The JES Extender – Pulling You Towards Big Rewards

Last Updated: September 16, 2023



The JES Extender

The JES Extender ( is a medical penis enlargement device used for increasing both length and girth of the penis. It’s also used as a treatment for  Peyronie’s disease and penile curvature.

It’s been  approved by the FDA and qualifies as a Class 1 medical device. The device ended up being tested as part of a comprehensive study at the Scandinavian Clinic of Plastic Surgery in Copenhagen.

In 1998 the findings were presented at the International Interdisciplinary Symposium on Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgery in Barcelona, Spain. The results demonstrated a 30%  increase in the penis size of test subjects over a 24-week period (view study).

How it Works


Originally developed by a Danish plastic surgeon named Dr. Jorn Ege Siana, the device works through a process called cytokinesis, which uses the body’s natural ability to divide and multiply cells when tissues are stretched over time, resulting in new growth.

This technique is used often by plastic surgeons, for example in treating burn victims, or as a way to lengthen one leg that’s shorter than the other. It’s also seen in various indigenous cultures around the world who have been inserting large plates or other objects in their lips and ears for thousands of years.

How to Use the JES Extender

There are three basic steps to using the device:

  1. First, the penis is positioned through the base ring and extender bars.
  2. Next, the head of the penis is placed through the silicone band which is then pulled down to fasten securely.
  3. Finally, an appropriate amount of traction force is adjusted by twisting the extender bars on each side.

For best results, the manufacturer recommends wearing the device initially for 1 hour a day, gradually increasing to 6 hours a day for the first few weeks. The JES Extender can eventually be worn for as much as 12 hours per day.


The extender can generally be used discreetly while wearing loose-fitting pants or shorts. Wearing the device while sleeping or during physical activity may cause it to become unattached.

Additional information can be found at the official FAQ page, or by viewing the JES Extender user manual.

Manufacturer Video

JES Extender Results

The following before and after photos were obtained online, documenting results from using the device. Claims of 1-3″ gains or more within the first six months of continuous use are common.

JES Extender Before and After JES Extender Results JES Extender Reviews JES Extender Review

Where to Buy

As of now, the JES Extender is only available through the manufacturer’s website, but they do get points for the discreet packaging and fast shipping.

For those of you who’ve asked about international shipping: They are able to deliver to over 200 countries worldwide, including Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, India, UK, Canada and Germany, so getting a device sent to you shouldn’t be a problem for most.

The company does offer a double money-back guarantee if there is no increase in penis size after completing the program, which is also a definite plus.

Does the JES Extender Work?

Although it was shown to be effective by the research cited above, a separate study by the BJUI also found that:

… great attention has been given to penile extenders, non-surgical devices that generate progressive mechanical traction the the penis … it seems that these devices can produce an effective and durable lengthening of the penis, in both the flaccid and stretched states”.

“… penile extenders represent the only evidence-based technique of penile elongation”.
“In conclusion … evidence suggests that penile extenders are effective minimally invasive methods of penile lengthening. The application of such devices can be recommended in all patients regardless of the penile length …“

The results of this study can be viewed here. I have to admit, based on the clinical evidence alone it would be hard to deny the potential benefits from using the device.

Since it also carries the European CE mark and is FDA Approved as an accredited Class 1 medical device, you at least know it’s not some fly-by-night gimmick.

But based on my own personal experience alone, I’d have to say that the JES Extender is quite possibly the most overall effective penis enhancement device out there, and it’s something I recommend wholeheartedly to any guy who’s serious about increasing his penis size.

If you use this thing consistently, you will not regret having made the investment. For price and additional information, visit the JES Extender website.

Have you tried out any of the JES Extender models? I’d love to hear about your own personal experiences. Feel free to leave a comment or review below.

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Overall Rating

JES Extender


Increases Length


Increases Girth


Product Quality


Ease of Use


Overall Effectiveness



  • Delivers real and permanent results.
  • Does not require continued use once desired length is achieved.
  • No side effects.
  • Double money-back guarantee.


