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OK, let me be blunt. Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to sample, review, try-out, experiment-with, and put to the test many different types of supplements – and quite frankly, when it comes to weight loss products, the majority are – cover your ears, kids – complete bullshit.

This is the main reason I don’t recommend a lot of fat burners in general: so many brands I’ve had experience with over-promise and under-deliver – if they even deliver at all.

Instant Knockout ( is a relatively new fat burner to the market, and as usual, when I first heard about it my spider-sense started jumping like a yo-yo. “Here we go again,” I said (although I had to admit that the bottle looked pretty cool).

If not for the fact that it’s made by Roar Ambition, Ltd. (makers of TestoFuel and Prime Male), I wouldn’t have given it a second thought. But considering the great track record that the other two products have, I must confess that I was at least somewhat curious about trying it out.

So, What is Instant Knockout?

According to the manufacturer, Instant Knockout was originally developed for pro boxers and MMA fighters. In case you’re not familiar, after a fight is scheduled it’s extremely important that the fighters lose enough excess weight – without compromising muscle and strength gains – to qualify at the official weigh-in. These guys need a fast and effective way to drop the pounds, and using everyday methods just won’t cut it.

This product attempts to achieve this type of rapid result with a three-pronged approach: boosting the metabolism, improving endurance, and eliminating fat. By combining a unique formula with carefully timed dosages throughout the day, your body should remain in a constant fat-burning state, while at the same time maintaining muscle and definition.

What’s in it?

There are 10 active ingredients in Instant Knockout, both  thermogenic and non-thermogenic, that are specifically combined to produce a synergistic effect together to turn off the body’s fat-storing switch.

Instant Knockout Supplement Facts Label

Here’s a look at each one and how they interact with one another:

Green Tea: I’ve been a big fan of green tea’s benefits for a while now. Don’t be fooled, though – this natural ingredient may sound tame, but it contains the compound polyphenols which help pack a major punch when it comes to burning fat.

These polyphenols elevate norepinephrine levels to boost metabolism, cause the muscles and liver to increase fatty acid consumption, and reduces triglyceride levels which reduce overall fat in the body.

Cayenne Pepper: As I’ve discussed before, this hot pepper isn’t just something to spice up your meals any more,it contains a component called capsaicin which increases calorie consumption, reduces fat stores, and has been shown to reduce the hunger hormone ghrelin.

Glucomannan: This naturally occurring yet powerful dietary fiber swells up in the stomach, making you feel fuller faster and preventing eating too frequently or too much. Based on the information I’ve read the effects are legit, and with the combined appetite-suppressing abilities of the cayenne, it’s made even more effective.

Caffeine Anhydrous: Who doesn’t know about caffeine – I mean, really? The thing about caffeine that makes it so popular in diet and workout supplements is that it’s been proven to boost metabolism and to quickly use up fat stores for energy, burning up to 30% more fat, in fact, if consumed before exercise.

It also stabilizes blood sugar levels for longer, which is another great way to control appetite. And since it’s in an anhydrous form, you’re getting caffeine in it’s most potent state.

Not having any impurities attached eliminates many of the unpleasant side effects associated with other forms of caffeine consumption, like drinking too much coffee, for example. There is also a synergistic action between caffeine and the catechins in green tea, which can boost the body’s use of calories as energy.

Piperine: The capsaicin found in cayenne isn’t the only fat-burning compound found in peppers. This interesting ingredient (extracted from black pepper) has been shown to actually block the formation of new fat cells as well as improve the absorption of many nutrients, which technically makes the ingredients in Instant Knockout that much more potent.

Green Coffee Bean: Due to it’s increasing popularity, you’ve probably heard about green coffee bean extract. Numerous studies have shown that the chlorogenic acid contained in raw coffee beans reduces glucose production in the liver, prevents the fat absorption rate when digesting food, reduces body fat percentage, maintains healthy blood sugar levels and lowers cholesterol – all of which contribute to having a healthy, lean physique.

Vitamin B6 and B12: While the benefits of taking these B-vitamins are great for the health in too many ways to mention, I’m not sure that including them in the formula does much here. If you’re already taking a good multi-vitamin (which you should be), then the extra amounts you’ll be getting here aren’t going to improve on that much, although it certainly can’t hurt to take extra.

