VigRX Plus: A Review of the Popular Male Enhancement Supplement

Last Updated: March 29, 2024

VigRX Plus

VigRX Plus – The Twice a Day Men’s Sexual Performance Enhancer

Like a lot of guys, you may have gone through the frustrating ordeal of having sexual performance difficulties. I personally know how embarrassing and emasculating it can be, and maybe you do too.

As much as I love sex, the thought of not being able to perform or barely getting an erection (if at all) can be absolutely demoralizing. Or maybe you haven’t had performance issues like erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, you’d just like to go bigger, harder and longer than before.

Well, fellas, let me introduce to you what I consider the Holy Grail of male enhancement pills: VigRX Plus ( An updated version of the original VigRX, VigRX Plus has consistently and steadily increased in popularity over the last several years and has gained a legion of hardcore fans.

Even so, it’s only natural to be skeptical when it comes to this type of product.  After all, many of the so-called penis enhancement pills out there are just complete garbage, and some are even downright dangerous.

So how can you be sure you’ll be getting what you pay for?  In this review I’ll try to cover the all important points about VigRX Plus and hopefully help you make a more informed purchasing decision.

VigRX Plus Ingredients

First of all, what’s in it? What supposedly makes VigRX Plus work so well? It all comes down to the ingredients, sir, and there are some good ones here, including:

  • Horny Goat Weed
  • Cascuta Seed Extract
  • Gingko Biloba
  • Red Ginseng
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Muira Pauma
  • Cautaba
  • Hawthorn Berry
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Damiana
  • Bioperene

That’s an impressive list. Most of these herbal ingredients have been used for centuries and are proven and time-tested when it comes to their effectiveness at increasing libido, staying power, erection size and quality.

However, the shining jewel among these all-natural components is the addition of Bioperene, which is a patented additive derived from black pepper extract. This stuff has been clinically proven to super-charge the effectiveness of an already powerful group of  ingredients by enhancing absorption rate by 30%.

This fact alone is enough to place VigRX Plus pills miles above any other male enhancement supplement available when it comes to potency and effectiveness. And if you were to go out and buy all of these supplements separately, you would pay a large amount of money, making this product extremely cost-effective.

Bottom line: this powerful combination of ingredients forms a potent formulation for renewing and invigorating male sexual performance.

VigRX Plus website screenshot

VigRX Plus Clinical Studies

In one strictly controlled clinical study, VigRX Plus was tested with a group of 75 men between the ages of 25 and 50 over a period of 84 days. Conducted by Vedic Lifesciences Pvt. LTD, it was a triple-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized clinical study where half of the subjects received VigRX Plus and the other half a placebo.

At the end of the testing period they determined the following results as demonstrated by the graph below:

VigRX Plus Results

As you can clearly see, the group using VigRX Plus versus the one receiving a placebo had dramatically different results, including:

  • A 62.82% gain in ability to achieve and maintain an erection.
  • A 22.49% increase in the number and intensity of orgasms.
  • A 61% boost to overall sexual drive and desire.
  • A 59.97% increase in ability to penetrate partner.

You can view the entire clinical study report here. Further information regarding these VigRX Plus study results can be found here.

Additional VigRX Plus Studies

Not only that, but there have been several other clinical studies that show convincing results when it comes to VigRX Plus’ safety and effectiveness:

VigRX Plus Reviews – Real Customer Testimonials

It’s one thing to look at results from statistics, graphs and charts, but quite another to get a first-hand experience from an actual user. In the case of VigRX Plus, there is certainly no shortage of those.

As a matter of fact, while researching for this review I was able to find multiple feedback submissions and reviews from customer survey forms, some of which I’ve included here. The following are actual hand-written user reviews submitted by VigRX Plus customers:


VigRX Testimonial

VigRX Plus Customer Review

VigRXPlus Work

Vig RX Plus

VigRX Feedback

VigRX Real Review

Manufacturer Video

Does VigRX Plus Increase Penis Size?

Based on my personal experience, I saw a noticeable increase in fullness in both erect and flaccid states after about only one month of using VigRX Plus. The frequent erections I was having were so hard and full that it caused all of the tissues in the penis to expand over a relatively short period of time.

I was also having more intercourse for longer periods of time, so that helped, too – kind of like penis workouts! I’m not saying  I grew an extra 2 inches or anything, but I did experience without a doubt a modest but noticeable increase in size – and my girlfriend did too.

Regardless, taking any male enhancement pill will only increase your penis size by so much. For the best results you would need to combine a supplement like VigRX Plus with the use of an external device, such as a penis extender.

This creates a double-whammy effect that will almost certainly show you gains within just a few months.

Does VigRX Plus Cause Side Effects?

As if there wasn’t a mountain of clinical data already, there were also studies conducted to determine what (if any) side effects VigRX Plus causes. The researchers found absolutely no adverse effects as a result of using the all-natural supplement, essentially showing that VigRX Plus is as safe to take as it is effective.

