TestoGen – Review and Results

Last Updated: August 20, 2023


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Testogen – Testosterone-Boosting Supplement

It’s pretty much common knowledge that men begin to lose A LOT of their testosterone as they age.

To add insult to injury, you’ve got to learn how to cope with the symptoms that come along with it, which run the gamut from the annoying to the downright embarrassing – including a reduced sex drive and erectile dysfunction.

But thankfully there’s a way to treat low test levels without the expense and inconvenience of hormone replacement therapy, and that’s by using an all-natural testosterone booster. I’m a big fan of these products, and for a lot of guys they’ve made a huge impact on their quality of life.

TestoGen is one of the more popular of these products on the market. In this Testogen review I’ll cover things like how this supplement works, it’s ingredients and side effects, the results you can expect, and just how effective it really is.

What is TestoGen?

TestoGen (TestoGen.com) is a natural testosterone-boosting supplement that’s designed to maintain optimal testosterone levels. It’s a well-known fact that testosterone levels slowly decrease once a man reaches the age of 35, not to mention the many side effects come along with it.

Testogen Chart
Decline of Free Testosterone with Age


You may not notice the symptoms right away, but make no mistake – they’ll eventually creep up on you sooner or later. We’re talking things like insomnia, low energy, reduced muscle mass, lack of motivation, depression, weak libido, etc.

These are just a few of the symptoms of low testosterone, or andropause, and it’s not something to be taken lightly. Andropause doesn’t tend to get the same attention as it’s female counterpart menopause, probably because menopause occurs more suddenly in comparison, where andropause happens more gradually.

Obviously, the prospect of living with symptoms like these is unpleasant, and this is where a product like TestoGen can come into play.

How Does Testogen Work?

TestoGen is a natural steroid alternative meant to improve testosterone levels without the potential harmful side effects of testosterone replacement therapy. It’s advertised as a way to improve muscle mass, strength, and power, as well as help reduce body fat, improve energy, mood, and concentration by using a unique blend of natural ingredients.

Testogen will show best results in men in their late 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and beyond. However, Testogen can also benefit bodybuilders and athletes of any age, though it’s not recommended for those under 18 since there’s not enough research to show it’s effects in this age group.

New Formula

As stated before, TestoGen is considered an all-natural testosterone booster. Unlike HGH injections, which are only available by prescription and are very risky to use, a product like TestoGen is a safer alternative to synthetic steroids and growth hormone.

Originally I was not too impressed with Testogen’s ingredient profile – it was OK for a typical test-booster, but nothing special. After several months of research, the people at TestoGen have improved their formula, making it even better based on more recent studies.

In my opinion, this change in formula is far superior to the previous one, allowing for far greater possible results.

Testogen Ingredients

The new Testogen formulation includes 5 new ingredients and an increase in the amounts of 2 previous ingredients, which includes:

1. D-aspartic acidD-aspartic acid promotes amino acid regulation, which results in increased levels of testosterone. Of course, an increase in testosterone produces more muscle mass. The DAA included has now been increased by 500%.

2. Tribulus TerrestrisTribulus is one of the best-known testosterone boosting herbs. It’s anti-inflammatory, too.

3. Selenium – A trace element, stimulating antioxidants and helping to get rid of toxins. Testosterone levels generally increase once the body is clean of toxins.

4. Red Ginseng Extract – This ingredient is actually a natural aphrodisiac. It’s included in Testogen to increase the levels of libido, blood flow, and natural energy.

5. Zinc – Zinc increases testosterone and libido, and aids in sperm production.

6. Fenugreek – A well-known testosterone booster and antioxidant, it also increases sex drive.

7. Cholecarciferol (vitamin D3)Vitamin D is one of TestoGen’s essential ingredients. Specifically, it helps prevent testosterone from turning into an estrogen path too quickly (now increased by 15%).

8. Magnesium – Magnesium has been said to have a number of health benefits and men simply don’t get enough of it.

A study had shown that men taking 750mg per day for 4 weeks, saw an increase of 26% in their testosterone levels.

9. Boron – Boron is one of the new ingredients to be added to Testogen and is said to help significantly increase testosterone, even when taken in small amounts.

