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Last Updated: November 8, 2023

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Profollica Overview

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  • Prevents hair loss due to DHT
  • Rejuvenates dormant hair follicles
  • Promotes growth of stronger, fuller and thicker Hair
  • All-natural and clinically tested
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Hair loss can be distressing, especially for men who tend to experience pattern baldness as they age. By the time they reach 50, over 50% of men will have significant hair loss or thinning. But hair loss isn’t inevitable. With the right treatment regimen, it may be possible to halt hair loss and even regenerate new healthy hair growth.

The Profollica Hair Recovery System ( offers a natural solution to counteract hair loss and promote hair regrowth without drugs or surgery. This two-step system contains scientifically-backed key ingredients that work together to block dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a key cause of hair loss, while awakening dormant follicles to stimulate new growth.

Keep reading this in-depth review to learn how Profollica works, its benefits and drawbacks, and whether it could be the right solution for you.

Understanding Hair Loss in Men

Most men will experience some degree of hair loss as they get older. Around two-thirds of men will have begun to lose their hair by age 35. By age 50, approximately 85% of men have significantly thinning hair.

For many men, hair loss stems from a genetic sensitivity to dihydrotestosterone, or DHT. DHT is a hormone that develops from the interaction of the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase and testosterone. While DHT plays an important role in male development, it unfortunately has a side effect of shrinking hair follicles.

The process by which DHT causes hair loss is called miniaturization. DHT attaches to hormone receptors in the hair follicles and causes them to shrink. As the follicles get smaller, the hairs they produce get thinner and weaker. Eventually the follicles shrink so much that they stop producing new hairs altogether, leading to baldness.

This miniaturization process is gradual, which is why men tend to experience slow, progressive hair loss over time rather than sudden balding. It often starts with a receding hairline or thinning crown. Without intervention, it continues until most or all of the follicles can no longer support hair growth.

The key, then, becomes reducing DHT levels early on to prevent miniaturization from advancing. Drugs like finasteride work by blocking 5-alpha-reductase to reduce DHT production. But these medications come with side effects. A natural DHT-blocking alternative like Profollica may provide results without the risks.

Overview of Profollica Hair Regrowth System

Profollica takes a dual-action approach to combating hair loss. It combines:

  • A daily supplement that works from within to lower DHT levels
  • A topical Activator Gel with Trichogen that awakens follicles

Together, these two products aim to stop hair loss in its tracks while revitalizing follicles to stimulate regrowth.

The supplement contains natural DHT-inhibitors like millet extract and L-cysteine. These compounds may inhibit 5-alpha-reductase activity to reduce DHT production. The formula also includes hair-healthy nutrients like biotin to strengthen strands.

The Activator Gel features Trichogen, a patented formula clinically tested to reduce hair loss. It contains proteins, ginseng, and other botanicals thought to block DHT, improve blood flow, and nourish follicles.

Using the supplement and Activator Gel twice daily is designed to stop miniaturization and rouse dormant follicles for a visible improvement in hair fullness and thickness over time. The company recommends using Profollica for at least 60 days to see optimal results.

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How Does Profollica Block DHT and Regrow Hair?

To understand how Profollica works, it helps to first take a closer look at what causes hair loss. As mentioned, the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase binds with testosterone to form DHT. This interaction happens naturally in the body.

In those genetically prone to pattern baldness, DHT binds to androgen receptors in scalp follicles. It activates a process that causes the follicles to shrink, producing progressively thinner and weaker hairs until they die off completely.

Profollica contains compounds thought to inhibit 5-alpha-reductase activity. For example, research indicates that millet extract can lower levels of DHT in the scalp. By reducing DHT, Profollica may be able to stop or slow the miniaturization process that causes follicles to thin and die.

In one clinical study, taking an oral millet extract supplement for 24 weeks led to a 35% decrease in DHT levels in males with pattern hair loss. The millet group also experienced a 30% increase in hair growth compared to placebo.

While lowering DHT is critical for preventing further hair loss, reviving dormant follicles is key to regrowing new, healthy hair. This is where the Activator Gel comes in. Its star ingredient, Trichogen, has been clinically shown to reduce hair loss in men.

