Instant Knockout and found medical literature that discussed the affect of konjac root (the source of gluconannan) on the thyroid. She believes that this ingredient caused my thyroid to shut down. We will test this theory by stopping the supplement and retesting the thyroid after a few weeks of corrective treatment.

  27. Avatar for Teresa Jones

    Hi Mark, I’ve been taking IKO for a week along with 1,800 mlg Garcinia Cambogia and 800 mlg Green Tea extract each day. I’ve also been catefully maintains a healthy diet plan for over half a year and using using a excersize trampoline daily for cardio. I am going for a goal of losing 25 lbs and keeping it off so Is this combination a safe one?

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      I’d say that’s a great combination, and a safe one. Seems like you’ve done your homework, and you’re taking the right steps. Keep up the good work and good luck!

  28. Avatar for Ali Rubaie

    Hi there, if I was to use Instant Knockout during my cutting phase and I lost the weight I wanted and achieved my goal. Do you think it would be suitable if I then continued to take it during my bulking phase? Or if u took it constantly would I be addicted to it due to the caffeine??

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      It’s highly unlikely that you’ll get addicted, but the product will lose effectiveness if not cycled on and off. Taking IKO during the bulking phase would also be counter-productive I would think, so it’s probably best all-around to just take it during the cutting phase.

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      It depends on your tolerance level. If you’re somewhat sensitive to the ingredients it should be fine (and you can always work up to 4 capsules if needed), but I’m not sure that 3 will be enough for most people. The only way to know for sure it to try it, though.

  29. Avatar for Skye Hissey

    I started using IKO based on the reviews and product info. On it now a week. No problem. How soon should I expect to see any result ? Thanks

  30. Avatar for Ajah

    I do like this product, but it makes my skin itch. Only the first pill. When I take the others there is no problem, but the first always makes me itch. My doctor told me to take an asprin with it (because the itching became painful). It has helped, but it’s super bizzare.

  31. Avatar for Hdhd

    What kind of workout would be best for fat burning specially my belly ,butt and thighs part using iko , cardio or weight training? Thanks

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      There’s really no way to target fat in specific areas, just concentrate on losing weight in general and the problem areas will disappear on their own. I’d recommend both weights and cardio, but focus mainly on the cardio.

  32. Avatar for E. Pena

    So I want to start taking supplements like this for weight loss, but what are the side effects when I stop taking them? I heard if I stop taking them and am still doing the same amount of workouts and clean eating that I can still gain weight back, is that true?

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      This is actually a common question. Weight loss supplements are a tool, and they will speed up caloric burn, but odds are that you’ll eventually return to your natural baseline once you’re off of it – unless you change your habits. To permanently keep the weight off you’ll need to make a long-term commitment to either expend more calories than before, consume fewer, or a little of both.

  33. Avatar for Jaswanth

    Hi already last year I took look 6 again I put it right to 2nd time fat burner? Wt r side effects of knock out?

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      Palpitations can be due to a number of things: diet, lifestyle, nervous system, circulatory system, and the heart itself. It’s usually nothing serious, but I wouldn’t recommend taking a stimulant without finding out the underlying cause first.

  34. Avatar for Delluc


    I am not really that fat but i want to get ripped and shredded. So my question is if I combine IKO and evlution every day for a month of two is that goons be a best thing to do to get ripped fast and loose my fats faster?
    Or you can recommend a best combination like IKO with ON whey protein

  35. Avatar for Yahya

    Hi … I have purchased instant knockout … but had a doubt … I am using … is it fine to take IKO together with N.O.-XPLODE pre workout igniter … as the last dose of IKO is before gym so after gym I can have my dinner … please do advice .. tnx

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      If you’re in good health it should be safe to take, but you’ll be getting the same amount of caffeine as about 5 or 6 cups of coffee in total for the day, which is not something I’d advise over the long term. But as long as the side effects aren’t too much for you, it should be OK.

  36. Avatar for Nasimul huque

    Hi dear…i am from bangladesh
    I have been following ur comnents for some time….it would be so kind of u to share much of ur knowledge with me. I am 69 inch tall weighing 238 lbs and my age is 30.Recently I have broken my leg . Before the accident I was 197. My profession demands high physical fitness level. Now presently I am in medical leave but I have reduce my extra weight within 3 months. Should i take this? Here it’s to be mentioned that its impossible for me to perform exercises biased to leg. At best i can only do weight ex sitting on bench….what’s ur opknion?

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      You can take Instant Knockout and it will help – but since you are currently more or less sedentary, I strongly recommend that you reduce your caloric intake as well. You’re not only expending fewer calories now, but your metabolism has probably slowed down as well.

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      There’s really no reason that you can’t drink alcohol while using IKO. Normally you don’t want to mix the two in large quantities, but since there’s not a huge amount of stimulants in Instant Knockout, moderate drinking should be OK.

  37. Avatar for Michelle

    I am Michelle, 25 years old and I am using instant knock from last 20 days.
    My schedule is as follows:
    5 am: luke warm water with lemon and one IKO
    7 am: Milk (low fat)
    10 am: vegetables/any sabji with green tea
    11am: one IKO
    12 pm: Green tea
    1 pm: Lunch- curd, vegetables/poha, cucumber with green tea
    1.30 green tea
    2 pm: one IKO
    3 pm- fruit juice (fresh home made)
    4 pm- apple
    5.30 pm- curd
    6.30 pm- green tea with IKO
    7pm- aerobics
    9 pm- hot milk (low fat)
    I have just lost 2.5 kg in 20 days and I am really depressed.
    I am not very motivated and not feeling very positive.
    weight loss has been a struggle for me since always.
    please help.