You can have a look at these studies for yourself:

As these clinicals show, the VigRX formulation surpasses the benefits of prescription medications but without delivering any of the unwanted side effects.

A Quick Look at the Pros and Cons


  • Many customers report seeing results within the first month.
  • Orders are filled and shipped out with tracking info within 48hrs of purchase.
  • Arrives in discreet packaging with a non-descript return address and no indication of the contents.
  • Comes with a 67-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee return policy.
  • Customer feedback is displayed on the company website.


  • Limited research has been done to verify overall effectiveness.
  • According to the manufacturer, it may take up 90 days to experience full benefits.
  • To maintain the supplement’s effects, you must continue to use the product.
  • Price may be cost-prohibitive for some people.

Where to Buy VigRX Plus

First, the bad news. VigRX Plus is not available from retail stores, so don’t expect to walk into your local Wal-Mart or GNC and find it on the shelves. It’s also not exactly cheap, but completely in line for a high-quality, high performance supplement, and it’s nothing compared to Viagra’s staggering $25 or more – per pill.

The good news is that there are still several other ways to order (fax, phone, mail or online), all through the manufacturer’s website. I have to stress the importance of NOT purchasing VigRX Plus from any other website – there are a growing number of counterfeit packages sold by scammers with useless (or even dangerous) ingredients floating around the internet due to the increasing demand for this product.

Not to mention it’s the only way you’ll qualify for the 60-day money-back guarantee.

Your order is shipped in discreet packaging, and your credit card will be charged to Leading Edge Health or  LEM Internet, with no mention of the product name.

A note on international shipping: A lot of people have been asking about international orders, and yes, you can order and have it shipped pretty much anywhere: UK, Canada, Indonesia, Australia, Pakistan, Peru, India, Malaysia, Brazil, Singapore, Germany, South Africa, France, Spain, Mexico, Thailand, Ireland, Philippines, China, Israel

Virtually anyplace worldwide, just select your language at the top of the website.

Common Questions About VigRX Plus

Does VigRX Work?

Although VigRX Plus is reported by users to increase sex drive, sexual performance and pleasure from sex, there is currently limited scientific support for these claims.

While one study sponsored by VigRX confirmed its effectiveness, another independent review did not find the same level of effectiveness. More medically reviewed research is needed to fully understand the effectiveness of this product.

Is VigRX Safe to Take?

VigRX Plus may contain natural herbal ingredients, but that doesn’t automatically make it safe. Some substances could potentially cause elevated blood pressure in some individuals or interact with certain prescription medications.

Talk to your doctor before you try any new supplements, especially if you have a health condition or are currently taking any medications.

Has VigRX Plus Been FDA-Approved?

This product has not been approved for use by the FDA. This is because the FDA does not oversee the approval of dietary supplements that are bought over the counter.

How Much Soes VigRX Cost?

VigRX Plus is priced at $69.95 for a 1-month supply. However, there are sizeable discounts when ordering multiple packages to help reduce costs.

How Should VigRX Plus Be Taken?

The manufacturer recommends that you take one tablet twice daily along with a meal. Take the pills according to your schedule, but the most common method is to take one in the morning with breakfast and one at night with dinner.

It can also be taken as directed by a healthcare professional. If you forget to take a dose here or there, it’s OK – just continue with your next dose as normal.

What Is The Return Policy For VigRX?

The product can be returned within 67 days for a full refund for any reason, no questions asked. You just need to return your used boxes.

Are There Any Precautions That Should Be Taken When Using VigRX?

Do not exceed the recommended dose. Some of the ingredients could potentially cause side effects, allergic reactions or interact with prescription drugs.

If you are currently taking prescription medicine or have an existing health condition, be sure to consult your doctor before taking this or any other supplement.

How Long Before I Notice It Working?

According to the manufacturer, it takes between 30-60 days for the product to begin building up in your body in order for you to experience the full effects of increased sex drive and sexual performance. That said, the results may vary from one individual to another due to individual differences in body chemistry

I’m Over the Age of 70. Can This Product Still Boost My Sex Drive?

VigRX Plus states on their website that they have sold over 1.2million boxes since 2007.Customers age 70 and up have reported not only stronger, better erections, but feeling more youthgul overall as well.

Does VigRX Plus Work As Soon As You Take It?

VigRX doesn’t work like Viagra or Cialis, where the results occur quickly. You may not notice results even in the first 2-3 days. However, consistent use will bring about noticeable results, usually within the first week, and they become more pronounced the longer you take it.

Does This Product Cause Headaches?

VigRX does not generally cause headaches, but in some individuals this may occur. However, the effect typically lasts for only a short time and rarely occurs in most people.

Can VigRX Be Used with Viagra or Other Prescription Drugs?

Some of the ingredients could potentially interact with medicine. If you are currently taking prescription meds, always talk to your healthcare provider before taking any supplement.