A study had shown men taking 10mg per week had seen an increase in free testosterone by 28%, as well as a decrease in estrogen.

10. Vitamin K1 – Vitamin K1 was added due to its ability to help improve the absorption of Vitamin D, which has been shown to be an effective booster.

11. Nettle Leaf Extract – Free testosterone is important and we tend to have a reduced amount as it binds itself to the protein SHBG (Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin).

Nettle Leaf Extract helps to increase the amount of free testosterone and this results in better muscle growth and increased sex drive.

12. Bioperine – The final ingredient added to the new Testogen formula is Bioperine.

This is more of a support ingredient. It’s used to help increase the body’s ability to absorb the other ingredients, boosting Testogen’s effectiveness so you’ll see much better results.

Testogen Ingredients
Testogen Supplement Facts Label

How to Use

The recommended dosage is 4 capsules approximately 20 minutes before your breakfast. The dosage is the same for both workout and non-workout days.

It’s also suggested to cycle this supplement with a 2-month on, 1.5 week off schedule.

Keep in mind that better results will come from taking your doses on a consistent basis. You’ll notice the best benefits will occur gradually over the course of the first few weeks.

Side Effects

When starting any new supplement, you should always check for possible side effects and/or interactions beforehand. That said, TestoGen does not appear to cause any side effects in otherwise healthy individuals, and I’m not aware of any reports of people who experienced side effects while using this product.

Bottom line: there are no known side effects from using Testogen. Compare that to synthetic testosterone and HGH injections and it’s easy to see which is the safer alternative.

Before & After Results

Now I know you guys like before and after pictures, so here’s a few images showing results from using Testogen. It’s interesting to note the change that occurs even in those who aren’t what you’d call die-hard weightlifters.

Tetogen Supplement

Testogen Work

Testogen Results

Testogen Before and After

Customer Video Review

Where to Buy TestoGen

TestoGen is only available online at their official website. If you’re not a fan of buying things online and waiting for the order to arrive, it may not be for you., but that’s not going to be a deal-breaker for most people.

Besides, the site offers discounts and savings all the time. Not only that, the shipping is fast and FREE worldwide, and the customer service is great, too.

Another bonus is the impressive return policy: if you don’t like your results you’ve got a 67-day window to return your entire order for a full refund, minus shipping. A good refund policy is something I always look for when evaluating a company’s credibility, and this one definitely makes the grade.

And did I mention that if you buy 3 bottles you will get 2 bottles for absolutely FREE. That’s a huge discount off the regular price just by stocking up now.

Final verdict: Does TestoGen Really Work?

Simply put, you can’t lose anything by trying TestoGen. Testogen is a product that’s safe and proven to be effective – whether at the gym, in the office, or in the bedroom.

Users normally report rapid improvement, especially those already experiencing symptoms of low testosterone. The natural ingredients and ease of use, combined with your usual workout routine, will no doubt deliver some excellent results.

No matter if you’re wanting to improve your gains at the gym, or just a man past your 30s who’s in a rut, this could just be the boost you’re been looking for. Throw in the 67-day money-back guarantee and there’s not a lot of reasons why you shouldn’t at least give it a try.

For price and more information, visit the Testogen website.

Have you tried TestoGen? I’d love to hear about your own personal experiences. Feel free to leave a comment or review below.

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Overall Rating



Increases Energy


Muscle Gains


Fat Loss


Enhances Sex Drive


Improves Stamina



  • Made of effective ingredients proven to increase free testosterone levels.
  • Natural, safe and FDA-approved.
  • Affordable compared to other high-quality test boosters.
  • Buy 3 bottles and get 2 for FREE.
  • Free worldwide shipping and 67-day money-back guarantee.


  • Only available online from the manufacturer's website..
  • Results may vary, based upon your current testosterone levels.

1 thought on “TestoGen – Review and Results”

  1. Avatar for Derrick

    I was skeptical but this stuff definitely works. By the time I finished my first bottle I felt a noticeable change to my overall health. More energy, weight loss (almost 10 pounds!) and a boost to sex drive too.

    Overall I’m very happy with the results. A little pricey but worth every penny and I ordered more.

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