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      That’s certainly a light diet, and the green tea is a good addition as well. Plus with the aerobics you’re definitely on the right track, even without the IKO. For the average person, losing 1 to 2 pounds per week (.5 to 1 kg) is generally a safe guideline to follow, so in that respect you’re doing well. However, there are a lot of factors that could be affecting your rate of weight loss.

      May I ask your current weight and how much you’re wanting to lose? Also, how many calories do you consume per day, on average?

      1. Avatar for Michelle

        My current weight is 74 kg and I am 5.4″ so I need to lose 18 kg to reach my desired weight.
        Have shared my diet with you which means around 1000 calories each day.
        Actually to tell you, I started with 84 kg in Mid of April and have reached here without IKO.
        I started taking IKO to increase the speed of weight loss, though I am pretty sure it is effective, my bosy is not showing good results.
        I do not know what to do next.

        1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

          For the first six months you lost an average of around .4 kg per week, so now you’re averaging about twice that. I understand that you want to lose the weight quickly, but you are losing it slowly and consistently, which is actually ideal. That said, it’s possible that your metabolism could be off for some reason, perhaps due to a sluggish thyroid, so you might check into that. It’s not uncommon, especially among women. Otherwise, you’re still consistently losing weight, and at this rate you should reach your goal by early January, which will be a great way to start the new year. Don’t be discouraged, you are making progress. Good luck!

  38. Avatar for Fernando White

    I purchased the “instant knockout” and after opening I could clearly see the pills would be too big to swallow so I immediately emailed the company within minutes of its arrival .
    I know there’s a money back guarantee for if it doesn’t work which is why I thought I might be able to return it.
    Wasn’t expecting the reply I was given. I was told to and I quote “strap on a pair mate” then suggested to open the capsules and mix in water.
    None of this makes since. No professionalism telling a customer to strap on a pair.
    And the suggestion to open the capsules and dump in water shows how little he knew about capsules or the product. Capsules are ment for time releasing of the medicine inside also the ingredients contains cayenne pepper which is very spicy and amplified by water.
    I tried taking the pills anyway mixing it with peanut butter so I couldn’t taste t spices or other horrible flavors.
    After a week nothing happening. No energy no weight loss no nothing different as promised. I work in the afternoon so I always excersize at home in the mornings when it’s hottest so I get a good sweat on but nothing different than usual. Actually I have felt more tired and bloated.
    Bottom line don’t buy it’s a waste of $67 after shipping and the money back guarantee is a lie you’ll actually end up being insulted

  39. Avatar for Ivan

    Hey Mark I am looking to reduce my weight. My current is 223 pounds and want to be in 180, is it posible with this product? I want to loose that weight in 2 and half months but my physical activity is very low so please help me with a diet and with this product. I am 21 years old and 5′ 10″

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      Yes, it’s possible, but since you have a specific deadline in mind you’ll definitely need to stick to a healthy meal plan, and if possible incorporate some form of physical activity into your daily routine. For most people who are relatively inactive, these two things alone can work wonders by simply waking up an otherwise sluggish metabolism. When combined with IKO, it basically becomes a downhill battle.

      For diet, I recommend doing something like paleo; but if nothing else, cut out all processed foods, flour, and sugar. Try to eat fresh foods as much as possible, also.

      Give these steps a try for just a week or two and you should already start seeing encouraging results.

  40. Avatar for Shubham tushir

    Hey this Shubham from India weight is 190 pounds ..I started gym before 1 months plzz tell me how many capsule take in whole day..I mean how to take and wats the dose for me …

  41. Avatar for Jeff

    Hey mark I am 18 years old I weigh 280 pounds I am a high school wrestler I am wrestling the 220 division I start wrestling in 2 and a half months I need to get to 200 within that amount of time will this supplement get me there with heathy eating and exercise

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      It will surely help, but 80 lbs. is a lot of weight to lose in that period of time. It might be possible though, especially given your age, but it won’t be easy, and it’s not a particularly healthy rate of weight loss.

  42. Avatar for Roxanne

    Hey Mark, I currently workout daily (40 min weight resistence, 30 minutes cardio). I eat clean, organic whole foods. I use the 80/20 rule, weekends are the indulgent times. I’ve hit a weight loss plateau and haven’t found a way to drop the last 10 lbs I want to lose. I’m 5ft, 119lbs. Would this help me break through my plateau issue? Thanks!

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      It should definitely help give you the boost you need to help lose those last few pounds. I also recommend switching to HIIT exercise when hitting a weight loss plateau, because it can really wake up the metabolism, plus it’ll cut your workout time in half or more.

  43. Avatar for Miki Puerto

    My INSTANT KNOCKOUT experience
    After 3 months with 4 pills/day, fitness training, diet 1800Kcal.
    NO Instant
    NO Knockout
    Absolutely FAKE
    If you have good eating habits and light/medium workout routine, YOU DON’T NEED this product.

    Too expensive and too innefficient.
    If you need a real, cheaper and effective fat burner, try Hydroxycut Elite or similar, really cheaper and trully fat burner.

  44. Avatar for Sara

    Hi Mark, I’m 25 female and been chubby ever since
    I really want to lose weight and reach the perfect weight, I would say my goal is to lose 15 lbs
    I’m trying to find the best way to that as I do want to work out aswell to get better results, do you recommend this specific fat burner for me?
    And do u recommend taking a protein bar after the work out? For better results I mean

    Thank you very much for your time

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      If you combine IKO with working out, I see no reason why you shouldn’t reach your goal of losing 15 lbs. It’s a good idea to consume both protein and carbohydrates around the time of your workout, either before or after, or both. Otherwise, try to cut back on the carbs in general, especially simple carbs like sugar and flour.