Conclusion – Does VigRX Plus Really Work?

Because I have used VigRX Plus myself, and it completely super-charged my sex life, I know it works. Not only is VigRX Plus a safe and effective alternative to doctor-prescribed medication, it’s free from any negative side effects.

Not only are the ingredients used in the product proven to be effective, but if you were to buy them all separately it would cost you a small fortune. As far as I’m concerned, VigRx Plus is not only the most effective option out there, but the most economical.

Add to that the user reviews, clinical studies and a 2 month risk-free trial and the real question to ask is, “What are you waiting for?”.

You can find price and more info over at the VigRX Plus website.

VigRX Plus website screenshot

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Overall Rating

VigRX Plus


Erection Frequency


Erection Quality


Increased Staying Power


Improved Orgasm


Heightened Arousal



  • Harder, longer-lasting erections.
  • More intense orgasms.
  • Heightened sexual desire.
  • Slight increase to penis size.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.


  • Only available online.
  • Fairly expensive.

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  1. Avatar for hts

    Hi Mark, am suffering from PE and soft erection, after reviewing the comment here, will you suggest Prosolution or Vigrx Delay spray for me PE problem, as for strong erection i will try VigRx Plus. Also can i take both at the same time? Lastly can i combine both drugs along with extender?

  2. Avatar for Ali Kareem

    Hello Mark I am 28 years old and I suffer from erectile dysfunction if I want to use vigrx plus to strengthen the erection only how many days continued treatment and how many capsules a day

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      You should notice a big difference within a few days. The dosage is two capsule daily, one in the morning and one at night.

      You should definitely cycle it, too. For example take it for two months, then take two weeks off, then do two months again. This keeps your body from adapting and getting used to the ingredients.

      How long will you need to continue taking it? Given your age, I assume your problem is mostly psychological, so you’ll need to identify the root cause. As soon as that’s addressed, you won’t need to take anything (unless you want to).

  3. Avatar for Marthed

    Comment: I have question about product for penis enlargement. The product name is “ XtraSize “ is capsule

    I need more detail about this product
    Is there any side effect ?

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      So-called “enlargement pills” like XtraSize do not work as advertised, don’t even waste your money. It’s just not possible to take a pill and grow any one specific body part. The ingredients used are similar to those commonly found in male enhancement supplements to boost libido and help with erectile dysfunction (like what VigRX Plus does, for example). It may give you a slightly fuller and harder erection, or increase your sex drive, but it definitely will not make your penis grow.

      If size increase is what you want then you’ll need something like a pump or extender, which are proven to work. They are more expensive, but it’s better than throwing your money away on bogus products.

  4. Avatar for Marco

    Ciao, vorrei aumentare il mio pene di 2-3 cm senza estensori, altri aggeggi o interventi. Quindi solo con integratori. Funzionano? Che mi consigli?

  5. Avatar for DINESH MURUGIAH

    Hi Mark.need advise on last long on bed hard erection and long penis permanently.What would u advice to take on or use cause as if I’m not mistaken if stop take pill it will reduce back to normal size of penis.Pls adv which should be which pills help out.thanks

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      Pills like VigRX Plus are great for improving erection quality and sex drive, and even bigger erections, but they won’t make your penis grow, at least not in any significant way. For that you’ll need a device like a hydro pump (Penomet, Bathmate), or a penis extender (JES Extender, ProExtender, Phallosan Forte).

      With continued use, these types of devices will give real and permanent results. In my experience, claims about big increases in penis size from taking male enhancement pills are mostly the result of over-hyped marketing.

  6. Avatar for Shubham Mishra

    Hello Mark,
    My I am 25 suffering from dorsal penile nerve injury which is causing me problem in having an erection what would you suggest should I buy this product or any other medication or lotion can do the magic for me?
    I am in a real mess.Please help me.

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      I’m not sure if a product like VigRx Plus would address the underlying issue. Something like ProSolution gel may be a better alternative since it’s a gel that’s applied to the penis directly, and in theory could offer some increased sensitivity to the skin and nerves there.

      I would definitely recommend using some type of nootropic nerve support supplement which specifically targets the repair of nerve tissue (here’s a list at Amazon). I think taking a supplement like this would probably be the best place to start.

      I hope this helps, and good luck.

  7. Avatar for Ben

    Hi Mark,
    I am in India and I want to order VigRx plus (privately) on affordable rate and original product. As you know that there are many vendors supply duplicate products within India.
    So, how can I order in INR or COD?

  8. Avatar for Smith

    I want to go for vigRX plus but I am still confuse where to buy the genuine product. I am living in India. There are lots of counterfeit vigRX products are selling online so just let me know how identify genuine vigrx plus pills from counterfeit one. And tell me who cannot take this pills.

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      The pills are pretty much safe for anyone to take, and there aren’t any known side-effects. As far as how to tell if the product’s counterfeit or not, go to this page on their website. It gives information on how to spot fake products and lets you check your boxes to verify their authenticity. You can also contact their customer support there as well, and they can check for you.