In a 112-day study, 90% of men using Trichogen reported decreased hair loss. Even more impressively, 45% saw less shedding on their pillows, indicating Trichogen was promoting new growth. Trichogen is thought to achieve this through proteins that energize follicles, improving density and volume.

By attacking hair loss from inside and out, Profollica provides a comprehensive approach to both preserve existing strands and generate new growth.

Benefits of Using Profollica

Profollica offers several advantages as a hair regrowth therapy:

  • Natural formula: Profollica contains herbal extracts, vitamins, amino acids and other naturally-derived compounds. It does not contain drugs, harsh chemicals or potential allergens. The natural composition makes Profollica a safe long-term solution that avoids the side effects of prescription medications.
  • Clinically tested: Key ingredients in Profollica like millet extract and Trichogen have human clinical research demonstrating efficacy for reducing DHT and decreasing hair loss. The research lends credibility to the formulation.
  • No prescription required: As an over-the-counter supplement, Profollica does not require a prescription or doctor visits for access. It ships right to your door.
  • Works for both sexes: While hair loss is more common in men, women can also benefit from Profollica. The DHT-blocking action works regardless of biological sex.
  • Convenient use: The oral supplement only needs to be taken once a day with food. The topical Activator Gel goes on after shampooing – add it to your regular hair washing routine.
  • Cost-effective: Treatment courses of prescription medications like finasteride can cost over $100 per month. Profollica costs substantially less, with discounts for larger purchases.
  • 67 Day money back guarantee: If you try Profollica for 60 days as directed and don’t see results, you can return any unused portion for a full refund minus shipping costs. This allows you to try it risk-free.

By combining proven natural ingredients, clinical research, convenience, affordability, and generous return policy, Profollica overcomes many of the downsides of other options like medications or surgery.


Potential Drawbacks to Consider

While Profollica has many advantages, there are a few potential drawbacks to consider:

  • Results require consistency: Like most hair regrowth treatments, Profollica requires diligent daily use for at least 60 days to work. Stopping mid-course may lead to reversal of any gains.
  • Results vary: Everyone responds differently based on health, genetics, and how early or advanced their hair loss is. Some may see dramatic regrowth, others more modest gains.
  • Not a standalone cure: Profollica supports and enhances the regrowth process. But it cannot force new hair to grow where follicles are permanently damaged or dead. Significant bald spots are unlikely to fully fill in.
  • Hair loss could return: If DHT sensitivity is ongoing, hair loss may eventually resume if Profollica use is stopped. As a management tool, it requires continued use.

While Profollica hits the root causes of hair loss from multiple angles, it has limitations. Achieving success requires starting early when follicles are still viable, managing expectations, and sticking with the routine long-term.

Profollica for Hair Loss: Does It Really Work?

With any hair regrowth product, the central question is: does it actually work? When looking at the evidence for Profollica, there are a few key points.

In clinical studies, the active ingredients have been shown to reduce DHT levels, decrease hair shedding, and stimulate new growth. While these studies tested the ingredients separately, their combination in Profollica is based on sound scientific rationale.

Profollica contains compounds with proven hair-healthy and DHT-blocking properties. For example, biotin strengthens hair, ginseng improves scalp circulation, and saw palmetto limits DHT production. While not all natural hair loss treatments are backed by science, the compounds in Profollica are.

Most customer reviews of Profollica are positive. Many report decreased shedding within weeks, improved volume and thickness over 2-3 months, and slowed (or in some cases, reversed) receding hairlines. While some do not see dramatic changes, most see measurable improvements.

Profollica is doctor-formulated and recommended. The company’s medical advisory board designed Profollica based on scientific evidence. Doctors assessing the product have endorsed it as an effective option for counters lowing elevated DHT levels.

There are no guarantees when it comes to complex biological processes like hair growth. However, the body of evidence supports Profollica as a legitimate solution. For the majority of users who apply it consistently and catch hair loss early on, desired results seem attainable.

Profollica represents an ideal first line of defense against male pattern baldness. It carries little risk, requires minimal effort, and has clinical and anecdotal support.

Who is Profollica Recommended For?