  45. Avatar for Kristi C

    How much caffeine are you ingesting daily with this product? It’s got 400mg caffeine anhydrous, i.e. pure caffeine, plus the naturally occurring caffeine in the green tea and other ingredients… I don’t have a caffeine sensitivity but I also don’t want to be ingesting 6x the daily recommended dose of it for 3-4 months either…

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      It’s only a total of 300 mg caffeine anhydrous, which is about three cups of coffee, and well within safe limits for healthy adults. You would have to ingest about twice that on a regular basis before potentially entering unhealthy territory. They actually reduced the amount of caffeine from the previous formula.

      1. Avatar for Kristi

        Ahh, okay. They’ve got 300mg/serving, with one serving being 4 capsules… I misread it, thought it said 300mg/capsule, in which case I would have expected my heart to jump out of my chest almost immediately. Thanks very much!

  46. Avatar for Lobsang

    I want to lose my fats from my belly. My upper body is fine. It’s on shape but want to lose my fats belly. I used to have six packs but since I stop working out. I drink beer most of everyday but now I quit it 2weeks ago. So is this pills going to burn only my fats belly. Any suggestions?

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      Since the extra beer calories was probably one of the main reasons for the belly fat, cutting out both the extra calories and using Instant Knockout should definitely get you the results you’re looking for. You might also try to get in some form of exercise, if possible. It will make everything that much easier.

  47. Avatar for Nikolai

    Hello I got a question, my name is Nikolai from Russia I want to know if I can take trato fuel and iko at the same time?

  48. Avatar for John L.

    hello Mark,
    I see that IKO is great to stack with Nitrocut. Just wondering how would you take both throughout the day? can I take both 1 capsule of IKO and Nitrocut first thing in morning and another IKO and Nitrocut preworkout?


  49. Avatar for Ranveer Singh

    hello marc i am from India and my weight is 66 or 67 but contain a quantity of fat on my body i want to clean up and want lean my body so please help me……thank u so much.

  50. Avatar for Zee

    Hey. I have just started taking IKO as per the recommended dosage. What I’ve noticed that the pills show up in the toilet. Is this a normal occurring or are the pills supposed to dissolve completely.?

  51. Avatar for Miguel Perez

    Hey mark, I just purchased your product and been taking it for 2 days and have not felt anything when taking it. It’s obviously too early to see the weight loss happen but when I read the other reviews people mentioned as well as in your video that you
    Feel the energy or the supplement working. And to be honest I don’t.
    Your feed back would be appreciated. Thanks

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      It’s probably because the newer formula contains less stimulants than before. The newer version focuses more on non-stimulating fat-burning ingredients and appetite control, so while it does help increase the metabolism there won’t be as much of a high-energy sensation compared to the older formula.

  52. Avatar for Michael hernandez
    Michael hernandez

    Hey mark I’m from Puerto Rico and I would like to know how many pounds I’ll lose if I take it and play basketball five times a week

      1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

        If you’ve just started playing that much basketball on a weekly basis, taking a weight loss supplement shouldn’t be a top priority (at least not initially). IKO will help speed things up, but you might wait until you reach a weight loss plateau and the pounds aren’t coming off as fast. Exactly how much it will help you lose is impossible to say though, there’s just too many factors involved from person to person, but you’ll probably return to the same fat-loss rate you initially experienced.

  53. Avatar for Keith

    Hi, I’m curious, is it safe to take this while I’m taking high blood pressure medication? I have a mild blood pressure usually in 135/80. I workout 4-5 times a week, on a diet plan, and need to lose weight in the stubborn areas. Thanks for the response in advanced!

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      It’s possible there might be some conflict, depending on the medication. If I were you, I’d definitely run the list of ingredients by my doctor first for approval.

      1. Avatar for Gareth

        Sorry to reply to someone else’s comment but can’t see how to post.
        I currently take asprin and atorvastatin and omeperazole as I had a blocked coronary artery a few years back. They put 2 stents in to open it up and I now have to take the above.
        I regularly work out cardio now and eat a healthyish diet. Do these increase the heart rate or put any stress on the heart or do you think I would be safe to try a months course of these.

  54. Avatar for harley

    This product did not work for me at all. I have gained 30 pounds in the 90 days that they recommended to take in order for a refund, because of their guarantee. I have lost all energy and drive that I used to have to accomplish task at hand. I would strongly recommend that if you want to lose weight look elsewhere and run as fast as you can from Instant Knockout, unless you want to take a nap.

  55. Avatar for Samuel

    Hiii mark i do have a too much of fat on my chest which is also known as man boobs will it burn the fats on my chest?

  56. Avatar for Jamie

    Hi Mark … I am a 42 old male… I’ve been running since high school, and currently competitive mostly 5k-8k. I am using the summer months to train, but also mix it up with biking and swimming, and strength training. As much as I workout looking for something or someway to burn that stubborn abdominal fat, but maintain lean muscle mass, but not bulking up too much as it’s not good for distance running. Is Instant Knock out a good choice or do you have other suggestions?

