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Last Updated: October 25, 2023

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What is MaleExtra?

Male Extra ( is a men’s sexual performance pill advertised as being able to increase libido, staying power, erection quality, and even penis size. The product has enjoyed growing success among men seeking all-natural and/or non-prescription alternatives to alleviating erectile dysfunction and male potency problems.

The makers of MaleExtra site clinical studies to support their claims and tout the product as “The most potent male enhancement pill on the market.” But does this supplement live up to its claim?

I set out to find the answer, and tested Male Extra for myself for one month. Read on to find out my results.


Supplement Facts

The ingredients found in MaleExtra definitely set it apart from most other enhancement pills. Surprisingly, one of it’s main active components is pomegranate extract.

There’s actually been a lot of studies that offer evidence showing a large number of positive benefits from consuming pomegranate. These benefits include:

  • Prevention of prostate and other forms of cancer
  • Treatment for arthritis
  • Lowering cholesterol and high blood pressure
  • Slowing the effects of Alzheimer’s disease
  • Boosting immunity
  • Aiding with weight management
  • Improving workout recovery
  • Helping control diabetes.

But the main benefit that concerns us here is the impact this fruit has on erectile function. While all of these studies were going on, one of the surprising and recurring side-effects of the male participants was an improvement of symptoms related to erectile dysfunction.

One explanation for this may be the way pomegranate affects nitric oxide levels. Studies have shown that taking pomegranate may not only increase the amount of nitric oxide in the body, but improve it’s action as well.

In case you didn’t know, nitric oxide plays a vitally important role in getting and maintaining an erection.

Which brings us to the second main ingredient, L-arginine. L-arginine is an amino acid that’s a big precursor to nitric oxide production, and it’s effects are only heightened by being paired with the pomegranate extract.

Also included in the formula is something that you may never have heard of: cordyceps. Cordyceps is actually a fungus that’s believed to provide some amazing benefits, such as killing cancer cells, boosting athletic performance, enhancing aerobic capacity, improving physical and mental energy, raising libido, and increasing testosterone production.

The other ingredients listed are MSM, creatine, L-methionine, niacin, and zinc. While all of these nutrients have their pluses, I’m not sure how their addition to the formula makes a huge difference to it’s overall effectiveness – but it certainly doesn’t hurt things.

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Side Effects

Male Extra is made with all-natural nutrients that pose little-to-no risk of causing side effects in most circumstances. However,  when combining products containing pomegranate with the drug sildenafil (Viagra), there may be a danger of inducing priapism, or an erection that just won’t go away, even after orgasm (see case report).

This might seem like something which most guys would consider a plus, but it’s anything but desirable. Experiencing a rock-hard erection that won’t subside (even after several hours) eventually becomes so excruciatingly painful that it will normally result in a trip to the ER.

The usual treatment for this condition is to inject both sides of the penis with epinephrine – not a particularly pleasant scenario to be in.

So if you take Viagra or other prescription ED meds, I would be very cautious about combining it with anything containing pomegranate, including MaleExtra. It could potentially over-amplify the effects of the medication.

How to Take

Directions for using Male Extra are simple and straight-forward.

You just take three capsules at the same time, right before eating a meal (preferably breakfast).

The effects of the ingredients become stronger over time.

How fast the they begin to work will vary, but from my experience the majority of guys should experience full benefits within the first few weeks.

Customer Reviews

The following reviews were submitted to the MaleExtra website as customer feedback.

They were sent to me by request while putting together this review:

I have always been embarrassed by my performance in the bedroom. One girlfriend once asked me if I was actually hard which was not only humiliating but really dampened the mood…

When I heard about MaleExtra on the web I decided to give it a go and I am so glad I did… I have managed to boost my blood flows and seriously train my penis into being harder and firmer when erect. I doubt I’ll ever get asked whether I am hard or not again. Thanks guys.

Daniel B*****, Online marketer, USA, Boston

Since hitting my 50’s I have tried a number of different methods to help revitalise my sex life – even Viagra. But all these different methods screwed with my health and left my penis feeling incredibly sore. When I heard about the effects pomegranate can have on your libido I decided to give MaleExtra a try…

The effects have been great! My libido is stronger than ever – maybe even better than when I was in my 20’s…

George H*****, Clerk, USA, Philadelphia

I began using MaleExtra 5 months ago and I can confidently say that erectile dysfunction is no longer a part of my life. I have struggled to keep relationships over the years because of my problem, but with the support of MaleExtra… I am now the one in control of my sexual satisfaction.

Toby C******, Developer, USA, Connecticut

MaleExtra is better than Viagra and that is saying a lot. Since hitting my 40’s my erections and sexual stamina have waned, yet being a sexually active guy I have tried a number of methods to enhance my performance. MaleExtra has helped me to do just that with none of the risks, dangers or soreness that accompanies Viagra… Definitely one I would recommend to others who are looking for 100% natural enhancements.

Richard C*****, Lawyer, Australia

Where to Buy

MaleExtra is only legitimately available from the official website. You may have seen it being re-sold by third party sellers on places like Amazon and Ebay, but they are outrageously overpriced, and you have no way of knowing how old those pills are, or if they’re even legit.

And while the product is fairly expensive, they do have a two-month money-back guarantee from the time you receive it, so if you don’t like it you can send what’s left back and only have to pay the S&H. And the last time I checked they were also throwing in two free bottles of ProErection Gel with a four bottle purchase.

Conclusion – Does Male Extra Really Work?

I tried MaleExtra for one month, and within the first two or three days I could tell the difference. I noticed I was a lot hornier, and my penis had a hair trigger when it came to getting an erection – I felt like I was back in high school again.

And the real proof came when I was able to hold marathon love-making sessions with my girlfriend, leaving her satisfied every time. I never told her the secret of my new-found prowess, but a guy needs to keep some air of mystery around him, right?

Bottom line – I know first-hand that this product does improve not just libido and erection quality, but sexual stamina as well.

It’s formula is definitely unique when compared to other enhancement supplements out there, which makes it a great candidate for taking by itself, or for stacking and cycling with other supplements (like VigRX Plus or Semenax).

As far as gains in penis size, the jury’s still out on this one. In my experience, enhancement products like this one do give harder, firmer, and bigger erections, which may lead to a slight size increase over time, but I find claims of gaining an inch or more to be somewhat dubious.

I would need to see more evidence to support these claims. Having said that, there’s no question that more and more men are starting to notice this product and it’s popularity is only growing – but it’s not by accident.

If you’re needing a boost in bedroom performance, the combination of original ingredients and overall effectiveness makes MaleExtra a must-try. For price, ordering, and more information, visit the Male Extra website.

If you’ve used MaleExtra, or are thinking about it, I’d love to get your input. Feel free to leave a question or comment below.

Where to buy Male Extra

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Overall Rating

Male Extra


Erection Frequency


Erection Quality


Increased Staying Power


Improved Orgasm


Heightened Arousal



  • Delivers harder and bigger erections.
  • Improves sexual stamina and staying power.
  • Increases sex drive and arousal response.
  • Unique combination of ingredients.


  • Use caution if taking with Viagra or other ED prescription meds.
  • On the expensive side.
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