    1. Avatar for uddin mohammad julhas
      uddin mohammad julhas

      I am 29 years old new married, but fucking not many many minutes, my need minimum 30 minutes fucking, so which medicine I eat please tell me, I am now singapore

  9. Avatar for Palash Chakma

    I am Pal. Now Iam 45 years .i had p.e since when I was 10 years and it continues my age 35 Iam suffering e.disfunction.also suffering high b.p and diabetic problems from 10 years. When I goes to intercourse hardly one minute time then come out semen.can I take vigrx plus cap.and how many month and another medication or gel for solve my problems?also my penis size very what can I do? Please suggest me immediately.

  10. Avatar for AHMED

    hey wanted to ask, some1 is selling vigrx in my town supply of 60pills now him he says results are seen in 2 weeks and results are permanent. is he saying the truth?

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      Results in two weeks? Yes. Permanent? No. There’s no supplement that gives permanent results, it’s just not possible. If you were to use a month’s supply of VigRx Plus and then stop, the effects would gradually disappear (within days).

  11. Avatar for kris

    Hi Mark,
    My Question is I am new to these pills and i am facing Quick Ejaculations(Max less than 2 min). which pills can you suggest me to improve my Sex efficiency. How many for a day and how many hours before do i need to take these pills if i want to participate in SEX with my girl.

  12. Avatar for John

    Hi Mark

    I have been struggling from extreme PE for the last 15 years since my first sexual experience with my partner. I tried every single herbal and western medicine from vigrx to confido and royal tentex from Himalaya herbal medicine, nothing helped except stud100 spray and Emla cream to go for few minutes more, if not I can’t last more than a minute. I don’t know if this has to do with heavy maturation I have been doing from as long as I remember and used to do lot!
    I came across this website when in was finding a place to buy promescent spray. Information on this website looks good but don’t know which medicine to start with. I am exhausted doing research and experimenting different types medicines. Appreciate some genuine advise.

    1. Avatar for Don Brav

      Hi..try shark extract pills with warm water 30min to 45 min before sex…they are amazing…rock hard erection and delayed ejaculation

  13. Avatar for Jackson

    Hi Mark, I take ADHD medication (adderall), 15mg Twice a day (morning and afternoon – 30mg total). Is VigRX Plus safe to take with this medication? I couldn’t find any information about drug interactions with adderall for each ingredient listed on this product.

      1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

        I’m not aware of any contraindications either, and I think it would be OK to take, but I’m not exactly an expert in pharmaceuticals. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to run the list of ingredients by a doctor to be on the safe side. Otherwise, I would just be on the lookout for any weird side effects that might pop up.

  14. Avatar for Maddy

    How long the effects will be on the body after stopping Vigrx Plus and can we take vigrx plus and Dura male to geather.

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      It depends on the individual, but I would guess that you would notice a difference within a week after stopping use of Vigrx Plus. And I see no reason why you couldn’t take VigRx Plus and Duramale together.

      1. Avatar for Luis

        Does your body get used to the pill after a while and build tolerance? Wouldn’t want to buy a years worth only for the effects to go downhill after a few months

        1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

          A smart thing to do when taking most supplements is to cycle them. If you take anything for an extended period of time your body will most likely adapt to it and the effects will lessen.

          That said, buying in bulk is OK as long as you take a short break periodically. For example, if you were to buy a year’s supply, a good plan would be to simply take a week off when finishing one month’s supply and before starting on a new package.

        2. Avatar for Luis

          Another thing…I keep seeing all these positive reviews on vigrx plus but I’ll see a comment every now and again saying it’s a scam and doesn’t work. I searched it on amazon since I figured those would be people who aren’t employed at all by the company or some review company and every single review was negative. I saw one where they said after 6 months they saw no difference and one said after 60 days they tried getting the promise refund and they were denied even though website claims they would receive refund if unsafisfied…basically Im just trying to find out if this stuff really works or is it just too good to be true

          1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

            The fact is, the ingredients in VigRx plus are known to boost sex drive and performance in men, and there was even a published triple-blind clinical study that confirmed the product is indeed effective.

            That being said, ED and other sexual performance problems aren’t simple, clear-cut issues. There’s lots of variables involved, and what works for you may not be as effective for the next guy. As you mentioned elsewhere, even Viagra may not work in some cases, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a scam.

            As far as their customer service, I really can’t comment since the product worked well and I never considered returning it. In any event, I would certainly expect them to honor their guarantee, though.

  15. Avatar for John

    I need to know any dick enlargement pills that actually work. The internet always claims there is no such things, but i have had friends say otherwise. Can you refer me to any sites or the names of the pills that actually work

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      If your friends know of a pill that can actually grow the penis, that would be news to me. Believe me, I’d love for it to be true. Enhancement supplements work by increasing blood flow, which can cause bigger (and harder) than normal erections, and may even slightly increase the flaccid size, but nothing beyond that. The only way that I know to truly add size to the penis is through external means, such as extenders, pumps, and manual exercises.