  57. Avatar for Darrell johnson

    Hi my name is Gucci black and I’m 323 pounds will these actually help me lose weight fast I have a lot of belly fat and leg fat I’m on 5″6 I look like I’m 400 pounds please tell me best ways to lose weight and not just ways to get my weight I really want to pose to my girlfriend in like 4 months but don’t want to be a big ass slob

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      How much exercise are you getting? IKO will definitely help, but in order to lose substantial weight you’re going to have to get moving if you’re not already. If you’re not active then your metabolism is probably super sluggish, and while I’d like to say that IKO (or any product) will help you lose that amount of weight all by itself, it’s not likely. But if you combine it with some daily aerobics (running, cycling, treadmill), or at the very least walking, I think you’ll be very surprised at your results in four months’ time.

    2. Avatar for robin khaira

      hi Darrell
      what mark said is completely right, i am not a dietitian but i know a thing or 2 about losing weight and getting in shape, i had put on too much weight, before i started working on it, and i am in great shape right now and i have also helped many other people lose weight at gym and some of my friends too.
      what i always say is that “you lose your weight in kitchen and you only shape your body at gym”. you will have to work on your diet as priority and exercise is only to fill in the gaps. yes fat burner will help you, but not on its own, you will have to go on a strict diet and exercise only then fat burner will help you. if you only take it on its own and still have the same food and lifestyle, then it wont help.
      admitting that you are over weight is the first hurdle, most people keep denying and pretend they don’t have excess weight. but you have already pass that, you all you need is a strong will to eat healthy,
      so strict diet, some exercise and a combination of fatburner should get things going for you. good luck

  58. Avatar for jassim

    As am from qatar can u suggest a fat burner with the same effects as iko and also which can be shipped to qatar.

  59. Avatar for pratham

    caffeine intake is too high 300 mg also not to forget green coffee 100 mg and if any one taking pre workout suppl will be already taking 150 to 200 mg caffeine in it. its not safe. also dehydration will be worst u ill have to drink like 15 glass of water or may be more than that..

  60. Avatar for Pankaj

    Hi mark
    I am Pankaj from India can I take instant knock out… I want to reduce my belly fat …I do 4 k.m running daily and 1 hour workout in gym …any authentic website to buy iko plz suggest

  61. Avatar for MABS

    Hi Mark
    I will be fasting 30 days from 6th of June to 6th of july. We will be fasting for 19th ours without eating or drinking . Will it be suitable to take them tablets maybe 2 tablets a night?

  62. Avatar for huan

    Dear Mark,
    I would like to thank you for your very informative article regarding Instant Knockout. I ‘m currently training in MMA and Kick Boxing, minimum five times a week. 5,5 80 kilos and 25% body fat ( i’m the kind of guy gaining most of body fat at my thighs and legs and then belly, which makes it difficult to lose ) . I need to lose body fat and i was thinking about this product. At the moment i use met rx active man multivitamin,two tablets a day and whey protein. Do you think there will be any issue if i use Instant Knockout as well with these? I presume there would’n be any issue, but you are an expert so i would like your opinion first before making any action!
    Thank you in advance!

  63. Avatar for Adriana

    Hi, I do have problems in swallowing pills. Instead of swallow it… Can I open the Instant Knockout capsules and dissolve the power content with the water and drink it??
    Also can I take less Instant Knockout but also with Grenade Killa Ketones?? Thx

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      To the best of my knowledge the IKO capsules aren’t time released, so mixing the contents with water shouldn’t pose a problem – although the taste may be more unpleasant than trying to swallow a pill. The Killa Ketones should pair well with IKO, even at the full dosage, as long as the extra caffeine isn’t too much for you.

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      Post workout with protein is absolutely OK, preworkout too, but I wouldn’t really recommend both – it’s meant to be taken with a more even distribution throughout the day.

          1. Avatar for Ben

            If I take 2x doses of 2 pills will it still be affactive as the recommend serving of 1pill 4 doses?

          2. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

            It’s a good question. The pills are technically designed to be spread out evenly over the day, but you might experiment with two larger doses instead – it could end up working just as well or better for you.

      1. Avatar for Alex

        Hi Mark, I couldn’t see how to post my own message to you so had to just comment. I’m an 18 year old male and have just ordered a 1 month supply of capsules of Instant Knock Out. I currently weigh about 75-80kg but feel I have too much fat around chest and abdominals. With 2 gym sessions a week, how much progress should I expect to see in the month after I start taking the pills? Looking for more lean definition and less man boobs etc. Thanks!

        1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

          In a month’s time you should definitely notice more definition and a reduction in those stubborn fat zones, especially if you incorporate some cardio into your routine.

  64. Avatar for Dominic

    Hi, due to a health issue, I need to make a weight cut of 40 pounds in 2 to 3 month maximum … Do you think it can help to reach my goal. I’m actually going to the gym 5 time a week to get my goal

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      Losing 40 lbs. in 2-3 months isn’t going to be easy, but IKO will help accelerate your progress. If you’re already hitting the gym 5 days a week (and your diet’s good) then you can definitely pull it off.

  65. Avatar for Tvai

    Can I take Advil/Tylenol (for headache/fever) while taking Instant Knockout? Also, I drink 2 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar with 1 cup of water. Can I still drink apple cider vinegar and take Instant Knockout? Is it safe to do so?

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      As far as I know there shouldn’t be any conflict between ibuprofen and the ingredients in IKO, and certainly no problems with apple cider vinegar. ACV would probably only help your results.

      1. Avatar for Mitchell

        Hey Mark, I’m about 3/4’s done with my first bottle and have lost around 6 pounds of fat (I think). However, I feel like I’ve built up a tolerance to IKO. Would you recommend taking a week or so off of the supplement and then restart so that I am not as tolerant?