  • Requires wearing for several hours a day.
  • Must use consistently for a minimum of 3-6 months.

50 thoughts on “The JES Extender – Pulling You Towards Big Rewards”

  1. Avatar for Jim

    Can I increase my penis length from 6 to 8 inches, as well as girth improved?

    Also, will I retain the slight curve in my penis?

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      Yes, it is entirely possible to gain two inches – as long as you stick with it. It could take a year or more, but it depends on how long you wear the JES extender each day. The extender will also correct curvatures and straighten the penis over time. Girth will be affected some, but not by a lot. I would recommend either the Bathmate Hydromax or Penomet pump to increase girth. When used together with the JES extender, you will see some excellent results.

  2. Avatar for justin

    Hi mark i’m under the minimum lenght flacid it says to use, but i grow to near 5 inches erect,is there a differnt extender you can reccommend or do you think i’d be ok to use this if when i use it i’m at or above minimum length

  3. Avatar for Marcelo Hessel

    Olá, boa tarde!!!

    Há bastante tempo atrás eu adquiri o Jes Extender pela clinica do Dr Bayard, e na época o vendedor me falou de uma PÓ (branco) para usar na glande para não escorregar….

    Eu não me lembro do nome, alguém saberia me dizer? Experimentei talco e não serve…

  4. Avatar for Marcelo

    Olá Mark! Eu voltei a utilizar o aparelho que adquiri a muito tempo atrás e na época, a loja havia me dado um PÓ (branco) para utilizar no órgão para não escorregar. Eu não me lembro do nome desse pó, há alguma indicação?

  5. Avatar for Patrick

    I can see that the device makes the penis larger in its flaccid state, but what about in the erect state? Will erections be larger and longer as well after use of this device? After all, that is kind of the point. Thanks.

  6. Avatar for M

    I am very afraid of using this product…i would like that it works but i am not sure promise girth gain which i am sceptic about cant understand how cant it increase it

  7. Avatar for Syd 77

    Hi guys I’m into my 7th week of using the gold extender. I’m comfortable now with 1500 gm of tension , I haven’t measured
    Much because i want to do monthly measurements, i feel the gains will be more noticeable etc if I’m not always measuring. I’ve noticed only a small gain do far around a few mm but its early days so im relaxed about it all and just remembering thats its a marathon not a sprint to get results .. i would really appreciate feedback, advice and results from other users, so i know if I’m doing ok with progress and technique
    Cheers guys

  8. Avatar for Ricardo

    Hey Mark, do you think you can do a review on PeniMaster Pro? It’s like a mixture of Jes Extender and Phallosan Forte. They also have a weight expander. But I’m curious on how legit they are. I’ve heard many great things about their devices and I want to try them myself, but I also want to know what you think in your professional opinion. I’m trusting you hahaha

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      The lite version is the standard “no-frills” package and is really all you need to get results. The other models work exactly the same, they just come with extras, like additional elongation bars, comfort pads, etc.

      That said, I would personally recommend getting the original because it comes with a silicone tube (which I prefer), plus additional elongation bars and a two-year warranty rather than the one-year. Beyond that, the other models are a matter of choice, but I would definitely suggest the Original version for most guys, since it’s a good balance between options and cost.

  9. Avatar for Drewe

    Hi mark yes my stretch is good I’m on 1500 and yes it stays on I do have to change it and milk as it does hurt I dnt no what is wrong but I’m so frustrated can you help ? Plz email some tips

  10. Avatar for Drewe

    Hi I’ve used jes for 4 months now every day for 5 hrs a day and I have not grown at all I’m still the same as when I started can anyone help ? Has this happened to anyone else ? I’m so frustrated

  11. Avatar for Robert

    I want to know if anyone has tried this thing that I do & what your results are. I’ve been using the JES extender for a while off & on. I started at 5.5″ & over time I got up to 7″ then I stop for a while. Recently, still not satisfied I began using the JES extender again but now after an hour or so when I have to remove the extender because of the pain, I now move my balls to the side & stretch my penis & pinch it between my butt cheeks. I find this quite comfortable & I can leave in there for hours only sometimes re-adjusting. I have gained another inch in only one month. I’m now 8″. I want to know if anyone else has tried this & what your results are.