    2. Avatar for Don Brav

      Try using vimax pills in combination with bathmate hydromax pumps..will get good results in 12 to 18 months. personally used the combo over 14 months now and gained 1.5 ” in length and around 1″ in girth

  16. Avatar for Army

    Hi Mark
    I went through all comments and found that for premature ejaculation you asked to use vigrx spray not vigrx plus..I am suffering from premature ejaculation. I cannot last more than 2 minutes. So which medicine you suggest in this case vigrx plus or vigrx spray..I need permanent results and I think
    spray will give only temporary results…If vigrx plus cannot help in PE then what it is for ?

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      VigRx Plus is used for increasing sex drive, treating ED, and generally creating stronger, harder erections, but is not targeted at preventing premature ejaculation. It can help increase staying power, but it might also have the exact opposite effect if you already have PE. On the other hand, VigRx Delay Spray is made specifically for PE.

      If you’re interested in taking a supplement to help treat PE instead of a topical gel, I’d recommend DuraMale. It’s designed to prevent PE by increasing serotonin levels (low serotonin is a major source of PE).

      1. Avatar for John

        Duramale talks about permanent results. Is it true? And if it is, how long time do i have to take it in order to have permanent results?

        1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

          I haven’t done a ton of research into Duramale’s long-term results, although I’ll definitely be taking a closer look at in the near future. As far as whether or not the results are permanent, it might certainly be possible with continued use, depending on the root cause of the PE.

      2. Avatar for Army

        Hi Mark I checked duramale on Amazon and found all negative comments for buyers. I googled about it and found that pro solution is best pill for PE. Which one should I take ? One more question can I use vigrx and pro solution together ?

        1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

          Really, it depends on the cause of the PE, which is often difficult to pinpoint. Duramale can help in certain cases, especially if the PE is due primarily to performance anxiety or other psychological factors, while ProSolution might help if it’s caused by something else. The only way to know for sure is to try them out seperately, or you may even end up getting the best results by combining them. ProSolution and Vigrx Plus should pair up well too.

  17. Avatar for Avery

    My question is can I function while under the influence of the pill? Im asking will my sex drive be hard to control? I don’t wanna go chill with one of my female friends and cheat on my girl

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      There’s no danger of going from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde. But if it does become a problem, the best thing would be to avoid those situations where you might be tempted.

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      You could, but it might be overkill. I would try starting with one and then a week or two later adding another, then another. That way you can better gauge the results.

  18. Avatar for John

    Hello Mark. Ι had been using Vigrxplus pills for 6 months and i didnt have side effects except a decrease in platelets which really scared me too much.I quit taking the pills and platelets increased again. Do you know why this happened? I know that any pill, even natural pills, is a slight toxic exposure for the body and as a result of any toxic exposure it decreases platelets. Is this happened because Vigrxplus is a pill or is it a side effect of any ingredient? and one more question…Can i use extender and do jelqing at the same time or is it too much and may cause problems to my penis? and which is better…extender or pump? thanks in advance! i wait for your answer with impatience!

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      That’s really weird, never heard of that before. I don’t know what ingredient could have that effect, but then everyone is different. The pills shouldn’t cause toxicity to the level that would decrease platelet count, my only guess could be some kind of allergic reaction.

      I highly recommend jelquing with any enlargement method, including using an extender. It’s the best way to speed up results, cement gains, and prevent any side effects. If I could only choose one device, it would be an extender. Not as convenient as a pump, but generally more effective.

      1. Avatar for John

        And how you recommend taking the pills? 2 per day? and for how long? it is said that it if you take the pills for 1 year the results will be permanent. And how to use the extender? how many hours in continuity and for how long time?

        1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

          2 capsule a day is correct, and with continued use you might get a small size increase (like 1 cm, tops), nothing dramatic. Using an extender will get you the real results. You can wear it for 12 hours a day, or as little as two hours a day. Either way you’ll see gains, but obviously the longer you wear it, the faster they’ll come.

          It’s impossible to predict what any one individual’s results might be, there’s just too many variables involved, but if you wear an extender for just two hours a day over a six-month period, you’ll almost certainly see real and measurable results.

          1. Avatar for John

            Hello again Mark. I have something else to ask you about the extender. Is it possible to cause different problems at the penis in long term after years?? and if i have to go on a vacation for 1 week and i have to stop using it will i lose my results or something bad like this? thanks in advance!

          2. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

            No, there are no negative long-term effects from using an extender, only positive. If you’ve been using it regularly (say six weeks or more), then skipping a week or two on occasion will not cause any loss of gains. As a matter of fact, it might be best to take a break every couple of months the same way you would cycle supplements.