        1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

          Yes, you will usually get the best results when you cycle most supplements. If you do, try alternating with another weight loss product (with different ingredients) to steadily keep the pounds coming off.

  66. Avatar for Greg H.

    Hello, I have been looking at getting Instant Knock out fat burner. However, I have one question because I do take ON Fish Oil, ON Multi-Vitamins, and Sheer Testo. Will the instant knockout fat burner have any kind of conflicts with those I am taking?

  67. Avatar for Kuhle

    So, the content in the articles suggest that Instant Knockout is a superior (however slightly) product than Phen375 – especially when it comes to fat burning and energy retention. Your rating scores though, say otherwise. Taking into account that these were written a year apart from one another, which would you say was more accurate? The content or ratings? i.e. Which in your opinion is ultimately the superior product of the two?

    Thanks :-)

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      Great question. I’m actually in the process of updating my review of Phen375 because the formulation has changed, and the rating will reflect this. However, these are both great products that are objectively fairly equal in effectiveness (and even cost the same), but at the end of the day I personally prefer IKO.

  68. Avatar for Earl

    Can this help from a starting stand point? I see all these guys not in bad shape uaing it, but what about someone that is already 280lbs, whwn my normal weight has been around 200-210

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      It’s true that IKO is primarily marketed towards guys wanting to “cut”, or lose fat for better muscle definition, especially in the abdominal area. However, despite the marketing angle, it’s still an effective fat-burner no matter what weight you’re starting out at – it will just take longer to lose 80 lbs. than say, 10 lbs.

  69. Avatar for Briana

    I use GNC Total Lean25 shake 2x a day for 2 meals, and also am taking pre-workout powder. Will this pill harm either? Is it ok to take with both?

  70. Avatar for Jenn

    I read in a previous article that this can be taken in conjunction with Phen375. I am a 43 yo woman who had spinal fusion in December. My activity level has been close to nothing for more than a year prior to this when I was in great physical shape. I’ve been given the ok to walk (so far) and do light weights. I have gained about 45 lbs and cannot carry this weight any longer. Are these two supplements safe to use together? Any other recommendations?
    Thanks so much,

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      As long as you not experiencing any major side-effects, I don’t see why taking these two products in conjunction would pose any problems. If you haven’t already, you might also give CLA a try (something like Her CLA, for example). It’s pretty much safe to take with anything, and has little or no side-effects.

      1. Avatar for Taylor

        Do I regain the fat that was burnt should I choose to stop taking it? Will my metabolism return to normal? Sorry for the questions but I want to be sure there isn’t lasting damage. I will be 28 this November and eat pretty healthy and working out 4-5 days a week save for the occasional cheat meal. I look pretty lean around the upper part of my body, it’s the stubborn areas that are a real PITA to get rid of because of poor blood flow to that region. I can see my abs but only in the right lighting/shadows due to somewhat pale skin tone but I want them to be more visible without having to flex them though I do it sometimes. I want to shed those last few pounds of fat off my lower ab region to reach that 8-10% BF that’s commonly regarded as the beach body. My goal is to stay lean and ripped year round. I don’t do that whole bulking and cutting cycle. Will this help me shed those last pounds of fat?

        1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

          There’s definitely no risk of any lasting damage from using IKO, and it should definitely help you achieve your goal. As to whether or not the effects are lasting, it’s a common question (just look through many of these comments), but obviously when you stop taking any supplement you will go back to your “normal” base level. For some people this is enough and the weight will stay off, for others the weight will come back, but given your level of physical activity there’s a good chance you’ll keep the extra pounds off. On the other hand, maintaining 8-10% BF is difficult for most people in general. I don’t want to give a conflicting answer, but there’s so many variables involved the only way you’ll know for sure is to try it.

  71. Avatar for Mike

    I am 48 years old. Is it ok to take Primal Male testosterone booster with IKO. Thanks in advance for your response.

      1. Avatar for Mike

        Thanks so much for the response. I really appreciate it! One last question….I promise! I see together that between Prime Male and IKO its total 8 pills a day. Seems like a lot but I do understand their rolls are different.
        PM is one with a meal and snack not to exceed 4 a day. My thought is breakfast, morning snack ,lunch and dinner.
        IKO is 1 when waking up before breakfast, 1 between breakfast and lunch(I assume with a snack?) 1 and hour after lunch, and 1 an hour before dinner but no later than 5 hours before bed.
        In your opinion would it be ok/safe to take the two together at the same time….say with breakfast, morning snack, lunch and dinner? If your not sure that’s ok too. Just seems given the label and stacking the two together I’ll be taking these at different intervals fairly close together anyways and trying to keep the time lines straight in my head. If it is what it is that’s fine. But if it’s ok to do what I was thinking without compromising the supplements themselves it will be easier to maintain the proper intake without trying to have myself on a timer throughout the day. Just a thought I had?
        Thanks in advance for your insight.

        1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

          No problem, glad to help. One of IKO’s main functions is to curb appetite, which is why you would take it before meals. I don’t know that Prime Male would be any less effective if taken before meals, but it would be less likely to cause stomach upset when taken with food. If it’s easier or more convenient for you to take them together, I’d suggest taking both before meals/snacks. As long as it doesn’t mess with your stomach I don’t see any problem with doing it that way.

  72. Avatar for Danielle

    I was in a head on collision back in October and I am now in a walking boot and can’t do the cardio I am used to doing. Before my accident I was running anywhere from 6-10 miles a day and lifting at least 4 – 5 days a week. Now it is hard for me to do legs and cardio. They plan to have me in the boot for a whil and I need something that will help me burn fat since I can’t do that with cardio right now. Will this product do that without cardio?