    1. Avatar for Robert

      Oh, I just wanted to add I also fall asleep with my penis stretched between my cheeks so I don’t know how long it stays before slipping out overnight.

  12. Avatar for Mike

    Hi I have a jes engender gold about 4 weeks not measuring yet but have had to go up a small rod. I can’t keep it on a max tension it slips off no matter how tight I make the band. I bought in Aus and they offer some additions for comfort a translucent silicon one and another with silicon on the inside and cloth outside, I find the last one works for me better than the others. Never grease your lad otherwise they all slip off. Had to oil the thread and spring bit to make it slide. Looks promising, only complaint it came missing one of the tightening tools waiting for a replacement. I think that it is genuine to many reviews say so will measure sometime. BTW not paid and I signed up for the money back deal, but I don’t think I will be able to cash in on that. I think the documentation could be better, especially for a newbie, I have jelqued and got results so will be interesting to compare

    1. Avatar for Robert

      Mine used to slip off too but what I found works is to use baby powder around your penis head & along the length of the silicone tube. it works for me.

  13. Avatar for John

    If I can make a suggestion about silicone fitting into grooves to hold it in place.
    I used a small file to slightly filing it down, & that seems to work ok!

  14. Avatar for Micky

    Hi I just got mine today in the mail. Im very excited to use it tomorrow and I will update with results in three weeks

  15. Avatar for Bert

    Hi Mark, I just bought titanium, my problem is when I try to adjust the tension by adjusting the screws or rods, no combination is able to change the degree of traction. It always remains at the lowest level (900), the bars are not starting to uncover the lines unlike from the instructional video. Or do I need to add few more bars? Hope you can help me.

  16. Avatar for Jerome

    I’m planning on buying one after researching a long time for a working product…will wearing like just say 900 grms won’t it harm or cause any uneasiness in my penis

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      It’s normal to experience some soreness initially, but it will go away as your body adapts. However, if you have lingering pain it could be a sign that you’re using too much traction, or wearing the device for longer than you’re ready for.

  17. Avatar for eugine coogan

    Hi Mark
    I am using the jes extender for a week now, but i have to adjust it with the screws when i hold the extender in and put tube around penis , i release and the screws just go back , dont hold at 900 , as i said i have to adjust by the screws and have no guideline as the traction i should have.
    You answered Hans, i have same problem but have tried and no luck Best Reg

  18. Avatar for Hans

    Hello chaps :) Im pretty sure a couple of the comments here are payd ;) That beeing said.. im not. lol. So! A little tip from me is, if you add rods so the device is a bit longer in total length (aprox 1-2cm longer), then… yours. Open a big loop on the silicon ring, and i use the soft coussion for comfort, (yes they are badly designed the silicon loops, and have to be PUSHED into the holes.. but hey, maybe thats what keeps them in place idk), now heres the trick! (So you dont have to screw and screw and screw until it falls apart). Push the device (head) springs almost all the way down, and while holding in down position, insert your JIM into the loophole and tighten it pretty tight! (make sure you dont just tighting one side of silicone loop, right both so it doesnt twist and turn the head of your chief… that cant be good). Then let the springs carefully go, and you should have the 900g tension pretty close. Now since no screws are screwd on at this point, you can now very easily add tension with little screwing arround! so to speak ;) Meh.. gl! and in the end guys.. its a couple days of work, at least at my salary.. i can live with this being a failed project.. and if it works, then cool :)

  19. Avatar for Jasin

    I’ve ordered 3 times from online and had problems all 3 times so now I’m affraid to order this!! How can I know this site is safe?

  20. Avatar for Rob

    Hi, got the Titanium one but can’t seem to get tension setting like in video demo.when turning 2 screws on either side the rods just get longer and don’t go in as per video? So, cant see tension force or advance? Rob.