GTF Chromium: As far as this ingredient goes, I know that it’s good for stabilizing blood sugar levels, which in turn is helpful for fat loss. It’s also purported to increase growth hormone in the body, but the jury’s still out on that one.

Zinc: Zinc is one mineral that all guys should get plenty of, it’s necessary for maintaining optimal testosterone levels and the efficient processing of nutrients. As a matter of fact, research has shown that people that are overweight also have low zinc levels.

Many of you may have noticed that the pills have changed from the red capsules to clear capsules. That’s because Instant Knockout is now made with vegetarian and vegan-friendly capsules, making this industry-leading fat burner suitable for just about anyone.

Instant Knockout Website

Side Effects

First of all, the ingredients used in Instant Knockout (as with all Roar Ambition products) are top-notch, being made and regulated in both US and UK facilities. This product is definitely safe to take on a regular basis – however, even though it primarily functions by targeting appetite suppression and fat storage, it does contain natural stimulants.

Keeping this in mind, you should definitely time it so that your last dose for the day is 4-5 hours before bed time. As a matter of fact, even though IKO contains less stimulants than a lot of other products, taking four capsules a day may be a little strong for those who aren’t coffee drinkers or are otherwise sensitive to caffeine.

If that’s the case for you, you could try starting with just three a day initially. This will not only prevent any kind of “speedy” side-effects, but it’ll also save money by stretching out the number of doses for each bottle.

After you’ve accustomed yourself to that dosage, try going to the recommended four a day. And while we’re on the subject, other than using common sense when taking Instant Knockout with other products that contains stimulants, I see no reason why there should be any issues with using other supplements.

And if you’re concerned about taking a drug test while using this supplement, don’t be – it doesn’t contain any banned or synthetic substances, and won’t trigger any false positives.

Manufacturer Video

MMA legend Diego 'The Dream' Sanchez talks about his experience and results using Instant Knockout.

How do you take Instant Knockout?

Each bottle of Instant Knockout contains 120 capsules at 500 mg each, designed to be taken four times daily – one capsule in the morning, one between breakfast and lunch, one an hour after lunch, and one more an hour before dinner. The purpose here is to keep the body in a constant and steady state of boosted metabolic rate.

Once again, if you’re sensitive to caffeine, try skipping the last dose initially and just try taking only the morning, noon and afternoon capsules.

Where to Buy

Currently, Instant Knockout is only available directly through the manufacturer’s website. It’s definitely a little on the expensive side, but once you try it you’ll realize what a quality product it actually is.

Besides, it’s better than wasting half that amount for something that doesn’t even work.

I do know that they have distribution centers located in the US and UK, but they’ll also ship to anywhere in the world, so international shipping is not a problem (they also ship to APO addresses for those in the military). The orders get filled fast, too – barring weekends, they ship out either the same day you order or the next, with tracking.

Conclusion – Does Instant Knockout Really Work?

My verdict? I’m not sure if it’s due to the quality, purity or combination of ingredients (or all three), but I love how well this product works.

For me it produced noticeable results by boosting the metabolic rate, reducing hunger cravings and fueling energy levels in a way that’s hard to describe but easy to feel. It’s also a very “clean” fat-burner compared to others – kind of like the difference between having natural energy versus too much coffee.

One thing I’m getting asked about all the time is “how long until I see results?” It’s really impossible to give a broad-brushed answer to that because everyone is different and there are so many variables involved.

One thing I can tell you is that if you think you’ll be able to sit on the couch watching TV while losing weight, you’re probably going to be disappointed. But if you take IKO with even a moderate increase in physical activity you should see results within 2 or 3 weeks, in my experience.

And even though it was specifically designed to be used by bodybuilders and athletes, I would say that any guy who’s looking to lose weight and reduce body fat would definitely benefit from this product. That being said, I would encourage you to put the extra energy you’ll get to good use with some form of exercise!

You can find price and more info at the Instant Knockout website.

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Have you tried Instant Knockout? I’d love to hear about your own personal experiences. Feel free to leave a review or comment below.

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