  73. Avatar for TJ

    I’ve been debating on buying IKO for a while now. Would this product help me burn fat on my lower belly? It’s the only part of my body that bulges from fat, despite losing a lot of weight in the year prior. I went from 198 to 145 over a year, and then gained a little weight believing I lost too much too soon, ending up around 155. I want this belly bulge gone ASAP, but I have tried different exercises and cardio and it’s still there. I’m a student in college and with summer coming up I want to get shredded not just losing more weight. Any advice?

  74. Avatar for Natasha

    Hi Mark, great review! I’ve actually started a meal plan 2 months ago, which is high in protein to burn fat and it’s working really well. And I have also started doing cardio and lifting weights. I stumbled upon some blog posts about fat burners and IKO and I was wondering if it would be a good idea to include this into my diet now or if I should wait till I get to a point where the stubborn fats won’t go? Will the benefits of IKO decrease the longer you take it? And how long should you take IKO? Max. 4 months? Or can you take it for the rest of your life if you wanted to?

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      The key to maintaining a supplement’s effectiveness in most cases is to cycle it. For example, you could take IKO for 6-8 weeks, then stop taking it for 2-4 weeks, then start again, and you can use it indefinitely with great results. So you could start cycling it on and off now and just take it for as long as you need to.

      1. Avatar for Natasha

        Thanks for your response, it’s really helpful. I really want to get fit and strong and have been seeing a lot of progress so far and I will definitely give IKO a try and will cycle on and off it as you suggested :)

  75. Avatar for Kyle

    Will I lose weight if I just lift weights? I try to do my best with dieting. I am 5’9 and weigh 197. I am hoping IKO with help me lose the stubborn fat in my mid-section.

  76. Avatar for Aditya

    Hey Mark,
    I was wondering since it contains stimulants should I cycle the doses (14-7-14). I am a bit worried that my body would adapt to the stimulants and the beneficial effects would wear off. I have tried other fat burners which seem to work for 2-3 weeks but fail to produce any results after that.
    Thanks in advance for your help

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      Actually, the formula for IKO has been re-tweaked so that it primarily targets fat storage and appetite control (a good improvement, really). Although it does contain stimulants, it’s not a huge amount, so that’s not going to be a big factor with this product.

      I’m a big fan of cycling similar supplements, though. So, for example, if you were taking a supplement with high amounts of caffeine for two weeks, you could then try cycling to an ephedra-based product (or other stimulant) for the next two weeks, and so on. This way you won’t be taking either long enough to lose their initial benefits.

        1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

          You could give it a try, but I’m not sure how comfortable I would be combining these two products, and they do contain a few of the same ingredients anyway – and more is not always better.

  77. Avatar for Mel

    I have problems with caffeine at times, tried Hydroxcut and that really upset my stomach and caused abodominal pain, but it really worked for me! Will IKO do that same? I bought a bottle to try, it’s on the way now, I just hope that it doesnt cause the same affects as Hydroxcut.

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      Since the normal dosage is four capsules spread out over the course of a day, the individual pills aren’t as concentrated as something like Hydroxycut. You should be able to guage your reaction fairly well off of just one capsule (without strong side-effects) and adjust from there.

  78. Avatar for Yashodhan Barapatre
    Yashodhan Barapatre

    Hey Mark, I have some stubborn fat on my chest and lower stomach. I am trying to shred those from my body these days, as summer has started already. I just have a confusion that, whether I will lose my size and muscles gained back in winter if i use IKO in summers? What if I also take protein for maintaining my size while consuming IKO for fat burning at the same time, will it work both ways ?

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      No, it won’t diminish muscle gains, especially if you’re supplementing with extra protein. It’s primary function is to target fat cells without compromising muscle mass.

        1. Avatar for Arun Bose

          Why would you smoke if you want achieve good health? Quit smoking if you can, It’s bad for overall immunity and health..

  79. Avatar for Tshepo Mokhothu
    Tshepo Mokhothu

    Good Day I am 1.85m tall 96kg I workout 5days a week however I seem to bulk up and not have a shredded physique I so much desire,I also struggle with fat around the midsection and have slight bitchtits challenge.Will IKO help me loose belly fat and have me looking lean and shredded?Do you ship to South Africa?

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      Unfortunately, according to the IKO website, they do not ship to the following countries: Mexico, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, South Africa, Egypt, Afghanistan, Mozambique, Iraq, Syria, Algeria, Morocco, Kuwait, Jordan, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan. There’s apparently a problem with the packages getting through customs in these countries.

  80. Avatar for Nick

    Hello, how long should I take this for before I should stop and also after I stop am I just going to gain all the weight back? I workout 6 days a week and try to eat as good as I can. Thank you!

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      In your case, just take it until you’ve reached your weight-loss goals. If you’re working out six times a week and eating right, it shouldn’t be a problem to burn excess fat and keep it off – that should be enough to maintain a healthy weight. But if you’re doing that and the pounds end up coming back anyway, then there’s a problem somewhere.

  81. Avatar for Megan L

    I really want to try this product. I am 20 years old and no matter what I eat I cannot lose weight and it’s beyond frustrating! I worry that after taking this product that if I don’t continue it everything will return to what it was before I started taking this. Is this a valid concern? I’m a broke college student who works in retail, I don’t have much money and don’t want to keep having to buy this every couple of months.

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      When taking any weight loss supplement without making long-term dietary and/or fitness changes, the odds are pretty good that once you stop taking it you’ll gain the weight back. In most cases it’s simply a matter of calories consumed vs. calories burned.