  21. Avatar for sylvain

    It’s not as easy as shown in the video. The silicone is hard to place into the holes and doesn’t fit at all with the grooves underneath.
    Additionally, they say they won’t change it if we get the objets outside of the plastic. But how can we know if it will fit without getting it out the plastic ?!!
    I told them they might not have given me the right silicone for the device end. At any moment, they havesuggested me to send me another silicone or another device end!
    Concerning the results, it looks to work. I had ordered that device for a Peyronie illness and after few days, my penis starts slowly to
    recover. But the fact that I can’t place the silicone into the grooves below makes the device very uncumfortable to use!

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      There is definitely a learning curve to using an extender, but it’s well worth the effort. Hopefully the replacement part will make things easier for you. Even so, it’s great that you’re getting good results already.

  22. Avatar for pt

    Hi Mark, thanks for such a useful info. I just got my Jes Extender Titanium in Australia. But I don’t really figure-out how to change the traction weight on it. Can you please advice me how to change the traction weight.

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      Congrats on getting your own Jes Extender. In case you didn’t see it, the manufacturer video here has pretty clear and straight-forward instructions for adjusting the tension bars, starting at about 3:56.

      The numbers on the rods are a consistent and convenient way to keep up with your progress, but the main thing to keep in mind is the comfort/discomfort level – regardless of what the traction setting is.

      I hope this helps and good luck!

  23. Avatar for Adam

    I would like to share my Jes Extender review even though I did not buy from this site as I live in Australia and we all want something yesterday when we order online! I have tried so many products in the past (about 3 years) which at best gave me temporary results. I’ve even tried two other penile traction devices, one an el cheapo from ebay which lasted about 2 weeks before breaking (no damage to my penis thank god!) the other was Sizegenetics – because it has so many good reviews, but they all seem to be paid reviews which I figured out recently.

    (I don’t mean to say anything bad about this site Mark, to be honest I don’t even know if you sell that device, and you seem like a straight up guy)

    The tension was way too high on that device and I think it was starting to give me negative side effects so I stopped using it and ended up throwing it away when I moved in with my buddies (didn’t want them to find it). So naturally I was quite skeptical about Jes Extender but I did a lot of research and found they are the originally invented penis traction device over 20 years ago and when I asked them about why I didn’t get any good results from other products they knew exactly why and explained it in easy to understand english. Believe it or not there is actual science behind jes extender and the device is really well made, really smooth and the tension limit is the highest of 1500 grams to stay within medical safety guidelines but you actually use at less than that. I have been using it for over 3 months almost daily and I will say for sure that this thing works! I can only use about 1 or 2 hrs a day and still getting really good results.

    Guys, Jes Extender is the real deal. Forget the fakes and forgeries out there. There is a reason Danamedic was granted full approval and patents for their products – because they are genuine. Hope this helps others in their search!

    1. Avatar for Alexander

      Thanks for finally addressing the payed reviewers. It’s really a problem. I can’t tell which ones are real and which ones are fake. Even comments on websites are suspect. I knew something was up, but this confirms it. My only question is how do I even know that you’re the real deal?

      Even sites like PEgym endorse all these different extenders, but I feel like I can’t trust anything I read. All the reviews are eerily similar. They throw in certain downsides to make it seem believeable, but they’re still paid reviewers. How can I trust what I’m reading?

      1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

        A wise man once told me, “don’t believe anything you hear, and only half of what you see,” and there’s truth to that. The best any of us can do is to gather as much information as possible, and based on that form the best opinion we can. And while it’s only smart to be somewhat skeptical of reviews, there are two important factors I always look for when evaluating any product for purchase: independent testing and a written guarantee.

        If the results can be verified by impartial analysis, and/or I at least know I can get my money back if it doesn’t work, then I don’t have to rely so much on other people’s opinions in my decision-making process. And since the Jes Extender easily meets these criteria, you can feel pretty confident about getting results, or at the very least not getting ripped off.

  24. Avatar for brt_81

    It works for me. I’ve been using the jes extender for about 2 months now and already have gained 1/2″. That is only using it 2 hours a day. I got the gold standard. Really nice quality and happy to say it does work!

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