          3. Avatar for John

            Ahh ok i understood! and you mean that its good to do the same with the supplements such as Vigrxplus? for example, can i take vigrxplus pills and using extender for 8 weeks and then stop for 1 week and doing the same thing again and again? or it would be better not to stop Vigrxplus pills?

          4. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

            Yes, it’s best to take breaks to prevent building up a tolerance to a supplement or exercise routine. For example, you could take VigRx Plus for 6 or 8 weeks, then two weeks off, or even take it for 4 weeks and then one week off. Same thing with the extender.

  19. Avatar for MyThingIsSmall

    Hello Mark my name is Trenton and I was wondering when I take VigRX Plus how do I use a extender to grow in size. I want to use them together but I don’t know how to use the extender
    Sincerely, Trenton

  20. Avatar for Michael

    hello Mark; a few years ago, i was turned on the a product called “M1 Formula” … i assume you are familiar with this. Great results, but a major headache at times. I don’t see where this product is available any longer. Can you tell me if this VigRx Plus is compatible and/or if there is a better alternative?

    Thank you, Michael

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      I’m aware of M-1 but never tried it, and for whatever reason it’s not on the market any more so I can’t compare the two. In my opinion VigRx Plus is the best that’s currently available, and would definitely be worth giving a shot if you haven’t yet.

  21. Avatar for sanjeev

    I have used vimax for 3 months but duration has not at all increases. Neither the penis size. But I can do thrice a day in a gap of 2 days. Now I want to increase duration. Will vigrx plus help

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      I personally find VigRx Plus to be far superior to Vimax, just comparing the ingredients alone shows a huge difference. I believe it to be much more effective in every respect.

  22. Avatar for sanjeev

    Iam 43 and often suffers from high bp but I manage to control my BP by medication. I want to use vigrx plus. Is it safe for me

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      VigRx Plus has been shown in at least three separate studies to have no known side effects, so it should not effect blood pressure. However, I can’t say what type of adverse reaction (if any) that might occur with the medication you’re taking. My best advice would be to show the list of ingredients to your doctor for his professional opinion.

  23. Avatar for Carter Russell

    Hey there sport, I’m having a premy ejac problem, actually been that way since my first time but I thought I’d soon grow from it. Decent sized penis its about 5.5 to 5.8 fully extended but because of my quick trigger im soon getting J.E.S Extender and want to abstain from sex to build up an appitite & actually try to grow in any way. what’s the best to help with my premy problems? Iv heard extendz not only grows but really helps wit premy ejac???happy new year & thanks in advance.

  24. Avatar for Ray Wright

    Hi Mark,
    Do enhancement supplements (VigRX, extenze, etc) raises PSA level? Do you know if any studies have shown regarding higher PSA by taking these kinds of supplements? As you know prostate plays a vital role in sperm count, erections, penis sizes, etc. So far the URO studies have indicated that testosterone boosters and patches can increase PSA levels . Thanks

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      All the studies I’ve seen concern a possible correlation between higher PSA levels and testosterone therapy, not otc libido/testosterone-boosting supplements. The main difference is that therapy/steroid use actually introduces additional testosterone into the body, unlike natural supplements, which simply free up the body’s own existing testosterone.

      Even that is unclear though. For example, this study of over 6,000 men found no correlation between testosterone use and prostate cancer. As a matter of fact, this study actually shows a correlation between lower testosterone levels and prostate cancer.

      So basically, I see no reason why taking natural enhancement supplements would pose a health risk.

      1. Avatar for S.F.

        This is untrue. Prostate Cancer is fed by testosterone therefor if you increase your testosterone you will increase your risks of cancer. Patients who are at risk, use testosterone (also known as androgen) deprivation therapy as treatment. Please do appropriate research. American Cancer Society is a great resource. I am not some random person, I work with people with Prostate Cancer.

        1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

          Actually, latest research indicates that testosterone does not increase the risk of prostate cancer – it actually appears to be linked with an imbalance in the testosterone/estrogen ratio due to declining testosterone production (refer to this article).

          And according to this study: “Prostate cancer appears to be unrelated to endogenous testosterone levels. TRT for symptomatic hypogonadism does not appear to increase PSA levels nor the risk of prostate cancer development.”

          After more and more testosterone is converted into estrogen, problems with the prostate and many other health issues begin. This is why anti-androgen drugs like Flutamide seem to work- they kill testosterone production altogether, therefore nothing gets converted into estrogen. As a result, it’s not just testosterone levels that plummet, but quality of life as well.

          In fact, higher levels of testosterone may actually prevent prostate cancer, which would explain why prostate issues don’t enter into the picture until after a man’s T-levels drop later in life, rather than when they are at the highest (in his teens and twenties).