      Weight loss supplements can definitely help burn extra calories, but when you stop using them your body will return to it’s normal metabolic state. Products like IKO are great tools, but unless you’re willing to take them on a regular basis, healthier lifestyle change is the only way to achieve consistent results.

    2. Avatar for Sander

      Well, Megan,, actually weight loose is all about eating less calories than you will use. Especially on your age.. I am 24 atm and dealt with a lot of fat as well.. Its all about your energy balance.. You don’t need this stuff, it could help you to reach goals easier.

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      The label clearly states not to exceed four capsules per day. However, as long as that much caffeine doesn’t bother you, I’m personally not aware of any of the ingredients being toxic at even double the recommended dosage. I definitely wouldn’t take more than that though.

  82. Avatar for John

    I suffer from hemochromatosis which has caused me to develop type 2 diabetes. I take a sugar blocker for the diabetes which causes fat retention. This has caused me to develop a fatty liver. Kind of a double whammy on the liver as iron overload is a direct cause of fatty liver and liver cancer. My question is how will the excess zinc effect the hepcidin levels in my blood and will it cause me to absorb higher amounts of iron?

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      That is a tough spot to be in. While I’m not a licensed nutritionist, and certainly not a physician, it’s my understanding that zinc actually inhibits iron absorption, or at least reduces it’s levels in the liver – but this may not always be the case. Since you’re in somewhat of a unique situation, I would definitely consult a doctor or nutritionist about this. I know that’s a tired answer, but being in such a specific circumstance I wouldn’t leave anything to chance.

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      Yes, women can, and do, take this product. Actually, I’ve talked to a lot of women who’ve used IKO. If you’re at a point where you’re really struggling, I recommend taking a secondary supplement, such as Hydroxycut CLA Elite or Cellucor Super HD. When you’ve hit a fat loss plateau, it’s almost always best to combine supplements that work together, rather than jumping from one single product to another.

      1. Avatar for Sarah

        Hey, so if i want to loose also 15 pounds but i only take the IKO without combining it with any supplements will i not see good results? And how long does it usually take to see results?

        1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

          I’m only suggesting that if you’ve reached a plateau in your weight loss and nothing seems to be working anymore, then you might try using two different methods. IKO works fine by itself and you should start seeing results within the first couple of weeks.

  83. Avatar for Yugantak Raj Gupta
    Yugantak Raj Gupta

    Hello Mark Mclntyre
    Sir I had used so many different fat burners (popular in name) but I am not getting satisfying results enen I am gaining more and more weight. no any singlr positive results. so I just want to ask is this one will work for me, because i already spent of time and money. And sir I want to ask one more thing that how we will get know that recieved material is original one or fake.

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      It’s unfortunate that you’ve had such little success with fat burning supplements. I wish I could guarantee that IKO will work for you, but since everyone’s body reacts differently, there’s no way to know for certain. Some people just don’t respond as well to certain ingredients as others. In your case, I might suggest trying multiple products at once, for example taking Instant Knockout with something like Stanagen XX, which is another outstanding fat burning product. I would be shocked if taking these two together didn’t produce the results you’re looking for.

      1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

        While it’s usually not a good idea to mix stimulants with depressants (like alcohol), realistically the caffeine content in IKO is not high enough to cause any harmful side effects, especially since you won’t be taking them together.

  84. Avatar for Sultanov

    Hi can i drink coffee everyday while im using this supplement? And can i use whey protien golden stadart and bcaa and lgutamin supplements with it?

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      You can continue to drink coffee, although you may not want as much as usual – at least not at first. It’s up to you, but you’ll be able to guage it as you go along. Protein and amino acid supplements are perfectly fine to take with this product.

  85. Avatar for Albie


    My day schedule is pretty much a daily routine.
    Wake up at 6am, work from 7am – (11:30am lunch) 6 pm then go straight to the gym and have my evening meal around 8:30pm.
    How would you suggest for me to take IKO through out the day?

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      I would try taking it first thing in the AM, then at lunch, and before you head to the gym. You could take the fourth dose either mid-afternoon, or with the dose before your workout.

  86. Avatar for TJ

    Hey there,
    I was wondering how safe the product is for teenagers. I am 19 years old and want to use a fat burner because last summer I hit a plateau with weight loss. I had a strict diet and worked out 4-6 times a week permitting. This summer, I don’t want to spend it all in the gym because I want results fast. Would you recommend me using this product for my goals?

  87. Avatar for Nate

    I am 24 male 280 lbs would this product be good to start for weight loss? I am also 5 feet 11 inches in height. I currently do not have a workout routine but do walk some days

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      Sure, this product will definitely help you to lose weight, even without exercise – but I would still strongly suggest upping your level of physical activity if possible. It will really help with your results, and you’ll just plain feel better. Good luck!

  88. Avatar for ade

    im an 18 y/o girl, i lift weight early in the morning for the past two years. never used a fat burner before but tired of belly fat not coming off and stubborn fat in other areas. what would you recommend my dosage be? i was thinking maybe 2-3 pills with a three hour gap between them.

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      You’ll get a good idea of how much you can comfortably handle right from the first dose. You can decide how much more you want to add based on that. In my experience the caffeine could seem a bit strong at first, but most people develop a tolerance to it pretty quickly. Just adjust accordingly as you go and you’ll do fine.

