Review Guidelines

LAST UPDATED: June, 2024

At, we believe that earning your trust is of paramount importance, and therefore feel it’s important that our visitors understand how we go about creating content that’s accurate, factual, and reliable.

All articles and product reviews on this site are fact-checked and/or reviewed by a health specialist prior to publication to ensure our content is as factually accurate as possible.

We adhere to strict review policy guidelines and make every effort to substantiate our opinions and conclusions with relevant sources, including medically peer-reviewed studies, media websites, and academic research organizations. Some examples include:

This site does not accept any form of cash advertising, sponsorship, or paid topic insertions. However, this is in part an affiliate-based site and portions of it’s content include links through which the site owner may be compensated in the event that the product or service reviewed is bought. For more information, please review our FTC Disclosure and About page.

If you believe that any of our content may be erroneous, incorrect, or otherwise inaccurate, please message us through our contact page and we will address your concerns as soon as we can.

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