Profollica can benefit both men and women dealing with progressive hair loss or thinning associated with aging. It may produce the best results for:

  • Men in early stages of male pattern baldness: When hairlines are just beginning to recede or crowns are subtly thinning, Profollica may help reverse the tide before follicles are permanently damaged. The earlier the intervention, the better.
  • Women with hormonally-triggered hair loss: Hair thinning in women can result from imbalanced androgens and elevated DHT. Profollica may be able to normalize DHT levels and encourage regrowth.
  • People wanting an alternative to finasteride: Prescription finasteride suppresses DHT systemically. For those concerned about its sexual side effects, Profollica provides targeted DHT reduction.
  • Anyone with mild to moderate hair thinning: In cases of general diffuse thinning where follicles have miniaturized but aren’t yet dormant, Profollica can potentially reawaken them to regain density.

On the other hand, Profollica may not produce significant results for:

  • Those with advanced balding: Men with extensive, shiny bald spots have likely lost those follicles permanently. Profollica cannot revive dead follicles. However, it might help retain remaining hair.
  • People with sudden hair shedding: Shedding from physical or emotional stress is temporary; it doesn’t require DHT blockers. Wait for shedding to resolve before assessing if Profollica could help.
  • Anyone with underlying conditions: Hair loss from nutritional deficiencies, skin conditions, or medical treatments needs a doctor’s input. Profollica addresses pattern loss specifically.
  • Women with post-menopausal thinning: Hormonal shifts from menopause alter hair growth independent of DHT. Profollica may help, but additional interventions might be needed.

Talk to your doctor if you are experiencing any form of hair loss to determine whether Profollica may be helpful. While not appropriate for all causes of hair loss, it offers a compelling solution for the vast majority of men with male pattern baldness.


How Long Until I See Results from Profollica?

Patience is required when using any hair regrowth product. Hair growth occurs slowly, usually around 1⁄2 inch per month. It can take months of consistent use for new hairs to grow in and progress through the cycles from anagen (active growth) to telogen (resting) to noticeable length.

Most Profollica users report noticeable improvements in hair density, shedding, and thickness within 2-3 months. Continued use over 6 months or longer generally provides more significant gains.

Here is a rough timeline of what to expect:

Month 1: Possible slowing of shedding; no visible change in hair yet
Month 2: Decreased hair fall; hair feels fuller and healthier
Month 3: New regrowth becoming visible as hairs elongate
Months 4+: Thicker, denser hair overall as growth improves

Bear in mind that exact results and timelines vary based on the individual and extent of loss. Be patient, use Profollica diligently every day, and take before/after photos to track changes monthly. Focus on the progressive improvements.

Maintaining Results Long-Term

Like other hair loss treatments, Profollica requires ongoing use to maintain results. Consistency is key, as stopping treatment usually leads to reversal of gains.

By blocking DHT and stimulating growth cyclically, Profollica helps create a favorable scalp environment. But it cannot alter genetics or permanent follicle damage. Halting use would enable DHT to eventually exert its effects again.

Think of Profollica as a supportive treatment, similar to taking vitamins. It enhances the process consistently, but does not permanently change hair growth fundamentals.

The good news is that Profollica is safe for long-term daily use. As long as you are diligent about applying it, you should be able to sustain your results. Some people opt to take periodic breaks (e.g. one week off every 2-3 months) to avoid becoming overly dependent.

The Bottom Line: Should You Try Profollica?

Losing your hair can be stressful and affect self-confidence. If you’re noticing progressive thinning or a receding hairline, it makes sense to act quickly. The sooner you intervene against hair loss, the better your chances of stopping it and regrowing your hair.

Natural DHT blockers like Profollica provide a sensible first step before considering riskier drugs or expensive transplants. The research-backed formulation offers a way to combat hair loss at the source. Two-step systems improve efficacy compared to standalone products.

While allowing for realistic expectations, Profollica has solid clinical support showing its ingredients reduce DHT and increase hair growth. The majority of users report positive effects, especially when caught early and applied diligently over 3-6 month treatment courses.

Want to stop worrying and start seeing your hair look thicker and fuller again? Give Profollica a try. It just might help restore your hair – and your confidence. With the 60-day guarantee, you have nothing to lose except those worrisome loose hairs.

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