  89. Avatar for Sufyan

    i am 29 years old
    i do workout everyday
    170 cm tall with 82 KG wight
    fat % 28
    i want to know how much effective your proudct and how long it will take to kick in and what is the side effect

  90. Avatar for Claudia

    Hi there!!
    I’m 5’5 129lbs workout everyday (nothing crazy), just can’t get rid of the belly fat , I’ve taken CLa , notice very little improvement,How long do I need to be on IKO to see the difference???

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      Of course everyone is different, but judging by your height and weight I wouldn’t think it would take long at all to start seeing results, probably within just a week or two, especially if you’re active already.

  91. Avatar for Dean

    I usually take pre workouts, which don’t have a particularly long lasting effect. If I were to take instant knockout at the recommended dosage but follow your advice of not taking it five hours before sleeping, could I still use a pre-workout? I only ask because I’m not very sensitive to caffeine. Thanks

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      If you’re the type of person that’s not very sensitive to caffeine, or has otherwise developed a tolerance, taking IKO along with a pre-workout is perfectly fine. You know your own body better than anyone else and that’s always going to be the best point of reference.

  92. Avatar for rgl

    i work night shift, any recommendation on how to take this supplement? my work starts at 10:30 pm and ends at 7am , would u recomend taking it before i leave work and go straight to the gym or go home and sleep and take supplement .. — thanks

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      It’s not necessary to take it before working out, though it may help boost your session – similar to a pre-workout supplement. But regardless of when you do work out, I wouldn’t use this product near your regular bed time since it could make it difficult for you to get to sleep.

  93. Avatar for nader

    For how long you can use this product continiously? Is it required to stop after 2-3 months of use for example and then start again after some time

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      I would definitely cycle this product as your body may adapt fairly quickly. For best results, try using it for 4, 6, or even 8 weeks (but not more than that), then take a couple of weeks off and start again.

  94. Avatar for Katy

    Hey! I used the whole pack and it definitely didn’t work for me, I work out 5 times a week, eat right and my body hasn’t changed after using that. I don’t know why but I also didn’t feel more energy after taking it, is there anything stronger than instant knockout?

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      That’s somewhat surprising, but everyone’s body is different. If this type of product isn’t working for you, I would recommend trying some of the many non-stimulating lipotropics and/or appetite suppressants out there, such as green tea extract, hoodia gordonii, CLA, white kidney bean, forskolin, etc. Taking these types of supplements, especially in combination, may give your body the boost you’re looking for.

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      If you’re working out and eating properly already, adding IKO will super-charge your fat loss results. And if you’ve hit a wall with the amount of weight you’re losing, it will definitely kick-start the fat-burning process. Give it a try, I think you’ll be very surprised.

      Good luck!

      1. Avatar for Angelo

        Do you think this product is better then Leanmode I’m looking for something to get me over this hump

        1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

          In my opinion it’s a superior product, but if you still find yourself in a position where the weight loss has stalled despite trying everything, you might want to take a hard look at your eating habits or workout routine (or both), and make any necessary changes. In my experience this can usually make all the difference.

  95. Avatar for C.Smith

    I’ll bite. I’m currently 5’9″ @ 275#…you can do the math, but I am over qualified as obese, having most of my fat in my mid-section.

    Would this product help someone like myself, who eats clean but has a sedentary lifestyle?

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      The good news is that a fat burner like this will boost your metabolic rate (even if you’re not physically active) and you’ll almost certainly lose weight. How much you’ll lose is hard to say because it will only help to a certain point without exercise.

      I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how being chronically sedentary can wreck your health, so I would just advise you to find some activity that you can do on a regular basis that you’ll stick with, if only walking. It’ll certainly boost your results, and even your quality of life. Good luck!

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      Since gynecomastia is technically caused by a hormonal imbalance, fat burning products won’t really help correct it. However, if your problem has more to do with fat accumulation around the pectoral/nipple areas, then yes, you should definitely see some improvement.

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      I certainly don’t pretend to be a doctor – however, the one ingredient I’d say that might cause issues would be the caffeine. Caffeine can be a trigger in some people with epilepsy, but it’s unclear for now. If you’re not sure how higher amounts of caffeine may affect your condition, I would definitely run the list of ingredients by a physician familiar with your case before trying it out.

  96. Avatar for Jonathan

    How would you rate this against EVLUTION CLA 1000 in terms of value? There is a special offer of buy one get one free for $16.99 and it’s rated the top fat burner on (9.1/10). What are your thoughts?

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      It depends on your weight loss goals and personal preferences. I’ve used CLA with good results – it’s non-stimulating, which will appeal to some people, and it’s cheaper compared to a lot of supplements. A product like EVLUTION CLA 1000 can definitely help with the slimming down process.

      However, it happens a lot more gradually and may only work up to a certain point – so if you’re needing to really cut or lose weight fairly quickly, it may not be enough by itself.

      My personal preference is to use something that has a combination of ingredients for maximum effect, and even combining a product like Instant Knockout with CLA would definitely give the best results, either taken together or alternating between the two.

        1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

          Two ingredients that may be of some concern: Caffeine and green coffee bean extract. As I understand it, caffeine can cause unstable blood sugar levels, but GCB extract can actually stabalize blood sugar. In theory the GCB extract might neutralize the effects of the caffeine, but I’m not a diabetes expert, and certainly not a medical doctor, so I honestly don’t know. On top of that, any medication you might be taking could further complicate matters. I would definitely talk to a doctor about it before deciding to use this.

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre


      Yes, since it’s designed specifically to burn fat, rather than for bulking or muscle gain, it is definitely OK for women to take. There’s no gender-specific ingredients involved (such as testosterone accelerators), so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give it a go.

      Hope this helps, and stay fit!

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