  25. Avatar for Rahul

    Dear Mark,
    My name is rahul and I am from india. Mark I have been facing some problems with my penish like:- when I see any porn movie or think any thing related to sex then some drops of sperm starts coming out, without musterbating. My age is 28 and after 2 months I am gona get married. So literally feeling shame. Sir could you tell me how to increase the size of my penish as currently the size is 4.5 inches and I get ejaculate within 2 to 3 minutes. I don’t know about anything. Please suggest me for both size and premature ejaculation.
    Thanks in advance Mark

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      First, what you’re experiencing is completely normal. All men produce pre-come when highly aroused. It’s actually thought to fulfill a specific function, which is to act as a lubricant to more easily penetrate the vagina. If you’re concerned with premature ejaculation, then it would be worth checking out something like VigRx Delay Spray to help.

      As far as your size, there’s not much you can do in two weeks time, but I’d suggest you think about investing in a Bathmate Hydromax X20, it will at least give you a temporary size increase when used before intercourse. Hope this helps, and good luck!

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      The main difference between natural supplements like Vimax and prescription drugs is the amount of time it takes to see results. Prescription drugs tend to work quickly, usually within an hour, whereas Vimax works best over a period of days and weeks. The end results are similar, but you won’t experience any of the side effects with Vimax.

  26. Avatar for David

    Dear Mark,

    I have the following question about VigRX Plus.

    Can I use / is it safe to use VigRX Plus in combination with the product Volume Pills?

    I am asking because I can not find any information about VigRX Plus that indicates that VigRX Plus increases the volume amount of your sperm which Volume Pills do.

    So maybe an other question is : Does VigRX Plus increase the volume amount of one’s sperm like Volume Pills do”??

    VigRX does have some amazing other benifits which are ofcourse very positive and which I personally would love to experience but my main wish is to have a bigger volume amount of sperm.

    I have checked to see if the ingredients used in VigRX Plus are the same as Volume Pills but they are different (at least by name). So it looks like the ingredients wont clash and create problems but you are the experts.

    I hope you can help me with my questions. If I can use both products together then I can increase the volume amount of my sperm and have the other positive effects.

    Awaiting your response.



    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      If you’re after greater semen volume, I’d recommend taking Semenax with the Volume Pills, they’d compliment each other much better. They’re both specifically formulated to increase semen production, and also will provide a boost to libido. Taking these two together is worth a try and will probably work best to give you the results you’re after, but remember – your body can only produce so much, no matter how many supplements you take.

      1. Avatar for David

        Dear Mark,

        Thank you for your response on my post!!

        I just compared the ingredients of Volume Pills and Senemax and they are quite different but from what I can see no one ingredient is in both pills so that should indeed be safe and compliment each other.

        So I might be taking both Volume Pills and Senemax but now I am wondering if I can use VigRX Plus together with Volume Pills and Senemax. All three combined.

        VigRX Plus does have some really nice effects that would also be nice to receive.

        So my question is Can I use VigRX Plus together with Volume Pills and Senemax. (is it safe to do so??) or am I over doing it this way with the ingredients?

        And IF I do this can I swallow 3 pills in the morning and evening? or show I begin with half a pill of each in the morning and evening?

        And what side effects might I experience?

        Awaiting your response


        1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

          I do know that all three products are safe to take by themselves, and in theory there shouldn’t be a problem. However, I’m no doctor, and I honestly don’t know how the combination may affect you personally. I think the best plan would be to introduce each supplement one at a time at normal dosage. So you might add Semenax with the Volume Pills for a week or two, then add the Vigrx Plus. That way you’re better adjusted and get a feel of how each one is working.

  27. Avatar for Helsing

    Hello, good evening!
    I read a bunch o Vigrx plus reviews and i’m not sure if i want to buy it.
    I am 24 years old, i have a 6.5 inch penis and so far i’m pretty satisfied with it except it’s length. I guess it’s because i watch i a lot of porn although i have i very good sex life.
    Anyway what i want to say is that i just want a permanent increase of 1.5 inch in length and another half or 1 inch of thickness.
    I read that many guys had unexpectable results in 4-6 months like 2+ inches in length and 1 inch in thickness but when they stopped taking the pills the effects were 50-70% gone. That means the had a little of permanent results.
    Can that be achieved and is it worth to give so much money for a one year use?
    Friendly Regards

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      VigRX Plus will enhance your sex drive and give you bigger and harder erections, but it can’t permanently increase the size of your penis by even 1 inch. If you’re lucky you’ll get a cm. Any time I see claims of guys growing 2 inches or more from using penis pills I can only shake my head.

      For a real, lasting increase in size you’ll need to use an enlargement device, such as a hydro pump or an extender. Pills and creams can definitely help with the process, but by themselves they cannot cause the penile tissues to grow.

  28. Avatar for vinay

    hellooo sir…. i m 34 year old,i want know how to use VirgRX Plus ..? can u tell me…? how have i to take this…?

  29. Avatar for Joey

    Hi which one would u recommend proenhance patches or vimax patches…vimax claim upto 4 inches if u use dem..but proenhance dnt make any claims…both seem decent an genuine but can u recommend please..

