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Prime Male – The Red Pill That Leads to Heightened T-Levels

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Primal Male Testosterone Booster


Manufacturer: Propura LTD

[Updated January 2018]

Prime Male Testosterone Booster

It’s just a fact of life. If you’re over the age of 30, your testosterone levels are on the decline… to the tune of about 1% per year. When production of this crucial hormone begins to dwindle, it can have a very negative impact on your quality of life and overall health.

Here are just a few common conditions associated with low T-levels:

  • low energy and fatigue
  • decreased sex drive and/or erectile dysfunction
  • weight gain
  • poor memory and cognitive impairment
  • loss of muscle mass
  • lack of motivation or depression
  • increased risk of developing diabetes and cardiovascular disease

It’s no wonder that men are looking for effective ways to restore, increase, and re-balance decreasing amounts of testosterone, and taking advantage of natural hormone-boosting supplements is a relatively safe and inexpensive way to do this.

One such product that’s become increasingly popular lately is a supplement called PrimeMale, manufactured by Propura, LTD.

What is Prime Male?

Prime Male (, is a unique supplement using 12 specific components aimed at reversing the gradual decrease in free testosterone in the body due to aging or other factors.

This product has been verified as being manufactured in an FDA-approved facility and GMP certified, which at least confirms the purity and quality of ingredients used.

It’s also been used and endorsed by both former NFL quarterback Scott Zolak and Hall of Fame receiver Andre Reed.


There are twelve primary ingredients used in PrimeMale forming a natural, non-synthetic blend that works synergistically to stimulate natural testosterone production. These include: Vitamins D3, B6, and K2, zinc, magnesium, Nettle Root extract, Mucuna pruriens, luteolin, Korean red ginseng, boron, BioPerine and D-AA.

PrimeMale Test Booster

Vitamins D3, B6 and K2, as well as zinc and magnesium, are all crucial nutrients for maintaining and increasing testosterone levels. These ingredients are included in their most bio-available forms for enhanced absorption.

Both boron and nettle root extract are known for their ability to free up testosterone which is bound to sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). Since SHBG is responsible for neutralizing 98-99% of the body’s testosterone (or more), reducing SHBG levels (or counteracting it’s effects to some degree) will increase the amount of androgens freely available to the body.

The added luteolin helps decrease estrogen, while also stimulating testosterone production. Korean red ginseng has been shown to bolster t-levels and is also commonly used for it’s libido-enhancing effects.

Studies have shown that Mucuna pruriens may not only suppress prolactin levels (another female hormone), but also boost testosterone and HGH as well. Additionally, it may also help to decrease the stress hormone cortisol.

There is a considerable amount of evidence showing how the amino acid D-AA (D-Aspartic Acid) stimulates testosterone production in the testes and improves fertility. The form of D-AA in PrimeMale is extremely soluble and absorbed much more efficiently by the body.

All these ingredients are great as they are, but with the addition of BioPerine, this product becomes a test-boosting powerhouse. What BioPerine does is increase the bio-availability of whatever it’s taken with by as much as 20X, which is one of the main factors that makes PrimeMale is such a powerful supplement.

Supplement Label


The combination of ingredients like those found in PrimeMale makes for a potent antidote to combat the detrimental effects of declining testosterone numbers. By restoring healthy hormone levels you can expect to experience many positive benefits, including:

  • stronger bones
  • increased lean muscle mass
  • decrease in body fat
  • higher sex drive
  • boost in overall energy

Having healthy testosterone levels also helps get your blood sugar under control, and can prevent insulin resistance which can lead to diabetes later on. It can also help to normalize your blood pressure and reduce the risk of cardiovascular incident.

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Side Effects

One of the great things about many types of natural supplements, including this one, is that there are few (if any) side effects. According to the PrimeMale website it is completely safe to use on a daily basis and has no known side effects, and I see nothing in the list of ingredients to contradict that.

How to Take

Each bottle of PrimeMale contains 120 capsules at 750mg each. For best results you should take one capsule, four times daily. Ideally, you would spread out each dose evenly over the course of the day.

For example: one in the morning, one at noon, one in the afternoon, and one more at night.

A lot of guys would say that’s a lot to keep up with, but you have to remember how many ingredients are involved. There are so many supplements out there that do offer a wide assortment of great ingredients, but the amounts involved are so small that they’re not very effective, if at all.

So just put down the purse and take your medicine.

Manufacturer Video

Where to Buy

Currently, PrimeMale is only available through their website, They do offer a three month money-back guarantee if it doesn’t work for you, so that’s always going to be a plus.

It’s definitely not what I’d call cheap, but when something works, it works. I’m sure they could charge even more if they wanted to.

They ship worldwide from either the US and the UK, and from my experience they also have pretty stellar customer support if there’s any problems.

Conclusion – Does Prime Male Work?

The ingredients in PrimeMale are well documented and have been shown to increase the amount of free testosterone in the body. When you factor in the added BioPerine for extra potency this product turns out to be a definite winner. Plus, they’ve got the 3-month money-back guarantee, so there’s nothing to lose – except your sagging testosterone levels.

Bottom line: I whole-heartedly recommend this product and have no problem saying so – because it works, plain and simple.

For price and more info visit the PrimeMale website.

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Overall Rating

Visit PrimeMale Website

Have you tried PrimeMale? I’d love to hear about your own personal experiences. Feel free to email me or leave a review or comment below.

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