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      ProEnhance and Vimax patches are both effective at increasing libido and erection quality, and even erection size, but no pill, patch, cream, or any other supplement will increase the size of your penis anywhere even close to 4″, it’s just not medically possible. I’m afraid any claims made about Vimax in this regard are mostly the result of over-hyped marketing.

      The ingredients in these supplements can create rock-hard erections from a greatly increased bloodflow to the penis, giving an increase in erection size of more or less 1cm (or 1/2″), in my experience. The only way to get any type of significant gains in penis size is by using an extender, pump, or some other external device.

      1. Avatar for Joey

        Thanks for getting back so quick… Ur a legend bro..u must get tired of me bombarding u wiv questions. But I can’t use pumps or extenders as im embarrassed of wat ppl will think at home…can I do jelqing exercises to put on gains as 2-4 inches…while usin pills or patches or even both…thanks again.. I really appreciate ur time..

        1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

          I actually meant to mention enlargement exercises as well, they’ll definitely provide gains with consistent use. I know of guys who got great results using nothing but manual techniques. Enhancement pills, patches, etc, will help because of the increase of blood flow to penile tissues. You can find lots of information available on the internet (I give some basics here myself).

          If you want to simplify things, there’s a great membership site at that has a 120-day program complete with straight-forward instructions and video demonstrations. Last time I checked they were giving a free month’s supply of VigRX Plus and VigRX Oil to sign up, which is a great deal since they’re worth the price of the membership itself.

      2. Avatar for Luis

        I believe I am suffering from psychological erectile dysfunction. I just started not being able to receive erections or it would go away quite quickly while engaging in sex or even oral. Definitely feel like its anxiety…can vigrx plus help fix that? what do you think I could do? It’s gotten to the point where viagra isn’t even working…although I’m using online viagrai got from Canada and I’m even using libido max combined and still nothing!!! I also saw this MP3 download called mental impotence healer…supposed to fix performance anxiety…know anything about that?

        1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

          I’m not familiar with that particular program, but if your performance anxiety is at the level where Viagra and male enhancement supplements aren’t working, I would definitely recommend some type of psychological treatment, whether it’s counseling, therapy, hypnosis, or whatever. At this point, buying more supplements is just throwing good money after bad.

  30. Avatar for Duli

    Hi Mr McIntyre.
    Will this vigrx actually cure impotence? How do you compare it with Prosolution pill?
    I am 65.
    And bravo for your excellent blog.

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      There’s really no actual permanent cure for impotence, but fortunately there are effective treatments including both VigRx Plus and ProSolution. As far as how they compare, each works well and they both have unique formulas, but given the choice I prefer VigRx Plus because it has more ingredients, and also contains Bioperine which improves the potency.

  31. Avatar for Gul

    I have permature ejaculation and it doesn’t last long would these pills help me to last longer, or whats your advice?

  32. Avatar for Russell Morgan

    Dear Mark,

    I have a 4.5 inch penis and for many years I tell myself I’m not bothered by it but I feel like I’m only kidding myself cuz I’m never truly happy with myself. Would you advise me go with Vigrx or would you recommend me some other enhancer? Or alternatives?

    Thanks :)

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      Really, no enhancement pill can give substantial gains in penis length or width. While a product like VigRX Plus can produce erections that are harder and somewhat larger than they would normally be, if you really want to increase your overall size I would have to recommend a device like an extender or hydro pump. Using one, or even both of these can provide very real and permanent results.

  33. Avatar for kn

    Hey Mark:

    My question is which one the you recommend Vigrx plus or Extenze?

    I’m sure they both have the same result. Can I take both at the same time?
    Is it safe?

    And will I get the same results?

    Harder erections, longer lasting and bigger also would I be able to get it up when needed ?



    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      I’ve actually used them both and got the exact results you mentioned with each. I would be cautious about taking both at the same time, though, since they share some of the same ingredients, and more does not always mean better.

      A good idea would be to alternate using both instead – for example, VigRX one month and Extenze the next. That way you’ll prevent the possibility of developing any kind of tolerance for either, and you can also see which one works best for you.

      Hope this helps and good luck!

  34. Avatar for Anthony Amalajeeva

    I’m almost 62 years old and I love sex as much as and wish to have very often. But I’ unable to perform as my penis do not get hard as rock and finish the intercourse within 05minutes. What I prefer is to have my penis so hard, long period of intercourse(approx 30 minutes)and atleast thrice a night/day.
    Kindly advise me what are the emhancement pills that I could be used as mentioned above. Thanks & Best Regards

    1. Avatar for Mark McIntyre

      Wow, I’m sure most guys half your age would love to have the same results! I think that the best way to boost performance would be to combine a product like VirgRX Plus with a testosterone booster. The booster will free up testosterone that is being neutralized in the body. The older we get, the more this happens.

      Combining two products like this can have powerful results. For staying power, I would suggest adding a product like ProSolution Gel. This will go a long way to helping you last longer.

      Hope this helps!

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